Favourite things

Favorite Book: Maximum Ride by James Patterson

I think it would be totally awesome to have wings and be able to fly and I love how action packed it is. My favourite characters are Iggy and Angel. I would love to have special powers like Angel and be able to control people with my mind.

Favorite Movie: Moana

The sound track is totally amazing!

Favorite Television Series: Can’t decide between ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Chicago Med’.

These shows are the best! Criminal Minds is always coming up with great storylines, my favourite characters are Reid and Rossi. Chicago Med is exciting and got some sexy guys in it but the most sexy guy is Ethan.

Favorite Song: “Sing” by Pentatonix

Super Super catchy and happy. Great to sing along to even when you sound like a howling cat.

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Moon

I love all the new pokemon and the images are very good.

Favorite YouTube Series: Cole and Marmalade 

I love cats and especially black cats!


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