April Nanowrimo characters :)

Main Characters

Kaitlin- 27 years old. She is an Emergency Department Doctor. She is a shape shifter and has mind control which occasionally leads to her blowing up things with her mind when she is angry. She is from Israel and is fluent in English and Hebrew and knows a few words in Arabic. She prefers to be called Kate and Torian calls her Angel. She has a service Direwolf called Hope and she has pure white wings.

Torian- 29 years old. Kaitlin’s work partner and boyfriend (in later stories). In other later stories, his twin Lukas tries to inject him with demon blood and Kaitlin is horrified to see him turn to the dark side but she manages to brings him back to her with using some of her feather magic. He has PTSD from the time and depends on Kaitlin, he sometimes can go into shutdown mode. He speaks English and Hebrew.

Pearlina- 30 years old. Works for the Biotoxins Department. She is blind but can see through Super Fingerprint ID. Pearlina is married to Mark and in later stories, they have twin daughters Phoenix and Arabelle. Pearlina is part feline part human and has cat ears and tails. She became a feline hybrid after a biotoxin disaster that killed her parents and siblings. She never talks about her past and prefers being in the present.

Mark- 33 years old. Is a police detective who handles crimes at the hospital and discovers the secret lab of Super Toxins Research. He passes important informations to the Research Lab behind the higher ups backs. He knows that Torian’s twin brother Lukas is part of the higher ups but can’t tell Torian due to fear of his life and his family’s life. Lukas uses Mark as his own slave and spy. He is immune to Biotoxins but this immunity can cause lots of anger to him which causes him to lose control of his powers.

Elliot- 20 years old. He faked his own death so he could join the Super Toxins Research Lab aka STRL after his wife Allie died three days earlier in an accident involving Biotoxins. Two years after entering the STRL, he managed to use Alien Biotoxin to bring Allie back to life. This has him promoted to a higher up but he is one of the nicer higher ups and he doesn’t agree with the practices that his fellow higher ups perform but he is not in a position to stop these practices unless he wants to lose Allie again.

Allie- 22 years old. She is the survival expect of the STRL and is Elliot’s wife, companion and secretary. She is immune to most diseases due to the alien biotoxin but this immunity causes her to have short term magical power loss and severe headaches. There is a part of her that sometimes wishes that Elliot never done what he has done and has severe flashbacks due to the biotoxin accident that killed her. She loses her anger with Elliot, despite deep down, she knows why he did what he did was because he loves her.a


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