Magical Energy Levels

In my story, there are magical energy levels. It is responsible for how one can use their magical powers and as important as iron. And those with big magical powers, have magical tester (that looks like an insulin tester thing).

High magical energy comes up on the magical tester as: 800
Borderline high is: 700
Normal is: 400-430
Border line Low is: 201/300
Low is: 200/170
Symptoms of High Magical Energy are:
Irritability, Anger and Frustration
Not being able to control the magical powers (I have an idea for a scene using this )
Hyperactivity, Disobedience
Symptoms of Low Magical Energy are:
Feeling Tired
Loss of powers
Glowing purple skin
Treatment of Low Magical Energy
-Skin to Skin contact
-Magical Energy Smoothies
-LAST RESORT: Magical Energy Injections. They can have serious side effects.
Also do not use magical powers for at least 2 hours after an low magical energy episode.
Treatment of High Magical Energy
-First, try to use your magic in a safe way
If this does not fix the problem-
-Have your powers disabled
-Calm all negative feelings
-Go to a quiet room from all noise and crowds

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