My fiction country:





Most popular locations

Phoenix Cove Crime Squad Headquarters- Main Crime fighters, In Phoenix Cove

Ice Wings Academy- Preschool to Grade 14 (in Ice Wings)

La Musique Cafe- In Wood Beach City

Mountain Ocean Royal Hospital- Main Hospital, in Mountain Ocean City

Spring Sand Crime Headquarters- Back up for PCCS, In Spring Sand City

Sun Feather Veterinary Academy- Very hard to get into, Sun Feather City’s only education

Mountain Ocean Special Crime Unit- Handles Specialized Crimes, in MOC

Camp Aurora Falls- Is a home for Gyliea Demigods. Main gods are Matoli (God of Demons) and Pokheli (God of Dragons). Is in Dragon Spike City.

Camp Night Star- Is home for Shamati Demigods. Main gods are Huntmai (God of Half Species Magic) and Stoho (God of Half Species Powered). Located in Star Shine City.

Camp Inferno Star- Is home for Kixaala Demigods. Main gods are Phitia (God of Winged magic) and Natalai (God of Winged Powered). Located in Sun Feather City

Camp Dragon Hurricane- Is home for Wifisto Demigods. Main gods are Whshiwo (God of Fairies) and Fainpl (God of Spirits). Located in Wood Beach City.

Frozen Grove Health Academy- Main education for doctors etc. Located in Frozen Grove City.

Rose Grove Academy- Expensive Academy located in Rose Grove City. For Rich Resident Families.

Hire Sapphire Restaurant- Popular Restaurant in Thunder Flames City.

Spring Sand Academy- High Security, for important resident’s families.


Demons- Good, they are usually doctors and nurses at hospitals.

Dashi- Bad, they hide out in the Storm Fire Ruins but come out at night time.

Dragons- Can be good or bad. Lives near Cliff Lightning Forest.

Half Species Magic- Has gained their powers through Blood Spiders River. Main Half Species in this group are Half Jaguars and Half Lions.

Half Species Powered- Are born with powers. Main Half Species in this group are Half Wolves and Half Tigers.

Winged Magic- Different to Half Species, Is not necessary Half Bird. Could just have wings. They gained their powers through Blood Spiders River.

Winged Powered- Same as Winged Magic but are born with their powers.

Fairies- Guardians of the residents. Has strongest powers and also on defense forces.

Spirits- These are those who have received second lives. They go back to living as normal residents but sometimes when the moon shines on them, you can see them go transparent and witness how they died in the first place.

Human Magic- Humans who have taken the risk of jumping into Blood Spiders River and succeeded in getting magic.

Human Powered- Was born with powers.

Ponocu- Wolf Species, is guards of Phoenix Cove Academy

Dithnutry- Evil Wolves. Lives at Lava Springs Wastezone.


Starelle: Star-elle

Gyliea: Gyl-iea

Matoli: Mat-oli

Pokheli: Pok-heli

Shamati: Sha-mati

Huntmai- Hun-t-ma-i

Stoho: Sto-h-o

Kixaala: Kix-a-a-la

Phitia: Ph-i-tia

Natalai: Na-ta-la-i

Wifisto: Wif-i-s-to

Whshiwo: Wh-sh-iwo

Fainpl: Fa-in-pl

Panocu: Pan-o-cu

Dithnutry: Di-th-nu-try

Lesser Species

Shanini [Sh-a-ni-ni]: Small dogs found in rivers. Can be tamed.

Zeshevi [Ze-sh-e-vi]: Chicken like animal. Is eaten by Spring Sand City Residents.

Krdeze [Kr-de-ze]: Pests like Mosquitos.

Eldajepa [El-da-je-pa]: Native Starelle. Only six thousand left.

Shyanani [Shy-an-ni]: Feline Species with wings. Mostly seen as pets.

Deinre [De-in-re]: Big horse like animals. They eat residents.

Bighpiarre [Bi-gh-pi-a-r-re]: Resident eating Palm Trees. Identical to normal palm trees.

Inghwhkati [In-gh-wh-ka-ti]: The Moving Forest Trees. Eats everything.



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