Short Story

Avielle walked into ‘La Musique Cafe’ where she worked, as she went past the breakroom, she noticed that her co worker Joel was leaning against the counter and shaking.

Stopping, she watched before she walked in and with concern in her eyes, she asked “Joel, are you okay?”

Joel gave a nod as he moved to the table and sat down, but he couldn’t answer her verbally.

With a frown, she sat down next to him.

“Talk to me.” She took his hand. “There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are not okay.”

He stared at the table, he wanted to tell her everything but as he squeezed her hand, the back cafe door opened which meant the rest of the team had arrived.

“Must be the others.” He let go of her hand and went to set up the different food displays. Avielle sighed before she went out to her coffee area and began to set up the coffee machine.

She worked on getting the popular items ready for the morning rush, as she finished a very popular coffee, she heard a large bang coming from the Starindor display (a popular chocolate).

Turning around, in the direction facing the display stand, she watched as the new duty manager Dustin yell at Joel. Her gaze went to the picture of their old duty manager Nikolai.

“We need you Niko.” She let out a sigh as the memories of Nikolai’s death rushed back. He had died in a dinner rush siege.

Joel bowed his head as Avielle wandered over to intervene.

“Joel, let’s go to my office.” She placed a hand onto his shoulder.

Joel pushed her off and flashed her a glare which made Avielle to take a step back from him.

“Enough Avielle, I don’t need your help. No-one does! It was your FAULT that Nikolai died.” The words were like a dragon’s claw cutting her heart.

Avielle’s wolf ears flattened, she wasn’t aware that she was the one in blame for the siege. She waited for Joel to be busy before she went to her office. She touched her work ID as she closed her office door and took the ID off.

Tears began to roll down her face in silence as she spread her lilac coloured wings and flew out of the window.

An hour away from her house, she heard a crack of thunder and rain began to pour down. Avielle tried to keep flying but her wings were getting heavy.


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