Moon Hospital Ocean: One last mission. Story 1 of the series.

Alyssie walked into Moon Ocean Hospital where she worked. She noticed that there were five ambulances rushing into the ambulance bay. She rubbed her head as the sirens were making it pound.

She went to see what she could do to help. As she walked up to the desk; Ethan, one of the senior residents gave her, a look of concern.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Are you feeling okay?” He asked as she grabbed an iPad and checked out what patients that they had.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said when paramedics began to page in which patients were coming. The room began to spin, and without meaning to, she reached for Ethan, gripping his arm.

“You are not fine.” His voice sounded as cold as anything but that was him. She tried to study herself due to the fact that she knew what he though about weakness and how he acted towards those acting in weakness.

“I am fine.” She let go of his arm, she glanced around for her mates Torian and Madison. (Kaitlin was fired after another patient confidentially incident).

The doors of the department swung open and patients from a massive car pile up were wheeled in. She rushed to the side of a six year old girl. Ethan called for Sophia who was the senior nurse before he pulled Alyssie into his arms.

“Let me help you.” He said in Korean. Alyssie looked puzzled when the room began to spin faster.

“The room is spinning…” She was hit by a huge flashback, she didn’t know what to do.

Ethan managed to get her to a quieter place and he got out a fluffy ball from his own flashback kit, placing it into her hands. This helped to ground her.

“Ethan?” Her voice sounded far away but feeling the fluff of the ball was bringing her back to the present.

“I am here Lyss, I am here.” Ethan spoke softly.

“Will you hold me?” She asked reaching forward to Ethan, fully coming out of the flashback.

Ethan froze as he studied his hands and he muttered “I’ll go and get Sophia.” Alyssia stood up fast, stumbling a bit towards the door but Ethan stood up, pulling her into his arms, sitting down again.

“What are you scared of?” Alyssie asked glancing up at him, studying his dark eyes.

Ethan was quiet for a few seconds and he thought about her question.

“Lyss, I have never had a real girlfriend before. I want you to be that real girlfriend.” He couldn’t look at her in the eye as he admitted this. “I don’t know about the comforting part. I don’t know how to cope with my own flashbacks and nightmares.”

Alyssa smiled before she cuddled into his arms and she asked “You want me to be your girlfriend? How long have you wanted this?”

“The 5th night, we had to work together.” He muttered, staring at the dark blue carpet. “When you fought to save that young kid that came in after falling off his horse. So a few months.”

Alyssie kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck, surprising him and he deepened the kiss.

Code blue alarm began to ring through out the building. Alyssie and Ethan rushed to the ED to see what was happening, just as the rushed in; the doors of the ED flung open as paramedics rushed in a three year old girl.

Sophia checked her over before she said “She has no scratches or visible injures.” she glanced over at the young girl’s mum. “What happened?”

“She just like collapsed.” Her mum picked up a magazine and flipped through it, not interested or caring that her kid was unconsciousness.

Ethan kept on swallowing as he grabbed a stethoscope and he started to listen to her breathing.

“What is her name?” Alyssie asked the mother, she noticed that Ethan was close to tears. She sent him a mind message; ‘What is wrong?’

‘Too painful. From my Navy days’ he sent back and he put away the stethoscope, her lungs sounded gritty.

“Her name is Holly.” The mum answered before she walked to the cafe.

“Strange.” The hospital police officer Connor said before following the mum to have a chat.

“She needs a chest x-ray and a CT scan. Sophia can you please take her up.” Ethan asked, his hands was shaking as he checked out her chart to see that Holly had been to five other hospital within four months.  Sophia gave a nod before taking Holly up to the emergency radiology area.

Alyssie took the chart and wrote down some stats, she glanced over at Ethan when he let out a sniffle. She put the chart down and took his hands into hers. He knew that they had jobs to do but his head had images that he really wanted to forget.

“How can I help?” Alyssie asked stroking his hands.

“I don’t know.” He pulled her into his arms and buried his head into her shoulder, letting out a sob.

A few minutes later, he heard footsteps and pulled away from Alyssie as two Navy admins walked into the room.

‘Oh great’ Alyssie thought, ‘The Pitbull.’

‘I thought that the Army was the only one to call him that.’ Ethan replied in thought mode.

‘Nah, the crew calls him that too.’ Alyssie moved closer to him. Her Navy Captain had a violent temper that you DON’T want to be in target of.

“Hello Ethan.” His own Captain Lukas greeted. “This is Alyssie’s captain Paul. You and Alyssie are being paired for one last mission with the Navy.”

‘Got a bad feeling about this.’ Alyssie thought, fear swirling in her stomach and without meaning to, she created an attachment bond between her and Ethan.

‘Soul mate bond. This feels like a soul mate bond.’ Ethan gave her a small smile despite he was also feeling quite scared.

Attachment bonds made sure the two people couldn’t be separated and the Soul Mate Bonds couldn’t be broken by other people.

“Yes sir.” Ethan swayed slightly and Alyssie pulled him into her arms.
“The ship leaves in two hours.” Paul told them before the two admins left. Five minutes later, the hospital psychologist Phillip rushed into the room.

“You can’t go Ethan! Your mental health isn’t up to a last mission.” Phillip was panicked. “And Alyssie, you are needed here. You can’t go.”

“Can you do something about the last mission?” Alyssie asked, knowing that Phillip was right. “I mean I don’t want to go and I am sure that Ethan doesn’t want to go either.” Ethan nodded in agreement. “But The Pitbull gets what The Pitbull wants.” Alyssie frowned.

That night, HMSS Stalaxy 04.

Ethan sat with Alyssie in their cabin, he leaned against the bed. For some unknown reason and somehow, Paul had managed to get a double bed into their cabin. Alyssie was studying the top of the cabin and she glanced over at Ethan.

“I was held captured by Jupiter Rebels on my last Space Navy Mission.” Ethan reached for her hand and held it tight. He met her eyes. “I keep seeing my abductors faces.”

Tears began to fall as he pulled her into his arms and she cuddled into her, she listened as he continued “I try to cope Lyss. But I have nightmares. I can’t sleep. Lyss, each time, I close my eyes. I see them.”

Alyssie held him close as he began to cry and rocked him, he broke down in her arms and sobs shook his body.

“I am here.” Alyssie soothed. “I love you Eth.”

He pushed her away and his hand flew to his mouth as his stomach attempted to climb up his throat. Alyssie helped him to the ward room, she grabbed a sick bag and rubbed his back as he lost his dinner.

“I love you too.” He said exhausted and rinsed his mouth out. “It is so hot.”

“Take off your shirt maybe.” Alyssie suggested as she grabbed a couple of sick bags for the cabin.

Ethan raised an eyebrow at the suggestion before they went to their cabin, he pulled his shirt off, Alyssie noticed tons of scars and she frowned before she patted the side of the bed.

“I know you are scared but you need to try to sleep. I’ll be right here, next to you.” Alyssie said and Ethan laid down, pulling her into his arms.

Ethan began to toss and turn but he woke up, saw Alyssie and pulled her closer before going back to sleep. Alyssie snuggled into his arms.

The next morning, Ethan smiled at Alyssie and said “I have never had so much sleep for years.”

Just then two guys stormed the cabin.

“No!” Ethan screamed, it was two of the guys who abducted him. Alyssie tried to use her fire powers to protect Ethan but she found that they were disabled. The two guys forced them into a box.

Ethan burst into tears and started to rock.

“NO! NO! NO! NO!” He repeated over and over. Alyssie wished she knew how to help and she asked “Want me to hold you?” Ethan moved into her arms.

“Lyss!” He screamed as magical pain shot through his body. “Oh Stars! Lyss! It hurts! LYSS!” His back was start to move on its own and he felt pressure where his bowel was.

The box was lifted which put more pressure onto Ethan’s bowels.

“I need a toilet.” He muttered and crossed his legs. Alyssie thought ‘This is my fault’ and Ethan whispered “It was not your fault.”

He closed his eyes as the box was put down,the two guys opened the box and they were threw out.

Ethan didn’t have a chance to take a breathe before a guy tried to take him into a separate room but the bond prevented it. The guy grabbed four huge food trolleys which had the most unhealthy food and drinks. Ethan let out a whimper.

Four months later they were rescued and three months later, they were back at work at the hospital.

Ethan had gotten distant and extremely strict especially with Alyssie.

Alyssie was at home, she couldn’t be bothered going to work. She knew, well, thought everyone blamed her for what happened.

Her phone rang for what had to be the 50th time. Ethan, she felt like he longer loved her. She heard her door unlocked and she blinked silently as Ethan sat down on the end of her bed.

“I am sorry.” Ethan apologized. “I shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

“Come here.” Alyssie held her arms out and Ethan gave a weak smile, as he walked over and cuddled into this, she kissed him.

The next week

“Alyssie, I need help!” Ethan called to her and Alyssie walked into the Exam room where he was. She started to help him with an elderly woman who had broken her arm and she went to listen to her heart beat.

She stood up fast as dizziness overtook her and swayed slightly.

“Lyss, are you okay?” Ethan asked concerned as she studied herself.

“Yeah.” She said before she went back to checking the patient’s heartbeat but as she stood up, she got dizzy. She began to sway lots as things got blurry then she fall forward.

“Lyss!” Ethan caught her in his arms and he called for Sophia and Torian to take over taking care of the patient.

An hour later

Alyssie woke up to find that she was in a hospital bed, she looked at Ethan who had fallen asleep next to her and she smiled. Phillip walked in and looked at Ethan who was curled against Alyssie.

“I wonder how long it has been since he has slept.” Phillip whispered.

Phillip handed her an orange juice when Ethan woke up, he sat up before going into a full blown flashback.

“I need Alyssie to leave me alone!” He yelled out of rage bought on by the flashback. Phillip rushed to his side and helped him stand up.

“Aly, it’s the flashback talking. Not him.” Phillip reassured her before he took Ethan to his office.

Later on, they were working when Alyssie got a massive headache and she felt nauseous. She continued to work on their patient when she started to feel dizzy again. Before Ethan could ask what was wrong, she had run from the room.

Alyssie got to her office before she passed out, yet again.

When she woke up, Ethan was in tears, distressed and completely nearing a breakdown. Once he saw that she was awake, all emotions broke loss and he held her close sobbing hard.

“Don’t do that. Don’t…” He was sobbing so hard that his whole body shook and he clutched onto her hospital robe.

“Eth?” She cuddled him and began to rub at his back, confused by his reaction. “It is okay Eth. I just passed out.”

“Your magical energy level dropped below 20!” Ethan blurted out. “You nearly died! I can’t loose you! I can’t! Lyss, I need you. I can-” he bawled his eyes out. He buried his head into her shoulder and just cried.

Alyssie looked at the magical energy going through her IV in shock before she kissed Ethan and rubbed at his back.

“You are not going to loose me that easy.” She reassured him, as she brushed his tears away.

“I want you to move in with me. Please!” Ethan pleaded.

With a smile, Alyssie nodded and said, “I like that idea.”

After a few nights in hospital, she moved in. The End.


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