My characters take quizzes =D


You got: You will have six kids!

Wowza! You’re going to fill your home with six lil’ sprouts. That’s a lot of people! It’ll be hard work, but it’s worth it. Congrats! (darn girl!)


You got: You will have four kids!

Holy moly! You’re going to have four kids. Don’t worry. You’re going to be a great parent! We know it. Congrats!


You got: Your mind works chaotically!

Your head is a jumble of things all crashing around your head and begging for attention. You probably find it difficult to pay attention to just one thing and have learned the art of multitasking as a result. Your thoughts can sometimes seem almost too loud, and because of this you find you can get stressed pretty easily. However, although your mind is chaos, you wouldn’t have it any other way.


You got: Your mind works logically!

You’re very methodical in everything you do and like to make sure you’ve done a job thoroughly. You’re very analytical, and you like to look at the pros and cons of something before making an educated and logical decision. You don’t often let your emotions get the better of you because you’re very headstrong and know what’s best for you.


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