April Nano plans

Title: Moon Ocean Hospital

Type: Thriller/Suspense Novel

Event: April 2017

Synopsis: Moon Ocean Hospital is the biggest hospital in Brisbane, Queensland Australia after Royal Brisbane Hospital. It handles all sorts of medical issues including magical emergencies. The novel has short stories about Moon Ocean Hospital and the cases they have handled.

Current year is: 2121

Main Characters:







Alyssie’s short profile

Alyssie is 34 years old and she used to work for Royal Brisbane Hospital, until she quit after Ethan nearly died. She blames herself for this despite it was not her fault. She joined Moon Ocean Hospital in 2039 and she works in the Emergency Department, she pretends that she is fine all the time. She thinks if she does this then she won’t get hurt but Ethan, whom followed her, is trying to get her to let down her guard. She is also a specialist in Magical Toxicology (different to Biotoxinly). She deals with different medications but also venomous animals such as Dragons and Three headed Snakes. She speaks Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and English. She wears a Dendrite Opal Bracelet Cuff that has information bout her medical status.

Ethan’s short profile

39 years old. He works for the ED and is ex Navy. He has PTSD which he struggles with a lot, he acts cold due to it but he does care for his co workers. He is in love with Alyssie and wants to help her through her own issues. They started to date after they started zoo therapy at Brisbane Magical Zoo. His flashbacks makes him feel nauseous and his eyes goes grey when he is in one. He is also a specialist in Toxicology and deals with Unicorns and Pegasus.


North Building- Biotoxinly and Toxicology Departments. It is the most secured building possible. If you are scared of spiders or snakes, I advise avoiding Room 2 which is where Toxicology keeps all their spiders and snakes for making antidotes.

South Building- STRL (in their basement) is located. Super Toxic Research Labs is a department that helps Biotoxinly Department in making immunity serums for all Biotoxins that can kill a whole species including Aliens. It is underground, hidden away from the public.

Emergency Department- Where most of my stories are based, it is four storeys high with over a thousand rooms. It deals with normal emergencies as well as magical emergencies. They work with Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Critical Care Unit- This is when a normal patient’s life is in serious danger aka comas and life support. It is above the ED. It is said that their Room #3 is cursed with ghosts and Evil vampires. (There are good and evil vampires btw).

Infection Control- This department is attached to the ED, Biotoxinly and Toxicology Department but it is in their own building. It is considered the cleanest area of the whole hospital. It deals with magical infections with higher spreading period.

Main colours of the hospital are purple and light blue. Minor colours are Pale Pink, Red, Dark Green and Yellow.

Random details

– Ethan and Alyssie are ex Navy

– Ethan fell in love with Alyssie on the 5th month that he knew her after the zoo therapy.

– Alyssie has a belt of weapons. Her favourite is a Zombie Armageddon Cutter War Blade.

– Alyssie and Ethan lives together with his kids and her sisters as well as his Service Parrot Castello and Service Direwolf Hope.

– Alyssie has custody of her youngest sister Faith and Ethan’s daughter Hannah, as well as joint custody of her second youngest sister Saskia.

– Alyssie is a medical student

– Alyssie hums songs when she is getting too stressed or upset.

– Ethan has four kids from one marriage and two from his last marriage.


– Extreme weather conditions has Alyssie working double shifts at the hospital- to make matters worse, she isn’t feeling too hot either.

– There is a massive emergency. A explosion has gone off in the city. And Ethan finds himself having a meltdown and there only one who can help him is Alyssie.

– Ethan is severely assaulted by a patient witnessed by all. Alyssie feels but she doesn’t tell Ethan this. She becomes quite quiet and withdrawn. Ethan finds out through mind reading and he works on making sure that she realizes that it was not her fault.

– Alyssie comes down with food poisoning, and for once, she accepts help. But only from Ethan who is having a very bad week with flashbacks and nightmares. But he knows that if he doesn’t help her, she might never go to him for help again. He discovers by helping her that his flashbacks and nightmares are getting less.

– Ethan has been neglecting Alyssie, Alyssie ends up getting sick with Magical Staph Infection. She collapses and Ethan blames himself for not noticing the signs. Alyssie reassures him that he has nothing to feel guilty about.

– Ethan volunteers at his local zoo as part of his therapy and Alyssie is forced to volunteer too by the hospital psychologist Phillip. They are partnered together by the zoo. Ethan notices that she is more quiet outside of the hospital and very scared of animals. This leads to them becoming much closer.

– The management are having a meeting. A biotoxinly medical student interrupts and informs Torian and Ethan that the Emergency Department Medical Students are having a party!

Ethan goes down to see that Alyssie is the one responsible for the party, he makes an attachment bond between them as punishment but the punishment backfires when he realizes that she enjoys being with him everywhere.

– Ethan has always kept it a secret that he was abandoned at the age of ten. Mothers day is coming up and Torian wants all the staff to show their parents around the Emergency Department.

Ethan is very much against this and Alyssie keeps trying to get him to talk about the reason, suspecting a fall out but with failing getting him to talk, she decides to do her own research.

Later on Ethan gets an alert on his phone, saying that his personal file has been accessed by Alyssie’s computer. He storms in and they have a confrontation. Later, Alyssie finds Ethan on the roof top and she apologizes. He holds her and explains the whole story.

– Ethan comes down with the flu and Alyssie takes care of him. While she is taking care of him, he tells her some of his darkest secrets. When he is better, he purposes to her while on a country dragon ride. She says yes.

– Ethan’s old cult comes looking for him. Bring a lot of pain. He breaks down and become sill. The cult leader corners him and Alyssie in one of the Exam Rooms. Ethan is forcefed the most unhealthiest and rich foods possible. This leads to him having permanent stomach damage. Alyssie is mad at herself because her powers faulted when she needed to use them the most. She considers running but Ethan finds out, once again, through mind reading. He tells her that she can run again and again, he will follow her- no matter where she goes. Alyssie’s emotions gets better of her and Ethan holds her as she finally breaks.

He tells her that she can’t keep bottling up her feelings, that it doesn’t hep. He helps Alyssie to get her Service Direwolf Hope and he gets a Service Parrot called Castello.

– Ethan is all of sudden extremely strict and most of it is directed towards Alyssie. She starts pushing him and manages to corner him in their office until he tells her what is wrong. Her guilt causes a drop in her magical levels which causes her to go mute. Ethan burritos her and gives her a magical injection while humming softly to her.

– Alyssie has never told anyone about Faith, not even Ethan. But when the three year old is bitten by a mini dragon and gets sick; Moon Ocean Hospital is the only hospital which is open and Alyssie realizes that she has no choice but to get her co workers help. She also has part custody of Saskia who is nine years old.

– Alyssie finds out that Ethan has kids after meeting him at Saskia’s school where he is picking them up for a rare weekend. Four from one marriage and two from his last marriage. She is quite hurt especially after his reaction to her not telling him about Faith and Saskia.

But to his surprise, she tells him to fight for custody, that night at his place. He ends up winning custody of his youngest two and joint custody of the older four.

– Ethan’s second oldest daughter Hannah turns up at the ED. She want to see one doctor and only one, that is Alyssie. Alyssie feels that Ethan might get upset but Torian reassures her that it is a good sign that Hannah is coming to her.

Turns out Hannah has Chronic Low Magical Energy Levels, like Alyssie but she doesn’t want Ethan to know. Ethan finds out and he hugs Alyssie, thanking her for taking care of Hannah.

– Alyssie is suddenly awarded custody of Hannah. She is hit with lots of confusing feelings and Ethan can’t convince her that she is the best person for Hannah.

Picture time =D






Front of Hospital. Middle part is Emergency Department.


Alyssie and Ethan’s house


Faith, Alyssie’s sister (Three years old)


Saskia, Alyssie’s sister (Nine years old).


Hannah, Alyssie’s adopted daughter and Ethan’s biological daughter. (13 years old)


Tessa, Ethan’s daughter. (3 years old)


Sarah, Ethan’s daughter (1 years old)


First layout


Layout of Emergency Department


– When Alyssie tries to hide a stomach ache, she learns that her co-workers and family would stop at nothing to help her.

– The hospital is taken under siege by Dragon Untamers Gang. Ethan used to be a member and the gang abducts him as punishment for leaving to pursue his medical career.

Brisbane Magical Crime Squad finds and rescues him. A few weeks later, Alyssie is dealing with a massive emergency with mass casultures and from his hospital bed, Ethan can see that she is struggling really badly. Using their special ‘Soul mate bond’, he pulls her into his arms and comforts her as she breaks down.

Ethan needs to have a particular test but he is in denial about the incident. After a lot of prompting, he agrees to the test as long as Alyssie holds him. The test is to see how badly his magical energy levels has been affected. The test has him yelling and screaming, causing him to be feel hostile towards Alyssie.

He snaps at Alyssie and says some very hurtful things behind her back to the psychologist Phillip after finding out he will need magical injections for every day for a month. He is unaware that Alyssie has overheard every word until he realizes she is not talking to him.

Worst, he can’t send her any mind thoughts. He has his biggest break down, running to her and begging her to forgive him. That he was angry at himself and needed someone to talk to, that he didn’t mean his words. He says he can’t cope if he can’t send her thought messages.

Alyssie doesn’t answer at first but during a quite big emergency, she sends him a comforting thought message to let him know that the special gift, they shared still exists.


Name: Ethan Connor Winter

Age: 39 years old

Nationality: Korean Australian

Hometown: Changwon

Current Residence: Moon Ocean City, South East Queensland, Australia. Near Brisbane.

Occupation: Emergency Department Physician

Birth Order: Oldest

Siblings: Elliot, his twin. Very Close. Elliot is dating Alyssie’s sister.

                 Macie, his youngest sister. Don’t talk to.

Spouse: Alyssie. He loves her with all his heart.

Race: Mind Reader, Avian Human.

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Habits: Doesn’t sleep. He gets a bit restless at night and prone to pacing. Alyssie holds him so he at least lies down.

Nicknames: Alyssie calls him Eth

Languages: English, Korean and Hebrew

Name: Alyssie Hope Zaman

Age: 34 years old (looks like 25)

Nationality: Israel Australian

Hometown: Haifa

Current Residence: Moon Ocean City, South East Queensland, Australia.

Occupation: Medical Student

Birth Order: Oldest

Siblings: Josephine (32 years), Saskia and Faith

Children: Hannah

Spouse: Ethan

Race: Mind Reader, Feline Human. (Has cat ears and tail)

Eye colour: Light Blue

Hair Colour: Hazel.

More Details

Thought Messages: On a rare occasion, those with mind reading abilities can send Thought Messages to each other. If someone’s Magical Energy Level is too low, there can be a chance that the user can lose the ability to send Thought Messages.

This happens to Ethan temporarily after a hostage situation and he fears that he has lost his special bond with Alyssie. Alyssie reassures him that this is not the case by sending him, a thought message.

Magical Energy Levels: Those who have magics have what is known as MELs instead of Iron.

High: 900-1000

Normal: 600-800

Low: Below 600

Borderline: Below  500

Ethan has gotten to borderline which cost his ability to send thought  messages.

Alyssie can have high levels causing her to lose control of her powers which results in her blowing up things with her mind after her MELS injection.

MELS injections are used in those with low MELS or Chronic low MELS.

Blood Colour: Instead of red blood like humans; Magiks have light purple blood. Hybrids have Bright pink blood. Mind Readers have Silver blood.

Mind Readers are commonly known as MiRes. Mind Readers Controllers are known as MiReMiCos.

Sections of Hospital

– Emergency Department

– Biotoxinly, Toxinology and STRL

– Magical ICU

– SpaceShip Area, hugely advanced ships taken from Area, 52000A.

– Offices (Psychologist Phillips, Alyssie’s and Ethan’s are main)

– Ambulances and Dragon Ambulances

– Critical Care Unit

– Infection Control

– Discharge Lounge

– Magical Issues OutPatient

– Maternity

– Burn Center

– Mental Health Centre

– Pediatrics

– Psychiatric Building









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