My original Fandom

What do you think your fandom is like?

It is most likely to be hated by those in the medical career. Most readers could however get interested in the medical field of things if they are fans of most of the main characters: Torian, Kaitlin, Sophia, Ethan and Alyssie. Or the police field if they are a fan of Mark. Also those who are fans of Mark or Ethan, will want to kill the higher ups who are villians in the books.

What tattoos do people get based on your book/books? 

Pure White Wings, The Hospital Logo, Pure Black Wings, STRL Logo, Direwolfs, Characters especially Hope (Service Direwolf) and Fang (Service Beagle)

What lines do they quote at each other at conventions?

“I need you more then the moon and Stars”- Ethan says this to Alyssie during a panic attack

“That was the oldest tree in the park!” Said by Torian when Kaitlin blows up an old tree out of anger.

“Don’t you just wish you had a mute button.” Sophia mentions when a patient is complaining about lack of TV

What characters do they dress up as for Halloween?

I have not sure but would l think there be many people dressing up as Alyssie in her bright clothes

Which non-cannon character relationships do they ship?

Probably Mark with everyone. I could also see people pairing Kaitlin and Mark together or Sophia and Torian.

Which scenes do they draw in their fan art, and what do their write their fanfictions about?

I imagine there would be tons of Hope and Fang fanart. Hope especially since is a service direwolf. Fanart of Alyssie and Ethan’s scenes (I really hope). Fanfics could include OC patients or non canon couples.

If you went on Etsy and searched for the name of you novel, what carefully crafted handmade creations will appear?

I don’t know much about Etsy but if it items then:



Hospital like items

Necklaces with the Hospital or STRL logo

Hope Plushies

Fang Plushies

Clothes with Characters or logos


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