Blue is the color of your anger! You’re sensitive, deeply emotional and crave balance and harmony in life. Your drive for peace tempers your anger and often leads to you bottling your feelings. You often turn to artistic pursuits, such as writing, painting, or designing to release your more frustrated emotions. You’re a beautiful soul with deep compassion for the world but your emotions often run a bit too deep. Your anger rears its head most when your feelings have been disregarded or mocked. Your anger is blue like the sea! How deep is your ocean of anger? Let us know!

Altruism: low
Your score for the altruism value provides an indication of how highly you prioritize the welfare and needs of others above your own.

You have scored relatively low on this measure, suggesting that you are perhaps less empathetic and cooperative than other people you know. For example, you may be more likely to speak your mind in the presence of others; and you may be less involved in charities than your friends and find that charitable solicitations irk you. Alternatively, you may occasionally indulge yourself irrespective of the consequences for others. Be aware though that low altruism is, in many circumstances, a distinct advantage: at some point, soldiers, surgeons and emperors all need to be able to disengage their empathy in order to do carry out their duties.

Status: medium
Your score for the Status trait provides an indication as to whether you are traditional and image-conscious, or more laid-back.

Scoring in the medium range on this trait ostensibly demonstrates that you are quite similar to most people in terms of the importance of social standing on your everyday life. While you do have some respect for traditions, etiquettes or rules, you do not adhere strictly to them; you simply appreciate their value for meeting certain goals. While you do not fastidiously or vainly attend to your appearance all the time, image is still somewhat important to you. Material goods such as designer clothes and flashy cars bring you some joy but you are nonetheless relatively practical with your money. You are probably “on the fence” with regard to your political views.

Unconventionality: high
Your score on Unconventionality reflects the degree to which you are original in your ideas, thoughts and actions.

Looking now at the Unconventionality trait, your score is relatively higher than others. This ostensibly means that you are quite a creative thinker; you love to “color outside the lines” and produce surprising ideas and do eccentric things. You find abstract thought to be extremely appealing and engaging, and you thus like to escape the confines of practical puzzles with concrete solutions. You tend to live in messy environments, and this mirrors your brain, where disparate thoughts are allowed to touch to produce new, exciting ideas. Standing out from the crowd is not something you fear; in fact, you probably seek it.



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