Stuff about my characters

?What does your character do when they feel alone?

Torius- I finish off my paperwork that I have for the cafe and then I text Kailea if she is not at work to see what s he is doing. If she is at work, I go and check out what she is up.

Kailea- If I am at home, I play with Sherlock who is my ragdoll. He likes to play with feathers and tunnels. I will either go down to the cafe or wait till Torius is finished with work. If I am at work, I will rearrange the displays.

?Fire! How does your characters react to fire spreading through the place they are in?

Torius- Evacuate the cafe and call Triple 0 and hope the sparklers kick in before too much damage is done.

Kailea- Panic most likely then calm down and go to warn other businesses

?What kind of movies does your characters like?

Torius- I like comedy and romantic movies. My favourite move is ‘The Fault in The Stars’

Kailea- I like action packed movies like Die Hard and Bond.

?Who amongst your cast is most likely to fight people?

Kailea is good at getting into verbal fights while Nikolas can get very physical. Torius can do some good verbal assaults if necessary.

?What sort of music does your character like?

Torius- I like Jazz and Classical music, I am not a big fan of lyrics.

Kaelia- I listen to whatever is playing on the radio.

?How quick does your characters get angry?

Torius- I don’t anger easy but I find it hard to calm down once I am angry.

Kailea- I am quick to anger but I calm down easier then Torius or Nikolas.

?What would anger your characters past The Point of No Return?

Torius- If I saw my twin brother, my ex girlfriend or I was pushed into talking about my past.

Kailea- If someone breaks my trust, I don’t forgive easily or if I was to see Shannan again.

?Your characters are in stunned silence because your most mild mannered character just got incredibly angry?

“Why don’t your just FUCK OFF?!” Torius’ voice rang through out the Ocean’s Corner Hangout Cafe. His staff froze and silence hit the cafe.

Kailea spun away from her counter, looking in Torius’ direction to see whom he was yelling at. She saw that there was a woman in black with light blue hair who was glaring at Torius.

“You think you can leave me Torius. Think again!” The woman yelled.

“LEAVE.ME.ALONE!” Torius yelled. “Just…El where are you?!” he looked for Kailea.

Kailea walked over to his side and saw that he was shaking with anger.

“I am here Tori.” She pulled her into his arms.

“Make Sarah leave please.” He pleaded. “I want her out!”

“Security!” Kailea yelled and security guards Cole and Julian escorted Sarah out of the cafe. Kailea kissed Torius and hugged him.


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