New Main Characters

Alyssie- 27 years old. She worked for Gaffaney Chicago Medical Centre before she quit after an incident that nearly killed her best mate Ethan and she blamed herself for it. She joined the Moon Ocean Hospital and she works in the Emergency Department. Most of the time she pretends that she is fine, she thinks if she does this, she won’t get hurt. Ethan, (who followed her), is trying to get her to let down her shield.

Besides Emergency Medicine, she is a specialist in Toxicology, she deals with different medication but mostly venomous animals such as snakes and dragons. She speaks Chinese and English, and wears a Dendrite Opal Bracelet Cuff which lets her use power of ice.


Ethan- 30 years old. He works for the ED with Alyssie and is ex Navy. He has PTSD from the Navy and he struggles with it. He acts cold because of his PTSD but he does care for his fellow doctors. He is in love with Alyssie and wants to help her through her issues. They started to date after he had a huge flashback during a huge emergency.

His flashbacks makes him feel very nauseous and his eyes goes grey when he is in one. He is also a specialist in Toxicology, dealing with overdoses of prescribe medications in children.


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