Sagittarius at their Best…

At their best, Sagittarians are free spirits who never let the world drag them down. They overlook the negative, difficult side of the world and happily skip through life looking for the good in everything. Always seeing things from the highest vantage point, these mature Sagittarians overlook faults in others because, in the big scheme of life, these imperfections don’t matter. It’s what’s in a person’s heart that is important and Sagittarians are wise enough to figure out the true intentions of the people they encounter. They see people and the world clearly, which gives them a clever wit. Candid but still tactful, they are masters at conversation and wonderful listeners as well.

Sagittarius at their Worst…

Sagittarians at their worst are too concerned about whether people are being honest and genuine. People lie, cheat, play games and put on shows. Even Sagittarians aren’t perfect, but the standards they set for other people are higher than the standards they set for themselves. If someone lies to them about something substantial or treats them rudely, they are likely to cut them out of their lives completely, or at least make a huge fuss about it until the person comes clean or apologizes. Sagittarians need to realize that their expectations for honest, genuine behavior in others may be too high, and they only end up driving themselves crazy complaining about people.

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