The story

Kaelia let out a yawn as she heard her alarm ringing making her phone vibrate towards the edge of her coffee table. She let out a grumble as she reached for her phone and swiped turning off her phone.


She saw that it was raining outside despite the weather channel reported that it was gonna be clear all day and she made a decision to drive to work.


Her Maine Coon Sherlock began to meow about how she had gotten him some new wet food and he watched as she got changed into her work uniform, pulling her dark brown hair up into a ponytail.


Kaelia worked for Musique Riverside Cafe or Musique R Cafe for short. Her uniform was a light blue shirt and light blue pants with black shoes and a dark blue apron that had yellow music notes surrounding the name of the cafe.


The cafe was based in South Bank, Queensland, Australia near the lagoon area and another popular chocolate restaurant called Max Brenner.


Musique R Cafe opened at six thirty in the morning and closed at eleven thirty at night. Across the road from the cafe, Lindt Cafe Queensland had just opened and then there was San Churros.


Kaelia gave Sherlock, his new wet food and some dry food before she did her teeth, then she went to the front door then the kitchen and got her Work ID and her keys as well as her hand bag which was on the kitchen table.


She drove to the parking lot for staff members, just behind the cafe. She had to be at the cafe, an hour before the cafe opened to assure that she had set up all the displays and in her words, fought with the stubborn coffee machine to start up properly and actually made coffee and drinks.


It was Tuesday, so that meant there would be deliveries to be unpacked and sorted out also before opening time and placed in their correct displays. She would prefer she did this before her co-worker Silas got into the Starindors which was the cafe’s version of the Lindt Lindor Ball.


Kaelia entered through the back door of the cafe and her duty manager Shannan smiled as he was drinking coffee in the break room.

“Silas hasn’t gotten to the Starindors yet.” His hazel eyes sparkled as he began to laugh and he offered Kaelia some coffee which meant Shannan had fought with the coffee machine, thankfully.


“That is good to hear Shan.” Kaelia said putting her stuff into her locker and she pouted as she said “I wish we didn’t have to open so early.”


Shannan smirked before he said “Come on Allie, it is going to be a great day, you know that.” He was the only one to call her Allie and Kaelia could not help but smile, he was the most nappy person that she knew.


He had tons of patience for his staff members and customers, and Kaelia had never seen him raise his voice before, he was also quite handsome in her opinion.


Kaelia went to where the deliveries were and there was different type of coffees, hot chocolates and various smoothie beans.


She took the Starindor box and went to the Starindor display and she began to sort out the different Starindors into their right places.


There was many different Starindor flavours which was normal but some were fantasy flavours. The fantasy flavours ranged from Dragon Dust Berry, Unicorn Horn Vanilla, Pegasus Wings Chocolates, Griffin Wings Coconut and Mermaid Sea Scales Caramel.


Also the limited edition flavours have came in. There were: Lemon Golden Cat, Rainbow Alicorn Mixed and Lime Greek Gods. The Rainbow Alicorn Mixed would be sold out first, most likely.


Kailea set up the limited edition display set and put the Starindors where they belonged.


Soon 12.30 pm stucked and then the lunch rush began to start, Kailea was making coffees and other drinks when she saw a guy with long blue hair and light grey eyes near the left side door of the cafe.


“Hey Shan.” She called to Shannan who walked over from the table where he was sitting. She gave a nod towards the strange guy. “What is the guy near the left side door doing?”


The guy looked at Shannan and Kaelia, and he gave them a death stare before he dashed off down the street. Shannan shrugged, Brisbane had some very strange people indeed.

“That was quite strange. Max Brenner is close to finishing their wall around their cafe.” Shannan commented. “I am planning to paint our side, the colours of the cafe.”


Kailea laughed, she continued making the drinks when she heard a sound like dominoes falling down and she turned around, she looked towards the noise to see the displays had fallen over on the ground and small Starindors were rolling towards the open door of Lindt Cafe.


“Kids….” She let out a sigh as she and her co-worker Ranota, one of the waitresses set the displays back up and put the remaining Starindors back in their correct place. Shannan went back to noting down the popular items of the day which were: Ribs, Chocolate Pie, Butterscotch Ice cream and Cookie Dough Stuffed Marshmallow.


Kaelia looked unsure at the side door again before she went to the break room for some lunch, she sat down at the bench and pulled her lunch out of her bag. She watched as Shannan walked in, he was dripping with coffee.


Silas was carrying heaps of drinks and he had tripped over a service dog and coffee had spilled all over Shannan, but thankfully it was Iced Coffee, not hot chocolate.

“Silas, tripped over another service dog, I am guessing.” She watched as he pulled his shirt off and threw it into a laundry basket. He had a nice chest with some hair, a slight food belly and his shoulders were broad and strong.


Shannan realized that she was checking him out and he closed the break room door.

“Do you like what you see?” Shannan teased her as he sat next to her, touching her knee with his.

“Yes I do. Shannan, don’t you need to change your pants too?” Kaelia suggested with a wink.

“That is a good idea, perhaps you would like to help me change my pants.” Shannan leaned closer to her and their lips touched, as he kissed her, he played with her dark blonde hair.


“Finally!” Silas and the Barista, Alice walked in and they laughed in unison. Shannan and Kaelia blushed before Shannan went and put on a new shirt.


Dinner rush were more busier than normal, despite dinner was the most popular time for the cafe since only Musique R Cafe and Lindt Cafe were opened after six pm. Shannan counted that forty non reserved tables were full and there was twenty reserved tables.


Kaelia run out of Coca Cola quite quickly and she was getting very annoyed customers who was declaring that Pepsi was simply not acceptable!

“Silas, will you go and please ask Lindt if we can have some bottles of Coca Cola.” Kaelia turned to Silas who gave a nod,he walked out and rushed across the road to Lindt Cafe.


“I want a manager!” Kaelia spun in surprise, not many customers wanted to talk to Shannan. It was an unreserved table where the demand came from and she realized that it was the strange guy from earlier on. He was glaring at one of the younger waiters, Kieran.


Shannan went over to see what was happening but then he saw that in the customer’s hand was a Dragon Nuclear Gun.

“I am Shannan, the duty manager here at La Musique Riverside Cafe.” He had to fight to stay calm despite of the gun. “What is the problem? Maybe I can fix it?”


“I want all the doors including the back door closed. All the phones including mobiles to be turned off and unplugged.” The guy’s voice boomed through out the cafe. “Then I want all the staff members in the middle of the cafe and if customers have a desire to run and save, go now!”


Customers rushed out and the staff looked at Shannan, waiting for a sign of what to do but he just weakly nodded his head.


Kailea turned off her mobile phone and placed it onto her counter after she had sent a text to Silas alerting him to the situation and to call triple 0. She unplugged the phone on her counter and placed the handle on the counter.


She walked over and sat down in the middle of the cafe, joining the rest of the staff members. She moved next to Shannan who gave her a look of apology and he signed sorry to his staff members, he was half deaf and taught all his staff to understand Auslan (Australian Sign Language).


“You don’t know who I am, do you Shannan?” The guy smirked before giving him a wink and he made sure all the phones were off before dimming the lights.

“No, I don’t.” Shannan pulled Kaliea towards him and held her close.

“Remember Tilda? Your ex wife. I am her brother and I want you to stop fighting for custody of Arabelle and Abigail.”


Shannan stared at the tiled floor which had crumbs from chocolate crumbed cookies, he had never told any of his staff or even some friends about his daughters. He didn’t have any photos of them in his office, it was a painful subject due to parental alienation from his ex wife Tilda.


“I won’t give up on Arabelle and Abigail.” He whispered and he felt the guy place his gun against his lower back, directly where his bowel was.

“Say that again Shannan. I dare you to.” The guy hissed in his ear.


“I won’t give them up. Tilda is not a good mother to them, they are always hungry and not have had baths in the nights that she has them.” Shannan wanted to yell for his staff to run and get help but he had a feeling that they wouldn’t leave his side. “I won’t give up my twins.”


Pain shot through his bowel, he leaned into Kaelia who held him and he was biting his lip trying not to scream resulting in satisfying his hostager when there was loud sirens surrounding the cafe.


The guy went psycho to the point where he shot Shannan in the neck before he put the gun against the back of Shannan’s head but as Shannan shut his eyes, his chefs Keith and Paul tackled the guy just as the police barged into the cafe, causing the shots to hit Shannan’s right knee and left shoulder.


Four months went past after the siege, and with the help of the other cafes, Musique Riverside Cafe opened up and they set up an alarm system partnered with Lindt Cafe.


Kailea glared at the new coffee machine that sat on her counter. It was flashing red at her but kept saying that the Error was Error Unknown. She tried the reset button but nope, nothing happened. It just began to flash red more rapidly.


“For Hades sake! Make coffee you piece of shit plastic.” She began to complain loudly despite she was alone in the cafe since she had been coming in earlier to do the duty manager jobs. She turned around as the delivery dragon began to deliver tons of boxes which meant she accidentally scheduled all the deliveries on the same day.


An hour later, Shannan walked in to see that she was leaning against her counter in tears as she had two tables full of delivers, a flashing coffee machine and the displays had not been set up yet.


“I can’t do this.” She let out a sob as she heard footsteps as Shannan walked to her and he pulled her into his arms.

“Shh, Allie.” He took her into his office and began to rub her back. “It is okay Allie.”


“No it isn’t okay! I screwed up!” She was began to seriously stress and she started to hiccup which meant Shannan had to calm her down before she began to throw up.


“Allie, look at me sweetie.” He asked as he sat on his leather chair holding her in his lap. Kailea looked up and Shannan said “Stop blaming yourself. Just because you are the daughter of Apollo does not mean you have to predict things.”


“I almost lost-” Kailea was interrupted as Shannan kissed her deeply and she wrapped her arms around his neck gently.


“Allie, listen to me please.” Shannan begged her. “It was not your fault okay. And you should have divided the jobs alongside all the staff.”


Kailea gave a nod when she felt his stomach tensed up and that was when she saw he had a toilet machine.


“With all the magical powers and technology, they couldn’t make this process, a bit less painful.” Shannan muttered.


Kailea rubbed his back and she moved onto the chair next to him, she avoid all his wounds not wanting to set off any flashbacks when the same guy stormed into his office. The guy was furious since Shannan was still fighting for custody and he placed his Dragon Nuclear gun near his bladder.


He threw Kailea into the table and she hit her head hard. All she heard was loud shooting as her vision blacked out.


A year went past


The cafe was having a quite very high demand dinner rush, Kailea was taking a rest in the break room when she saw stars shimmering around the middle of the break room and then Shannan appeared.


Her eyes widened as she rushed to his side as he stumbled and she caught him. Keith helped her to take him to the medical area.


Second lives chances made people tired at first until they got used to being alive again.

“Keith, I want Keith with me only.” Shannan muttered tiredly and pushed Kaelia away.


“Yes sir.” Kaelia answered him and Keith couldn’t help but frown. He had never heard Kaelia call Shannan sir or boss before. It was always first name with the two.


The next Monday, Kaelia’s alarm went off but she had no desire to go into work so she turned off and went back to sleep.


By 10:30 am, Shannan noticed that Kailea had not came into work, he called her but only got her voice mail.

“I am going to Kailea’s house. Keith take over.” He decided.

“Shannan, she might not admit to it but I think she blames herself.” Keith informed him which Shannan nodded.


Shannan had a spare key for Kailea’s house and she looked up from playing with Sherlock as he walked into her living room. Before she could say anything, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. Kailea found herself deepening the kiss and as Shannan pulled away, he whispered “Not your fault Allie.”


Shannan returned to work full time a few weeks later but he started to noticed that some of his staff didn’t want to follow his orders and was constantly arguing against every single thing that he told them.


“Shannan! Enough.” Keith glared at Shannan who bought back Sausage and Broccoli Kebabs that was under cooked.

“This is under cooked Keith, we can’t sell under cooked food.” Shannan pointed out. “Cook it again!”

“We coped quite fine without you! Why don’t you go and get that job the nearby health academy offered you! You are fucking too weak to run this cafe.” Keith snapped.


“Ignore him Shannan, I will come with you however if that is what you decide.” Shannan turned to see Kaelia watching. Keith reached out and touched the spot on the back of Shannan’s head even Shannan couldn’t touch yet.


“Allie…” A flashback slammed into him like a freight train at full speed. “Allie! Allie! Help me!” He let out a wail which bought the other chef Paul running into the kitchen as Shannan sunk onto the ground shaking and rocking.


“Keith, you are a fucking donkey! Why the hell did you go and do that?!” Kaelia hissed at him and Keith shrugged. She held Shannan close who was shaking like a leaf on a windy day and she watched as he lost control of his bodily functions.


Paul helped Kaelia take Shannan to their office that the three shared.

“I am here Shan.” Kaelia held him close and began to rub at his back. Shannan looked exhausted at her as he came out of his flashback.


“Shannan, you got staff who still respect you bro. Ignore what Keith said and fire him.” Paul encouraged.


“I am going to throw up.” Shannan swallowed hard and Kaelia pushed a rubbish bin to him. He began to throw up and it went on for five minutes, he leaned against the desk and he took some deep breathes.


“Can I get you anything.” Kaelia asked studying him.

“Some clean clothes please.” Shannan pointed to a cupboard and Kaelia pulled out some clean clothes and she handed him.

“Here Shan. What else?” She asked with a smile.


“Can you…umm…” Shannan felt guilt eating him as he asked. “Go out and wait by your counter. I don’t want you to see me change.” He saw a small sparkle of sadness pass through her eyes but before he could say more.


She nodded and said “Sure Shannan.” fighting back the sadness, but she as she walked out, panic set in and she rushed to her other office, grabbed her keys and drove home.


As she run to her bedroom, she began to cry as she was starting to realize things would most likely never be the same between her and Shannan.


An hour went past, she was lying in her bed while Sherlock laid next to her meowing and rolling around, trying to cheer her up, when she heard her front door being unlocked. She knew that only Shannan had a spare key but she was too exhausted to get up to go and lock her bedroom door.


Shannan walked up the stairs and opened her bedroom door, he walked in and went to her side, he sat down and wrapped his arms around her.

“I love you Allie.” Shannan kissed her. “Please be patient with me.”


Lunch rush was quite busy for a Wednesday, Kaelia began to stress out so much that she wasn’t thinking properly. A customer walked up to her counter and placed down a hot chocolate that she had not started drinking.


“The Hot chocolate is too hot, can you please put more milk in?” The customer asked despite there being a sign saying this was not something the Barista could do.

“Have you tried stirring it?” Kaelia suggested. She tapped the sign and said “Sorry, I can’t add more milk. It is against cafe policy.”


“But it is Summer and the hot chocolate is too hot for Summer.” The woman complained crossing her arms, glaring at Kaelia.

“Why did you order a fucking hot chocolate in Summer then?!” Kaelia snapped and Shannan heard her tone.


Shannan rushed over to Kaelia’s side and poured more milk into the Hot Chocolate.

“Sorry ma-am about my employee’s attitude.” Shannan said not wanting any drama and the woman huffed as she took her hot chocolate back to her table.


“Are you fucking serious?!” Kaelia was on a verbal fire storm. “Customers should learn to be fucking more smarter!”


“Kaelia enough!” Shannan gave her a look of warning.

“Fuck you!” Kaelia yelled and she took a swipe at him.


Shannan caught her hand and he marched her to his office.

“Sit.” He tried to keep his voice sturdy as he pointed to the chair. Kaelia realized where she was and a look of confusion spread across her face.

“Shan- I don’t feel so-” Shannan caught her as her legs buckled.


“I am going to test your magical blood sugar.” Shannan decided as he sat down, holding her in his lap. Kaelia had magical blood sugar which meant despite having magical energy, she could not use it.


“Shan, Shan. I am going to-” Kaelia was panicking now and Shannan knew he had to calm her down quick so he unbuttoned his black buttoned shirt and took it off.


He laid her against his chest and he began to stroke her hair gently.

“It is going to be okay.” Shannan comforted her. “Shh, it is going to be okay. I love you Allie.”

He noticed that she was quite pale and that there was dark rings under her eyes. “When was the last time, that you slept?”


“I don’t remember, really.” Kaelia admitted relaxing in his arms. She didn’t even seem fazed by the scars of his past.

“Kaelia, please move in with me. Not only will it be good for me, I want to take care of you.” Shannan prompted.


That night, Kaelia moved into his house and she watched as Sherlocked meowed and hissed at Shannan’s spaniel Lena. Shannan was having a shower which was near the living room, Kaelia heard him call for her.


Kaelia got up and walked into the bathroom to see that Shannan was preparing a spa. She also noticed that there was a chair near the shower with waterproof mattresses. The spa bath had rails attached near where one would sit in it.


“Come here Allie.” Shannan reached for her, he was naked and he got into the water. She smiled as she undressed and got in next to him, this was the first time she saw all his scars and she noticed he had a waterproof toileting machine.


She kissed him gently as she saw a look of nervousness in his eyes, he had one hand on the rail.

“I have flashbacks when I bathe.” Shannan frowned, he hated flashbacks and panic attack. “It doesn’t matter if I am having a bathe or a shower.”


A few days went past and Kailea was under the illusion that Shannan was enjoying her living with her. Kaelia was getting more coffee beans from the store room when she heard Shannan and Paul talking in Shannan’s office which was next door.


“I am so stressed with Kailea living with me. It was huge mistake. I should have never asked her to move in. But I can’t tell her that.” Shannan sounded extremely upset and Kailea felt her heart shattering into pieces.


She kept on working as if he never said anything but she noticed that he was getting more distant from her. She started to stay late at work and he didn’t say anything, he never called her Allie anymore. And despite she still slept in the same bed as Shannan, he wouldn’t cuddle her and he would sleep turned away from her.


If she did try to cuddle him or even touched him on accident, he would go into a very bad flashback which left him in a foretal position. One night, she was downstairs and was checking out her emails when she saw an email from La Choco Riverside Cafe, they were offering her a job as a Barista.


They were offering her a house near the workplace which was pet friendly, and they needed her to start straight away in the morning.


La Choco Riverside Cafe was across the street from La Musique Riverside Cafe, they were owned by the same company but didn’t associated with each other. Kaelia stared at the offer for ten minute and she hit the accept button.


She wrote down the address before closing down the laptop, she quietly got her stuff from the bedroom and her suitcase from the storage room. She packed and put Sherlock into his cat cage and gave Lena a final pat.


Walking into the bedroom, she looked at Shannan who was sleeping restlessly. She left a note on the bedside table.

‘I love you Shan, and I will always love you.” The note said. “But you have made it very clear that any love you had for me has been shoot away. K.”


She didn’t turn back as she put her stuff into the car and Sherlock on the passenger seat, strapping him in before she drove off to the address of her new house.

Shannan woke up as his alarm went off, he noticed that Kailea was not asleep next to him and then he saw the note. As he read the note, he felt like his heart wanted to leap out of his chest and he run out to see Sherlock’s bed was gone.


Lena whined over the loss of her friend and stared at Shannan who fought back tears. He sat on the stairs and buried his face into his hands. Where had he gone wrong…


Around six thirty, Kailea strolled down to La Choco Riverside Cafe. She looked down at her new uniform which was brown shirt and pants, black shoes and to her liking, no apron. She took a deep breathe and forced herself not to look at her old work place as she passed it.


She looked up as she got to La Choco Riverside Cafe which was next door to Lindt Queensland. It was a huge building made out of red bricks, there was full glass doors so you could look inside; similar to Lindt’s. But La Choco Riverside Cafe’s windows were tinted blue.


She took another deep breathe, gripped the front door and stepped inside. As she stepped inside the cafe and closed the door, she was welcome by the warmth of the cafe as it surrounded her. And wow, the smell of chocolate seem to dance around the place, making staff and customer hungry.


As she looked around, she saw a guy with dark blonde hair and greyish blue eyes. He approached her, she looked slightly unsure.

“You must be Kaelia.” He gave a smile and she saw that there was a sparkle in his eyes.

“I am Kaelia.” She gave a small nod and he saw that there was a look of fear in her eyes.

“I am Torius.” He introduced himself and she could hear a soft Irish accent. “It is okay to be scared.”


Kailea looked surprised at his statement, and she followed Torius to her office which was also a dorm room for the nights where the cafe was twenty four/seven. Those nights were Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


“My old duty manager got annoyed if I was scared.” She confessed to Torius.


Two months went past


La Choco Riverside Cafe was on lunch break. Torius sang along to the song ‘Jet Lag’ by Simple Plan, and Kaelia joined in. He turned to her and took her hand pulling her into his arms and spun her around.


Shannan watched from across the road, he had never liked Torius and seeing how happy that Kaelia was looking, was making unpleasant feelings swirl around in Shannan. Even before the siege, she had never looked that happy when she was around Shannan.


As Kaelia let out a laugh, more rage began to swirl inside Shannan and he was getting furious by the minute.


Kaelia smiled as Torius hugged her and a purple glow surrounded Kaelia. As it died down, purple wings sported out of her back.


“Looks likes you have gained magical powers Lia.” Torius let out a soft purr into her ear as he moved against her and Kaelia kissed him as they leaned against the nearest wall.


Shannan punched a nearby palm tree as anger and fury pounded through his blood. How dare this guy made Kaelia that happy. His mind swirl as he kept on watching Torius and Kaelia. In his mind Kaelia was supposed to be with him, not with Torius!


“Dude stop watching them. The thing you had with Kaelia is over.” Paul walked over and tried to get him to go back inside but Shannan pushed him away, before storming across to La Choco Riverside Cafe.


“Bro! Seriously, come back here. This won’t help.” Paul yelled as he followed Shannan as Shannan stormed into the cafe and over to Torius and Kaelia. Torius turned around, he made sure Shannan couldn’t get to Kaelia.


“Get away from my girl!” Shannan yelled but Paul stepped in front of him and Torius.

“I am not your girl anymore, Shannan. It is over.” Kaelia replied and Shannan glared at her response.

“Because HE stole you from me!” Shannan pointed in Torius’ direction.

“I stole nothing or no-one mate.” Torius was quite calm despite being yelled at. “You treated her like a door mat. She ain’t no door mat.”


Shannan went to punch him but Paul pushed him away from Torius towards the door.

“Leave Shannan, you have no business in my cafe.” Torius moved his hand through Kailea’s hair trying to comfort her.


Paul grabbed Shannan’s arm and with all his strength, forced Shannan to go back to his own cafe despite Shannan kept on struggling yelling how he wanted to kill Torius.

Torius went to the door and locked it before he looked at Kailea. He went and pulled her into his arms.


“You don’t need a donkey like him in your life babe.” Torius kissed her and held her close.

Kaelia nodded but she couldn’t stop tears from falling down her face.

“I don’t want him to hurt you Tori.” She let out a sob and buried her face into Torius’ shoulder. Torius pulled her closer into his arms and he rubbed her back.


Kailea moved in a few weeks later with Torius. She was sitting on his bed as he got dressed for work and he walked over to her, and sat next to her. He kissed her when he noticed that she was hot, in the fever way.


“Where don’t you feel well Lia?” Torius asked as he got changed into comfortable clothes so he could take care of her.

“My head and my throat.” Kailea laid down and Torius tucked her, feeling her head again.


She was back at work in a few days. Mardi, one of the waitresses saw some brownies sitting on the front order counter. She grabbed a brownie without thinking and ate it.

“Hey these are delicious. Come and eat some.” She called to Kailea and Taigen who both had one, they went and gave the rest to the chefs Justin, Brian and Nikolas who split them up alongside the six.


Torius was in his office on the phone ordering some stuff from the delivery people when he heard a sound like something falling over coming from the front of the cafe. He ignored it until an hour later when he heard sounds like something hitting the walls.


Torius walked out to the front of the cafe and froze because there was not one wall of the front of cafe that was not covered in either chocolate or whipped cream.


He noticed that none of his front of cafe staff were around, that was when he heard noises coming from next door at the Lindt Queensland Cafe.


“What the hell.” Torius walked over to the cafe and his jaw nearly hit the ground. Almost every inside part of the cafe was covered with either chocolate, whipped cream or berry sauce.


“Did you staff eat a bunch of brownies?” The Lindt Cafe Duty Manager Nate walked out of another cafe who was having same issues. “According to Max Brenners, their bunch was spiked with-oh jeez.” he stared at the state of his cafe.


Kailea was laughing her head off at the giant golden bunny in the middle of the cafe. Justin and Brian was staring in awe at a christmas tree while Taigan and Nikolas was devouring Lindor Balls, nearly inhaling them. Mardi was discussing the popular site Reddit with a giant plastic Lindor ball.


Torius and Nate had no clue what to do so they began to film the scene in front of them using their phones to upload to Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook. Nate’s staff was staring at a cat on the foot path.


“We should try and get them to one of our staff room so they can came down from their high.” Nate suggested. “Before they eat all the food and lindor balls.”


Torius thought about it before he called out “Puppies this way!” and the staff members followed him next door.

“Great, we have grown up kids as staff members.” Nate groaned and he wondered just how much the cleaning bill was going to be.

Kaelia was sitting in the break room showing Mardi the new firemen calendar that had came into the cafe. The cafe sold them every year and the girls couldn’t help but gawk over the pictures. They was sitting at the back table and Kailea flipped to next page, she paused staring.


“It that…wow…yum.” Kailea raised an eyebrow impressed because on the March page was Torius in firemen pants and holding an axe over his shoulder. “Now that is something I would to see for real.”


“What do you want to see for-” Torius walked in and saw they were looking at the calender and he realized what page that she was on. “I can show that to you for real at home.” he winked at her and jiggled his keys.


Kaelia stood up fast blushing as she placed down the calendar and she said “I like the idea of that, that is nice sounding.” as she followed him out of the cafe leaving  Mardi flipping through the calendar.

Torius let out a yawn as he was filling out paperwork for new deliveries, he hated doing paperwork and he leaned against his chair, for a minute but his eyes closed. Falling asleep in his chair, he curled on his side and started to snore softly.


Kailea walked in with some coffee for him and she quietly placed it down on the drink table, she smiled watching him blow bubbles in his sleep. She sat next to him and finished off the paperwork, leaving for him to only sign it.


An hour later, he woke up and stretched when he realized that Kailea had finished all the paperwork and bought new coffee in. He patted his lap and she went and sat down, cuddling into his arms.


“Thanks babe.” He whispered in her ear, smiling and he kissed her deeply.


Phoenix Cove Weather Channel was wrong once again, Kaelia realized when she woke up and realized that it was raining outside. She rolled over and snuggled into Torius as he let out a yawn.


He glanced down at her with a smile before he kissed her. His head and throat however was starting to ache and pound and oh hades, his bones felt like they were on fire.

“I am feeling awful this morning.” He admitted as his stomach began to turn and knot.


Kaelia frowned and felt his head to find that he was starting to burn up.

“I am going to check your temperature.” She grabbed a first aid kit and pulled out the thermometer. Torius tried to sit up but his head began to spin.


“El…El…is there a sick bag in the first aid kit?” Torius tried not to gag. That was when their daughter Valeniella began to cry. They called her Ellie for short.


Kaelia had children from her previous relationship with Shannan. Twin daughters Valenielle and Matilda aka Tilly and her two oldest children- Anabel and Hunter who was enrolled in an academy for gifted magical children. Shannan never wanted children and didn’t care if she had sole custody.


“Mama!” Valeniella cried out. She was the only one who called Kaelia, Mama. Matilda called her mummy or called for Torius whom she viewed as her daddy.


Kaelia took Torius’ temperature, it wasn’t Valeniella’s urgent cry so she knew she had a few minute. She looked relieved as Torius’ fever was quite low. She kissed his head before she went to the nursery and fed Valeniella, checked on Matilda who was happily playing with the paw patrol mobile above her cot.


Kaelia walked back to the bedroom once Valeniella and Matilda was back to sleep. She looked concern as she walked in and saw that Torius had his mobile phone in his hand, and he was in tears.

“What is wrong Tori?” She asked as she walked over and sat next to him, placing down a bottle of water that she had gotten from the fridge.


“Sophie is try-trying-” Torius sobbed even more and buried his face in his hands.
“What is Sophie doing?” Kaelia pulled him into her arms.

“She is going to take my rights to visit Ocean away.” He was bawling his eyes out, he was getting really stressed and he was scared. “El, I don’t want her to take Ocean away from me.”


Ocean was Torius’ sixteen month old daughter, but Torius was forced to break up with Sophie due to Sophie’s violent nature towards him but the police believed Sophie’s side and he only visitation rights to Ocean despite he was the one who took care of Ocean most of the time when he and Sophie lived together.


As much as he loved Ocean, he was too afraid to stand up for himself and get sole custody of Ocean in fears of what Sophie might do to him and Ocean. He didn’t want to put the rest of his family in danger of Sophie’s anger.


Kaelia wrapped her arms around him, holding him closer and Torius buried his head into her shoulder sobbing hard. He breathed in her scent of lavendar and peaches.

“I know babe. I understand Tori but I will help make sure that Ocean isn’t going to go anywhere but back into your arms.” Kaelia began to rub his back. “I will call Lukas and he can help you gain sole custody.” Lukas, Kaelia’s brother was a big time lawyer.


“I love you El.” Torius whispered as he began to calm down a little bit. Torius was the only person who called Kaelia, El and she would get annoyed if anyone else did. Just like she was the only one to call him Tori.

“I love you too Tori, please listen to me when I tell you that you are a good father.” Kaelia reassured him.

“How do you know that?” Torius asked as he glanced up at her.

“Because I see how you are with Ellie and Tilly. Tilly loves you so much.” Kaelia said.


Torius nodded his head slightly but Kaelia could see in his eyes, that he didn’t believe her 100 precent. It would take him a long time to believe that.


A few days later at Phoenixes Flight Gym


Torius and Kaelia had been working at Phoenixes Flight Gym for ten years and were the best personal trainers there. Kaelia went and put Matilda and Valeniella into the gym’s nursery, Valeniella began to bubble at ‘Aunty’ Tiffany who was one of Kaelia’s best mates.


Kaelia smiled and waved goodbye before she went to type up some food charts for her clients. Torius was doing class schedules and he was trying to figure out how to fit everything in perfectly, he glanced up as his brother Silas rushed into his office and to his surprise, Ocean was in Silas’ arms.


“I took her from Sophie’s work place while she was asleep.” Silas panted and Torius looked shocked at this.

“Bro, I understand where your heart was and that you wanted to help me out but this, doing this is not going to help me get sole custody of Ocean. This is kidnapping! The courts would never give me custody.”


Ocean reached out for Torius and she began to whimper wanting to be in his arms. Torius froze and he called for Kaelia, because he had no clue what to do. He was scared of Sophie’s reaction once she realized that Ocean was gone, he didn’t want to go prison.


Kaelia walked in and saw Silas with Ocean, she looked at Torius who explained what happened.

“What- what do I do El?” His voice shook.

“You need to call Sophie…or Silas could take Ocean back to Sophie’s-” Kailea began to think when she got an idea.

“Dada! Dada! DADA!” Ocean wailed still wanting Torius to hold her.


Kailea called her brother Lukas who took charge and somehow, he managed to get Torius; Emergency Sole Custody. Once Lukas told Kailea this, she took Ocean from Silas’ arms and placed her into Torius arms, she explained what Lukas had done.


But Torius looked like a wide eyed barn owl, he shook as he thursted Ocean back into Silas’ arms and he run to Kaelia’s office, he was shaking badly as he sat down onto the couch. Kailea rushed after him, following him in and she sat down, taking him into her arms.


“Okay. It is time to talk to me Tori.” Kaelia knew that he did want Ocean to be in custody deep down and she needed to get to the bottom of his fear. “What are you scared of? I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”

“I am scared of Sophie.” Torius struggled with getting his words out, he wasn’t really one to talk about his feelings. “I want this…” he waved his hand towards Silas and Ocean. “But…I…El!”


Kaelia had never met Sophie before but she knew that Sophie terrified Torius more then anything. Ocean was his world and joy, his whole life but he just could not stand up for himself and Ocean and having emergency sole custody was freaking him out so much that he felt ill.


“MAMA!” Valeniella’s screams echoed through out the centre. Kaelia turned on her heel and rushed to where the nursery was with Torius close to her. Fear pounded through Kaelia, that was a scream that Valeniella had when Shannan tried to take her home, the one time.


As Kaelia rushed into the nursery, she saw that a lady she had never met before was holding her daughter and her inner mama bear was released! Her eyes flared with anger as she stormed towards the lady.

“MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!” Valeniella wailed and Matilda whimpered at the sound of her twin in distressed.

“Let.Go.Of.My.DAUGHTER NOW!” Kaelia roared the words out before she held her arms out. “Vaneniella!” she put all her power into her words so her teleportion skills kicked into gear and Vaneniella was teleported into her arms. But then the lady went to Torius and released some white stuff and everything went black.


Torius was missing for two and a half years before he was found by the Space Army. In those two years, Kaelia had sent Vaneniella and Matilda to the same academy as Hunter and Anabel despite it broke her heart, she wanted them somewhere safe and she felt as if she could not keep them safe.


Kaelia moved to Night River City where she studied and soon became a supervisory special agent at Night River Behavioral Analysis Unit.


It was a later afternoon when her boss Mackyela walked into her office and Kaelia handed over her completed paperwork.

“Your new partner has arrived.” Mackeyla said and Kaelia shrugged, giving a roll of her eyes. “Will you please not scare him away this time, like you have done with the others?”


“Yeah-” Kaelia let out a huff before she rolled her eyes at Makeyla. “I can’t make any promises Ma-am.” She leaned into her chair as Mackeyla left and Kaelia closed her eyes trying to ignore her pounding head.


A smell of Oak Tree and Fire fulled her office, which was the cologne of one particular person. She opened her eyes as she felt arms that she thought she would never feel again pick her up into them.


“Tori, I have missed you so much.” She whispered before she looked up at Torius and tears began to fall down.


Torius kissed her and he whispered “You are not going to lose me that fast or easy.” he had tracked her down for two months, he needed her. He loved her, he couldn’t lose her.

“Missing you, never got easier.” Kailea let out a sob as she buried her face into his arms.

“I know El. I missed you every single day in my dungeon.” He held close and rocked her. “I have you, let it out El. Let it out. I love you El, it is going to be okay now I am back with you.”


Kaelia fall asleep in his arms as her emotions tired her out and Torius laid onto her couch as he was not ready to let her out of his arms yet. He might have given up on all hopes of custody or seeing Ocean again but he needed a new fresh start, and that new fresh start, he wanted was with him and Kaelia only. He needed to let his past go and move forward.


“I love you El.” He whispered as he laid there stroking her hair. “I promise on the river styx, that we will open a great cafe in Martin Place, Sydney. We will have a beautiful house with two dogs and a cat. I love you so much, I need you. You are my home.” as thunder boomed at his promise, he closed his eyes and he fall asleep finally feeling safe in such a long time.

It was the first day of the new cafe opening, Kaelia was unpacking deliveries for the cafe which was called Ocean’s corner Hangout after Torius’ daughter.


She heard a strange noise coming out, like marbles and she placed down her box, walking to the window to see that a single Lindor ball was making its way casually down Phillip St. One of the milk ones.


She gave a shrug, thinking how random until tons more began to roll down the hill. Kailea watched all the colourful lindor balls escaping from what she guessed must been Lindt Cafe.

“What the…” more lindor balls came escaping.


Kailea grabbed a nearby phone and called Hunter, the duty manager of Lindt to see why there was a stampede of Lindor Balls going down the street.


Torius walked out of his office and he stopped watching the lindor balls.

“Well…okay then.” He walked over to Kaelia who was still talking on the phone and she hanged up the phone turning to him.

“So Hunter said their delivery guy got distracted by a girl across the road, he tripped over and knocked over a box of Lindor Balls which is why there is the stampede.” Kailea laughed.


Kailea walked outside and gathered some lindor balls out, carried them inside and placed them into the staff fridge for later.

As she walked to the front of the cafe, she looked at Torius unsure and leaned against a counter.


“We open for the first day, soon.” She sighed and shivered a little bit.

Ocean’s Corner Hangout was a cafe cross with a gym. Torius put his shoulder around her and hugged her.

“We shall have a good first day.” Torius kissed her before he walked to the sign hanging on the door, flipped it to open and unlocked all the doors.


The cafe had been opened for four months and things were great, customers were happy and all. It was a Monday and customers were rushing in for coffee and fresh sandwiches. Kailea carried over a flat white to a guy sitting near the window. He had long black hair and his eyes were silver.


Kailea placed down his coffee and the guy looked around.

“Tell me girly. Do you have security in this fine cafe of yours? I don’t see any security.” He asked, as he leaned onto his hand, staring intently at Kailea.

“Yes, we have cameras and security that we can call if needed.” Kailea replied and she walked away, she headed to Torius who was talking to one of the chefs.


“Hey Tori, that guy-” She paused as the guy whom she just talked to run out of one of the side doors. “Just asked if we had security.” her eyes narrowed in confusion as she saw his coffee was half drink.


Torius frowned and he called two of the waiters over to him. Nikolas and Castiel walked over to him, they had just finished cleaning up some mess that two young kids had made.

“Yes sir?” Nikolas asked as he looked at Torius.

“I think we just been shoplifted, please go and check if there is anything missing.” Torius ordered while Kailea went to make more coffees.


Nikolas and Castiel made a full check before they walked back to Torius.

“Sir, everything is accounted for. There is nothing missing.” Castiel informed them and Torius nodded before telling them to check on the fresh sandwiches. He decided that there was probably nothing to worry about but made a mental note to keep a closer eye on stuff.


Lunch Rush started at 12 and lawyers walked in chatting about cases they were working on, while mothers gossiped about things happening at their children’s schools. Ocean’s Corner Hangout made all food and drinks as long they were not chocolate, due to an agreement that they had with Lindt Cafe.


Torius were noting down popular items that was being ordered that lunch rush so he knew what to order more of. He noticed that Roasted carrots were quite popular with the vegans, Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwiches with students from a nearby school, the lawyers just wanted coffee and the mothers went for Sponge Cake with Raspberry Jam with the mothers.


He glanced up as Hunter walked into the cafe and went over to him, he looked concerned.

“All okay at your cafe?”  He asked and Hunter nodded.

“Yeah, we are fine. The chocolate cake is quite popular today.” Hunter commented. “It is just I noticed that some dude was lurking around your cafe mate.”


Lindt Cafe had moved next door to Ocean’s Corner Hangout after a couple of places had moved out, they had gotten quite big and now had a whole new display of Lindor Ball.

“What was he doing?” Torius asked. He and Hunter watched out for suspicious behavior near both of the cafes.

“I am not sure but if anything is to happen, please call me and I will make sure you got help. I remember-” He paused thinking about something that happened a long time ago. “I don’t want your cafe in any sort of danger.”


“Thanks bro. We did have a guy eariler asking about our security status. That was quite strange.” Torius replied. He heard a crash and turned to see that Kailea had fallen over and hit her head a little bit.


She had tripped over a dog that had came wandering in and she threw up from not taking her break when she was supposed to.


Torius rushed to her side and helped her stand, she stumbled a little and held onto him. She threw up again and he realized that she was running low on water. He called for Briana to take over her duties.

“Kailea, you need to have a break and drink some water. You might have an concussion too.” He said and with Hunter’s help, he took her into his office. Hunter nodded and left to go back to work.


“I am fin-” Kailea swallowed hard and grabbed Hunter’s bin and started to throw up really badly. “I am fine.”

“No you are not.” Torius scolded as he decided to take her to the hospital.


Two nights later, it was dinner rush. There are dinner rushes, and then there are Ocean’s Corner Hangout Dinner Rushes.


The whole cafe was full and music was playing from the surround sound system. The dance floor was full while the gym had all execise rooms full and the daycare area had a movie on for the children and teenagers were using the game area.


So far Streak seemed to be the most popular along the lawyers especially Night Shadows lawyers who just won a huge case. Some teachers from a nearby school ordered some Blue Cheese and Asian Pear Crostinis to celebrate school holidays coming up. The gym goers were a huge fan of the healthy Creamly Kale Salad with Chickpeas and Shallots.


Kailea was sitting at her drink counter making drinks including cocktails and mocktails, Coca Cola was being ordered tons. Briana was delivering the drinks due to the fact Kailea was ordered to stay sitting.


Torius walked to her, he slipped his hand on her butt and kissed her neck a little bit. He slipped in the chair next to her and commented “There is good music playing tonight.” as Joe Nicols played on the radio.


He watched as the guy from a few days ago, approached the counter. He smirked as he placed a Dragon Nuclear Gun on the counter. The worst and most dangerous magical weapon, it could harm both mortal and magical.


“Sir…” Torius moved closer to Kailea, “How may I help you?” he nudged the alarm under her counter but nothing happened. He froze, his stomach was climbing to his throat as he tried to nudge it again.


“The alarm can’t work if I have disactivated it.” The guy informed him, tapping the gun on the counter. “Now. How you can help me.” he hummed as the other staff started to realize something was wrong. “I want you to order all your staff to lock the doors and turn off the phones and wifi.”


Briana who was near the left side door, managed to slip away unseen and she made a dash for the Lindt Cafe. The rest of the Ocean’s Corner Hangout staff looked at Torius, waiting for an order or something.


He swallowed hard, all he wanted was to tell them to get out there but there was too much customers, and if he told anyone to run, he was quite sure that wouldn’t go down well. He shut his eyes for a few minutes.


“I am sorry.” He signed to his staff who all knew Auslan. Taking a deep breathe, he said out loud “Nikolas and Castiel go and turned off all the phones and the wifi.” He felt tears start to sting his eyes.


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