Plots for April Nanowrimo 2017

-Extreme Weather conditions have Alyssie working double shifts at the hospital- to make matter worse, she isn’t feeling hot either.

-There is a massive emergency. A explosion has gone off in the city. And Ethan finds himself having a meltdown and the only one who can help him is Alyssie.

-Ethan is severely assaulted by a patient, this is witnessed by all the staff. Alyssie feels responsible but she doesn’t tell Ethan this. Instead she becomes very quiet and withdrawn, Ethan recognizes her shut down mode.

-Alyssie comes down with a bad case of food poisoning and for once, she accepts help. But only from Ethan who is having problems with week long flashbacks. He knows if he doesn’t help her, she might not come to him again when she needs help. He however discovers by helping her, his flashbacks get less and less.

-Ethan has been neglecting Alyssie and Alyssie ends up getting sick with Magical Staph Infection. Not wanting to stress him out more, she keeps it a secret but collapses. Ethan blames himself for not noticing the signs. Alyssie tells him that he has nothing to blame himself for.

-Ethan volunteers at his local local zoo as part of his therapy. Alyssie is forced to volunteer there despite she doesn’t want to be by the hospital psychologist. She is partnered with Ethan and he notices that she is much more quiet outside of the hospital, not only that. She is terrified of animals and he helps her through it. This story shows how they developed their bond.

-The management is having a meeting. A biotoxinly medical student come s in and informs Torian and Ethan that the Emergency Department Medical Students are having a party! Ethan goes down to the ED to find that Alyssie is responsible for the party, as a punishment, he creates an attachment bond so she can’t leave his side. He soon comes to realize that she enjoys this punishment and likes his company.

-Mothers Day is coming up. Torian wants the staff to show their parents around the ED. Ethan is against this idea and Alyssie is curious to why. She keeps wanting to know why and what caused the ‘fall out’ between him and his parents.

He refuses to speak about it and this leads to her doing her own research, she finds out he was abandoned at age of ten. His foster parents were extremely abusive.

Torian gets an alert that his personal files has been accessed and when he checks, he realize it was Alyssie who accessed it.He storms into her office and he demands to know why Alyssie is invading his privacy. She comes to him later and apologizes.

He takes her into her arms and tells her that he knows she wants to help but there some things he isnt ready to talk about.

-Alyssie has never told anyone about Faith, not even Ethan. But when the three year old gets seriously sick and the only hospital that is open is Moon Ocean Hospital, she has no choice, she needs her co-workers’ help. She also has part custody of her second youngest sister Saskia who is nine years old.

-Alyssie finds out that Ethan has kids after meeting him at Saskia’s school and he is picking them up. Four from one marriage and two from his last marriage. She is quite hurt after how he reacted to her not telling him about Faith and Saskia.

She however surprises him by telling him to fight for custody, that she will help him take care of them. He ends up winning sole custody of the two youngest kids and joint custody of the other four.

-Ethan’s second oldest daughter Hannah turns up at the ED. She wants to see one person and only one person- That being Alyssie! Alyssie is hesitant to take  her on as a patient because she doesn’t know how Ethan would react. But Torian orders her to. It turns out Hannah has Chronic Low Magical Energy Levels and she doesn’t want Ethan to know.

Things get stranger for Alyssie when Hannah’s mother gives Alyssie sole custody of Hannah. Alyssie is hit with mix of confusing emotions and Ethan, who is on his last mission with the Navy finds out. He knows that Hannah is safe with Alyssie but problem is, he doesn’t know how to convince Alyssie that he might be upset but she is the right person to be sole guardian of Hannah.

-When Alyssie tries to hide a stomach ache, she learns that her co-workers and her new family would stop nothing to help her.


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