Moon Ocean Crime Squad

Alexandria flew to the main building of the Moon Ocean Crime Headquarters. She was LATE! Her boss Shannan was not fond of people being late, more so if that person was one of his Senior Supervisory Agents.

She landed at the door of the meeting room and opened it, walking inside to see that only Levian, who was the psychologist was there.

“I know I’m late, but I didn’t think I was so late that I missed the others.” Alexandria looked a little annoyed at herself.

“They think they found Kelepi but I don’t think your mental health will be strong enough to go with them to find him.” Levian explained, his hands on his knees.

“Excuse me?!” Alexandria tried to keep her voice calm and steady.

“The state that they might find him in, could affect your ability to do your job.” Levian explained.

Alexandria flopped onto the nearby armchair and glared at him.

“Alexandria?” Levian prompted but Alexandria just continued to glare. It was a few seconds before he got a reply.

“Kei, he is my work partner and I’m stuck here while he is rescued by the rest of the team.” Her voice was full of anger.

Levian noticed that the nearby plant was starting smoulder inside its see through pot before the leaves began to smoke.

“I know Lexi.” Levian stood up, walked over and took her into his arms, sitting down holding her close. He started to stroke her hair and Alexandria leaned against him. The door opened and Keilepi walked in, his eyes were shining red.

Alexandria got an overwhelming sense of evil coming from Keilepi. He studied Levian and Alexandria before he asked in a mocking tone;

“Hello Alexandria. You and Levian are looking quite close. Have you seen Levian near the point of breakdown?”

“What happened to you?” Alexandria asked unnerved by his change of personality. “This is not like you Kei.”

“Do.Not.Call.Me.That.” Keilepi hissed before he pulled out a Dragon Laser Gun making Alexandria tense.

She knew that a Dragon Laser Gun couldn’t kill someone but it could cause heaps of pain.

“Keilepi sit down, Lets-” Levian was cut off as two guys walked in with some of the most unhealthiest food possible. Levian NEVER ate unhealthy food especially if it was rich in fat or cream.

Keilepi said “There is nothing to TALK about!” he moved closer to Levian before using his magic to force Levian’s mouth open.

Levian froze up as the first Frozen Chocolate Slice hit his throat and he clutched onto Alexandria’s arm out of pan. His stomach began to twist and turn as he fought against swallowing but it was not possible, his throat automatically swallowed.

Light shot of out of Alexandria’s hands sending the guys flying into Shannan’s criminal cage but they broke of it, they glared at Alexandria before escaping out of the window.

“Lexi…Lexi…” Levian had turned pale and he was struggling not to throw up. His face had started to sweat lots and Alexandria helped him to his office. Alexandria grabbed a bucket handing it to Levian. He sat on his couch and began to throw up, he leaned against Alexandria who sat down and began to rub his back.

He put down the bucket before he asked “How can I help you?”

Alexandria looked taken aback but then replied “Just by staying near me.” she glanced down. “It was my fau-”

“No. It wasn’t your fault.” Levian felt his stomach turning more and he threw up again.

Alexandria was silent, Keilepi had been her best mate and he had turned against her and the team. Her wings flapped slowly, Levian placed his hand on her right one and began to stroke it slowly. He knew that she flapped her wings when she was upset or anxious.

“Talk to me please.” Levian whispered massaging the secondly feathers.

“I thought he was abducted but he had just turned against us.” Her voice sounded close to breaking.

Tears sting her eyes as she wanted to fly far away. She looked over as the boss Shannan walked in.

“He was abducted and his abductors turned him against us.” Shannan explained. “You and Levian need to keep your eyes open and aware. You are the two that are on the top of his radar and he is planning worse things then you can imagine.”

Levian gave a concern look before he said “How do we keep an eye out when he can turn invisible?”

“We are installing higher security. But I need you and Alexandria to go on a case in Crystal Moon City. It is in your area of speciality.” Shannan explained but he looked concerned.

“Okay.” Levian sounded exhausted, he closed his eyes.

“I’ll drive.” Alexandria took the SUV keys from Shannan. She grabbed her travel pack and then walked out to the SUV. Levian got into the passenger seat of the black SUV.

Alexandria drove to the first hotel. Since the drive to Crystal Moon City was four days to six days, depending on the traffic and how many breaks they took, Shannan had booked them into various hotels.

Levian gave her, a small smile. That night Alexandria went to get dinner while Levian had a nap, he was exhausted.

As Alexandria walked down the darken street, Keilepi appeared in the darkness and grabbed her by her left wing, twisting it the point where it broke.

“You will tell Levian that you flew into a tree if you don’t want to see The Other Side of me.” He hissed continuing to twist her wing. “I know how to BREAK Levian’s spirit. You wouldn’t want to see that.”

“I will tell that I flew into a tree.” Alexandria shook feeling blood dripped down her wing and Keilepi let her wing go before vanishing back into the shadows.

Alexandria got the food and took it back to the hotel, she put the food on the table and Levian walked over before he saw her wing. His eyes widened as he looked at her wing and the blood that tinted it red.

“What happened?” He asked checking out her wing.

“I..I…flew into a tree.” Her voice shook and she moved closer to him.

“Was the tree, Keilepi?” He asked as he sat her down on the chair.

“I don’t want him to break your spirit.” Her answer was barely, a whisper.

Levian brushed her wing, he was quiet for a few minutes before he said “I don’t know what he is up to but I don’t want you to be scared to come to me.”

Alexandria gave a whimper as Levian pulled her wing slow so it stretched out and he could see how badly the wound was.

“You are going to need a x-ray.” Levian decided.

“No…Lee..” Alexandria shook her head. “Please, no hospitals.” Fear swirled inside her and tears dripped down her face.

That night, Levian managed to convince her to go to the hospital. Alexandria clutched his hand then BOOM! A plant in the waiting room was reduced to ashes.

Levian stared at the ashes, mouth open and he noticed that Alexandria was tensing up as a doctor walked in. She began to flap her wings really hard despite the pain that it caused. Levian frowned as he took her aside and asked “What makes you so terrified?”

“Don’t go all psychologist on me.” Alexandria snapped at him.

Levian raised his eyebrows at what she had said, he didn’t like people using that sentence with him.

“Alexandria.” He put his hands on her shoulders gently. “Don’t use that sentence with me, please.”

Alexandria glanced down and she whispered “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Levian went to say something but he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head before he passed out, he heard Alexandria screaming.

3 mths later

Alexandria heard her door opened, she glanced up and her mouth dropped as she saw Levian.

“Lee…” She reached



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