Moon Ocean Hospital was buzzing with patients. Alyssie walked into the Emergency Department, she glanced around as she walked up to the front desk. It was quite quiet for a Saturday morning but she knew better then to say it out loud.

“Where’s Ethan?” She asked the senior resident Mark. Mark handed over her hospital iPhone which she placed into her pocket.

“I don’t know what you did, but when he came in here.” Mark answered, “He headed straight for Phillip and said that you were frustrating him so much, he was about to leave you and wanted to chat to Phillip in his office.”

Alyssie frowned as she didn’t realize this at all.

“I thought he left early because he was called in. I….I don’t know what I did.” She stammered slightly but went all professional, turning as she heard ambulances come rushing into the ambulance bay.

“40 year old male. Was in a car accident.” The paramedic told her as she took the patient and Ethan joined her as they wheeled the patient in.

“Lets take him to Exam 2.” Alyssie decided and she shut down all her thought powers so Ethan couldn’t read her thoughts.

Just as they got into the room, the guy jumped up from the bed and Alyssie tried not to groan as she realize that it was her ex. Before she could react, he had slammed her into the nearby wall, her shoulder cracked slightly at impact.

“Hello Julian.” She breathed in and out, keeping calm. “You need to lay down so we can examine your injuries.”

Julian pushed even harder and she met his eyes, she was not gonna act scared in front of him.

Ethan rushed over and grabbed him off her, pushing him onto the bed and restraining him. He looked at Alyssie and tried to send her a thought message.

The thought message bounced back. Ethan called Mark and Sophia to come in and take over as Julian began to shout at Alyssie.

“I want to check your shoulder.” Ethan said as Alyssie left the room, she could feel blood drip down her shirt sleeve.

“It is fine Dr. Winter.” Alyssie replied as she thought about what Mark had told her.

She noticed that Phillip was standing by Exam 4 watching her. He called for her and she gave a nod.

“Hello Phillip.” She said before she headed into Exam 5 which was empty. She knew that Ethan was following her so she sat on the bed.

“Lyss, let me check your shoulder. Please.” Ethan said before he sat next to her and slipped down her sleeve so he could see the injury.

“Had a chat to Phillip, did you?” She didn’t meet his eyes. “Here, have your key back.”

She slipped off the golden key that she wore around her neck. She dropped it into his pocket.

“Lyss…” Ethan frowned watching her feline ears drooped. He felt his gut began to swirl, he had been half into a flashback when he had came in.

“Mark told me.” She didn’t flinch as he touched her shoulder but she flicked her tail back and forth.

Ethan shook his head as she pulled away from him, he picked her up gently and placed her against him. He sighed before he said “Well, I was half into a flashback when I came in this morning.” he stroked her ears slowly. “Did Mark say if he was sure that it was you who I was talking about?” He asked.

“No.” Alyssie took another deep breathe as he moved her shoulder back slightly. “Eth…who were you talking about?”

“I was talking about Ivy…” He shuddered at the name. Ivy was his ex girlfriend who made him do things that he was not proud of.

“Where was the flashback? What time?” Alyssie asked.

“I think your shoulder might be broken.” Ethan swallowed back, the acid shooting into his throat. “Let’s go to x-ray.”

Alyssie took his hand as they walked to the x-ray area.

~The last year with her.~ He told Alyssie through thought message and relief flooded him as she squeezed his hand. She knew that the last year with her was the worst for Ethan.

~How can I help?~ She sent back, meeting his dark eyes.

~Let me take care of you.~ He thought back.

~Okay.” She watched as he laid her down the x-ray bed and stepped back watching the guys take the x-ray. Once she was out, he placed her golden key back around her neck.

“It is just muscle damage.” The x-ray guy said ten minutes later.

Later on, there was a huge emergency. Ethan rubbed at his temples and blinked back tears.

~What’s wrong?~ Alyssie sent him a thought message after taking care of the last patient.

~Nothing! Leave me alone~

~Ethan, where are you?~

~Lyss, just stop.~

Alyssie frowned and she paged Phillip to come down. She walked over to Ethan and tapped the back of his hand with hers.

~Lyss, I am trying not to break down in front of these patients. This reminds me of the Navy.~

~How can I help?~

~I need space! Leave me alone.~

Alyssie walked away into the nearest break room. She glanced up as a doctor from Galaxy Space Hospital approached her.

“Hello Alyssie, I am Torian Lancaster from Galaxy Space Hospital. Can I speak to you in Mark’s office?” He asked.

“Okay.” Alyssie said before following him into Mark’s office and she sat down. She gave a nod to her senior resident who was leaning against his chair.

“Alyssie, we at Galaxy Space Hospital would like to offer you a month trial. You will start tomorrow.” Torian said. “If all goes well, you might be offered a permanent residency.”

“Yes!” Alyssie accepted straight away.

Galaxy Space Hospital was the biggest hospital in the world and she had always wanted to work there.

Mark raised his eyebrows before he asked “Don’t you want to speak to Ethan first before accepting?”

“He wants space from the relationship so no, I don’t want to talk to him first.” Alyssie replied and she took off her Moon Ocean Hospital Badge. She placed it on Mark’s desk. “Mark, you know more then anyone that I have dreamt of working at Galaxy Space.”

She looked at the door of Ethan’s office.

“He will be fine without me. I’ll get my stuff.” She smiled at Torian.

“You will be leaving in an hour.” He said handing her a bag of stuff.

As she walked to her office, she passed Ethan and she looked at him.

~Love you.~ She sent but he shot her a glare, she pulled her key off her neck and placed it into his pocket. She couldn’t even read his mind, she wished she knew what she did but it wouldn’t matter, once she was at Galaxy Space.

She closed her office door and tears rolled down her face as she looked at a picture of her and Ethan. Taking a few deep breathes, she managed to stop crying. She packed her stuff and changed into her new scrubs.

Three months later

Alyssie was in her new office when Ethan dashed in and threw himself at her.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He sobbed and Alyssie held him close.

“Eth, shhh.” She noticed that he was wearing the Galaxy Space Scrubs.

“I shouldn’t have sai-” Ethan was cut off as Alyssie kissed him and Ethan deepened the kiss.

He pulled away and he said “I took a job here after my last navy mission which I got back from last week.”

Alyssie was about to answer when Code Jupitar rang throughout the hospital which meant there was a huge emergency coming in.

Ethan tapped the back of her hand and she tapped the back of his.

They rushed out, Ethan felt overwhelmed but he followed to a patient, as soon as he saw her, he froze and took a couple of steps back. He took a shakey breathe as they took the patient into Room 8.

“Hello Ethan.” Ivy said as she watched him as two other nurses took her blood pressure. Alyssie looked at the iPad in her hands and she glanced at Ethan.

~Want to see a different patient?~

“Aww, is little Ethy scared?” Ivy teased as she reached and grabbed Ethan’s arm, pulling him towards her.

~Lyss! Help!~ He struggled and Alyssie run to his side, she slapped Ivy’s hand off just as Torian and security rushed into the room.

“Did Ethan tell you about what I did? That he cried afterwards?” Ivy yelled as Alyssie and Ethan left the room.

Ethan felt pain shoot up his back and Ivy laughed as she began to use pain magic.

“Alyssie, get him to your dorm room.” Torian shouted as he realized what was going on.

Alyssie grabbed Ethan’s hand but he was thrown into a nearby wall hard. She turned and threw her hands out, creating a golden light between Ivy’s room and where Ethan was.

“Lyss no!” Ethan yelled knowing the golden shield used a heap of magical energy level, which Alyssie was already low in. He tried to stand up but pain made him fall back onto the floor. Alyssie grabbed his hand and teleported him to her dorm where the pain numbed a bit.

“I am fine Eth.” She was starting to shiver however which meant she used a little too much magical energy. Ethan got her magical energy level checker, he limped over to her bed and pulled her onto his lap, holding her close. He stroked her hair before taking her magical energy level.

A few months later, Ethan was selected for a Navy mission. After his mission, he was supposed to retire completely from the Navy.

Alyssie was going over information when the admins from the Navy walked up to her.

“We are here to inform you that your boyfriend Coxswain Ethan Connor Winter has gone Missing in action, in an undisclosed country.” The older guy told her.

“Is anyone looking for him?” Alyssie asked trying to sound calm.

“Yes Ma-am. There are fears that Saturn Rebels lead by Ivy Rose Tanga has abducted him.” The younger officer told her.

Ivy…Alyssie’s stomach turned and flipped.

Six months later

Alyssie rubbed her face tiredly, there was just too many patients.

~Take a deep breathe Lyss~ She turned around to see Ethan.

~So many patients Eth…The room is spinning~

Ethan pulled her into his arms and he took her into the breakroom. She spotted some bruises on his back and wondered what happened.

“Please don’t ask.” He sighed as he grabbed a Passion Fruit Star Juice from the fridge.

“I don’t think I can keep it down Eth.” Alyssie admitted sitting at a table.

Her stomach turned and fluttered, she noticed more bruises and she reached out stroking the ones on his chest.

“Eth, no matter what hap-” Alyssie was cut off by a frustrated look from Ethan.

“Please no more.” Ethan snapped.

Alyssie heard code blue, she rushed to her patient and managed to save her patient by a second. She saw that Ethan was talking to the psychologist Rafael.

She grabbed her laptop and went to her hiding spot on the roof top. No-one went up there, not even maintenance personnel came up on this piece of the roof top. She searched for information about what Ethan went through and came upon a Dragonleak website on what had happened.

After getting through about five pages, her laptop was closed. Ethan sat next to her and he whispered “I don’t want you to look at me like a victim.”

Alyssie stared at the stars and she whispered “I wish you could trust me.” she blinked back some tears, Ethan pulled her into his arms and he began to stroke her hair.

“I love you Lyss, I’m trying.” Ethan noticed that she was burning up. “Lyss, are you feeling okay?”

“The earth won’t stop moving.” Alyssie muttered. She swallowed as her stomach tried to escape through her body.

Ethan took her down to their dorm, he laid her down onto their bed. He grabbed her magical energy level tester and Alyssie snuggled against him as he took her levels.

It beeped a couple of times before showing up as 520. Ethan frowned as he said “I need to give you, your MEL injection.”

Alyssie frowned but knew she would only get worse without the injection.

Things were wonderful until Ethan was ordered to go on an extremely important mission. No was not an option.

It was two years before Ethan returned. He got discharged due to an extremely bad brain injury.

He walked into Galaxy Space Hospital, Alyssie was filling out paperwork on one of her patients.

~Hi Lyss~ She glanced up and looked in Ethan’s direction.

~Eth…~ She stepped forward towards him but froze as Rafael gave her a look.

Ethan saw the look that Rafael was giving her and he frowned as Alyssie went back to where she was, her hands slipping into her pockets. He walked up to her and glared at Rafael as she tensed.

~Lyss, come here~ he placed an arm around her and she met his eyes. She snuggled into his arms and then pulled away.

-I want to hug him- Her thoughts was distressed. Ethan followed her as she took to the roof top. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

Alyssie relaxed in his arms and she let out an almost quiet sob. Ethan frowned because she was like she was when they first met.

That night, Alyssie was cooking up dinner when Ethan yelled for her from the bathroom. She made sure that her food was not gonna be a fire hazard before she walked into the bathroom. She saw that Ethan was leaning against the bathroom wall and he was shaking.

He reached to her and she pulled him against her, wrapping a towel around him.

“So bad Lyss. It was so bad.” His voice shook as horrible images hit his brain. “It hurt Lyss when…” he went quiet.

She helped him to get dressed and he looked at her tiredly.

“I want…to sleep alone.” He muttered before crawling into bed. Around Midnight, he was woken up by a Thunderstorm. He realized that Alyssie was not in the dorm and he went to look for her.

To his concern, he found her curled against the roof top. Rain soaking her ears and tail.

“Lyss, you shouldn’t be up here. You’ll get sick.” He lifted her into his arms. She shivered in his arms as he carried her down to their dorm.

“She should be taking care of you.” Rafael approached them from his office. He touched Ethan’s stomach and Ethan stepped back. He said “Back off Rafael, you don’t know what I need.” He moved towards the dorm door.

Alyssie tried to struggle but couldn’t. She let out a weak mew of fear. Ethan created an attachment bond, making sure Rafael couldn’t separate them. He really did not like how Rafael was looking at them, it reminded him of the Saturn rebels.

“Better watch your back Coxswain Winter.” Rafael walked past but not before squeezing Ethan’s stomach. Ethan flinched in pain and he felt nausea swirl in his stomach. He took Alyssie into their dorm room, making sure the dead lock was locked. She glanced up at him and whispered “He is right. I shouldn’t let you take care of me.”

He dried her, changing her into dry pyjamas before checking her magical energy levels which came up in the normal range. But he got some Orange Blueberry Stardust Juice from the mini fridge. Alyssie sipped on it slowly as she sat on the bed, cuddled against Ethan.

She glanced at Ethan before she said “Salanghae.” She whispered which meant I love you in Korean.

“Nado Salanghae.” Ethan smiled and kissed her. Nado Salanghae meant I love you too.

The next day, Alyssie noticed that Ethan was in a bad mood. He had snapped, four times already so she was giving him some space.

Her stomach was giving her hell but she ignored it when Ethan shouted for her to help him out. She run to him but then the room began to sway.

“Are you okay?” Ethan asked roughly.

“Yeah.” She checked his patient’s reflexes before she stood up slowly.

Dizziness overtook her and Ethan gave her a look of annoyance as she dropped her stereoscope.

“Alyssie what is wrong-” He looked concern as she swayed. “Lyss, are you okay?”

He caught her before yelling for Torian and Madison who rushed in. An hour later, Alyssie woke up to find herself in a hospital bed, attached to a magical energy IV.

“Idiot.” She muttered to herself as she sat up slightly.

“Yes, you are an idiot. Ethan has enough to deal with, without having to stress over you!” Rafael began to yell at her. Ethan heard Rafael yelling and he rushed to Alyssie’s hospital room.

Alyssie tried to turn on her side, she was close to crying and a golden light surrounded her.

“Rafael, get the fuck out of here!” Ethan glared at Rafael who left straight away. If looks could kill, Rafael would have dropped dead right there and then.

Ethan tried to send Alyssie, a thought message and it bounced back. Fear hit him like a bullet.

“Go away,” Alyssie began to sob. “Just go.”

“I can’t do that.” Ethan sat next to her. “Amira, anabak.” He hardly used Arabic but it was Alyssie’s native language. It meant princess, I love you.

Alyssie didn’t answer at first before she whispered “Ahbuk ‘Aydaan.” she paused as she looked at him. “Yrja, Alaintizarli.” which meant I love you too, Please hold me.

He lifted her into his arms and she buried her face into his good shoulder as he began to stroke her hair.

“Please don’t pay attention to anything that Rafael says.” Ethan begged her and he glanced at her IV which was still half full.

“I shouldn’t be stressing you out.” Alyssie sobbed out as she looked up at him.

“But you are not the one, stressing me out!” Ethan reassured him.

Ethan went to rehab for a week when he recieved a message that Alyssie had left Galaxy Space Hospital for a job that no one knew where it was.

Turns out, Alyssie had taken a job at Martin Place in Sydney Australia. She got a hot chocolate from La Musique Cafe when a car smashed into the cafe.

Alyssie flew up and called triple 0 before trying to figure out how to help when the employees from the Lindt Cafe rushed over to help. They got the patients to the hospital ‘Ice Wings Hospital’ where Alyssie now worked. Ethan run to her side and helped a nine year old girl into a hospital bed.

“Can you tell us, your name?” Alyssie asked checking her vitals.

“Saskia Hope.” The girl looked really scared and she clutched onto a tattered teddy bear.

“Okay Saskia, were you with anyone?” Ethan questioned as he wrote down on the chart.

“My sister Faith, she is three year old. Do you know if she is okay?” Saskia asked close to tears.

“I will find her.” One of the other medical students Lucy went to find out. Ethan and Alyssie had just gotten Saskia, stablised and was planning to take her to x-ray when there was a huge and loud bang! Ba-Bang!

Alyssie spun around as there were more bangs and they were getting closer. She glanced at Ethan worried.

“Gun shots.” Ethan whispered and Alyssie grabbed his and Saskia’s hand about to teleport them when Ethan got hit in the chest as the gun man run in. Ethan fell against the wall as he got shot in the stomach and then the head. The gun man run back out.

Alyssie grabbed Ethan holding him and another medical student Piper grabbed tons of bandages pushing them against his wounds. Alyssie managed to create a barrier surrounding the room, in case there was more gun men in the building.

Ethan whimpered against her, she didn’t know how but he was still conciousness. Soon they could hear tons of sirens as SWAT team came. After what seemed like hours, Shannan- head of emergency and Kieran- Resident doctor, rushed in.

“We need to get Ethan up to the OR now!” Arabelle, the director of the hospital said. She gave Alyssie a small smile. “Your magic is saving Ethan by the way.”

Two hours past despite Alyssie could swear it was longer, Arabelle walked up to her. The director gave her a smile of reassurement.

“Ethan will be physically fine. He is asking for you-“

“How?” Alyssie looked confused.

“His head wounds was only a graze.” Arabelle explained.

Alyssie walked into Ethan’s room and he looked relieved to see that she was physically okay.

After the siege, Ice Wings Hospital and Space Galaxy Hospital created a new hospital called Galaxy Wings Hospital in the Brisbane CBD.

Rafael was fired. Torian and Shannan were the Heads of Emergency and Ethan was a Senior Doctor. Alyssie became a full time Emergency Medicine Medical Student.

Torian, Shannan and Ethan were in a meeting when a medical student from Biotoxinly came in.

“I thought you would be interested in knowing that there is a party happening in the Emergency Department.” She told them.

“A party?” Ethan went down to the emergency department before shutting down the party and then tended to some of his patients.

Alyssie was with a patient and kept glancing at the chart confused, she just couldn’t see anything wrong with him at all. The patient smirked before he jumped up, clearly 100% physically healthy and slammed her against the nearest wall.

“Where is Ethan?!” He hissed showing his sharp canines.

“I am not telling you.” She saw stars as pain went through her left shoulder and she struggled a bit. Her wing snapped in half.

Shannan rushed in as she managed to hit the emergency button and threw the patient down.

“Don’t tell Ethan.” She whispered tearfully as she stared at the tiled floor.

“What? Why not Aly?” Shannan was stunned by the request.

“He doesn’t need anymore stress.” She let out a sob and her head bowed even more. “He has just gotten back from the Navy, for his very last mission.”

Her ears flattened as she went to her office where she dried her face before she checked her shoulder which was bruised and wrapped up her wing. Alyssie just sat down when Ethan rushed into her office and she asked faking a smile, “How are you going?”

“Let me see your shoulder and wing.” Ethan requested as he moved her shirt from the injured area. He fixed up her wing and rewrapped it.

“Alyssie, Lyss. It upsets me that you would think that you can’t come to me.” He sat next to her and pulled her into his arms very gently.

“I didn’t want to stress you out babe.” She laid her head against his chest.

“I only get stress out when you bottle up your feelings.” Ethan rechecked her wing and shoulder. “Your shoulder isn’t broken, just bruised but your wing will take a while to heal.”

Alyssie glanced up and kissed him when she noticed his stomach tensing up. She lifted his shirt and began to massage his stomach. Ethan closed his eyes, taking a couple of deep breathes, reminding himself that Alyssie won’t harm him and he began to relax before he opened his eyes.

“I feel safe with you but I still tense up at anyone’s touch.” Ethan sighed as he stroked her hair. “A mine blew up near me, then…” he took a shuddering breathe, blinking back some tears.

“Eth, you don’t have to tell me everything.” Alyssie frowned as she hugged him, the best she could.

Ethan gave a nod but he continued the story; “Jupiter and Saturn Rebels attacked me, Lyss. You are reason that I survived.”

Alyssie hugged him even more, she knew that his two ex girlfriends Ivy and Kaitlin. Just then a Code B went throughout the hospital which meant a massive disaster had happened and mass causalities were coming into the emergency department, all staff were needed NOW!

They rushed to the emergency department and found out that a dragon attack had happened in Westfield Garden City shopping centre. Ethan and Alyssie tapped the back of their hands before they began to analyze which patients were coming in and which were the most serious.

Ethan noticed that some higher ups were watching including Ruby who were the head of the higher ups. Alyssie headed towards a young teen who was around the age of 13. She and Ethan approached her cautiously, as not scare her any more then she was.

“Hello, I am Alyssie and this is Ethan. Can you tell us your name?” Alyssie asked kneeling down to her level.

“I am Hannah. It…It was a huge Dragon. It blew Ice Fire.” Her eyes were widened like sauce pans.

Any dragons that used Ice Fire were the second most dangerous and the most dangerous dragons were those who blew pure red fire.

Ethan shivered at the words Ice Fire as he had been at the mercy of a dragon that blew ice fire and it gave him extremely bad memories that he wished he could forget. He moved closer to Alyssie as a flashback nagged at the back of his mind. She took Hannah into Exam #5 and treated her burn and bite wounds, Hannah fall asleep exhausted and finally feeling safe.

Ethan took hold of Alyssie’s belt hoop as she gave Hannah some pain relief and hooked up her IV drip. Alyssie wrote down in Hannah’s chart for the other doctors to read, she noticed just how pale Ethan was turning and she took him back to her office. She held him as his stomach decided launch his breakfast burritos and he kneeled over Alyssie’s bin losing them, his whole body shook.

Tears fell down his face as he cried “They set one of those Ice Fire dragons on me! Lyss…it hurted so badly, Lyss. The fire burnt the inside of my bowels.” he climbed onto her overnight bed and collapsed into her blankets. “I just want to sleep.”

Alyssie tucked him in and placed the bucket next to him. He slept for four hours, quite restlessly and threw up three times between sleeps. When he fully woke, he noticed that Alyssie was unsuccessfully attempting to stretch her injured wing, all the way.

“Lyss, come here.” He held out his arms and Alyssie’s lip quivered as she could barely unfold her wing. She wrapped her arms around Ethan who held her close and he folded her wing back into the bandage.

The next morning, Ethan was in an extremely bad mood and he had already snapped at a couple of the medical students for lazing around instead of checking on their patients. He stormed to the medical cupboard where Alyssie was sorting out a box of newly delivered medications.

~I can’t deal!~ He practically yelled at her through thought messages and she looked up startled, she turned to look at him.

~Flashback?~ She placed the box of medications down and her eyes widened as she saw something extremely bad behind him.

~What’s wrong?~ Ethan turned around to see a huge, about forty feet pure red dragon standing in front of the medical cupboard.

He let out an antagonising scream as fire went through his butt, past his bladder and into his stomach. Alyssie began to flip her wings and she managed to create a huge tornado, around the size of Katrina and blew the dragon out of a window into the nearby Brisbane River.

Ethan fell onto his knees and began to bawl his eyes out as Shannan run in with Torian behind him after hearing the huge SPLASH.

“Keep, Alyssie away from me. Ban her from my hospital room!” He yelled without realizing what he doing, he reached out and ripped her golden key from her neck out of pure pain and anger, he broke the thought message gift that the two shared. Alyssie walked away and saw her own Navy Captain.

“Hello sir.” She said weakly and pushed the pain of her broken heart into the back of her mind. “What is the mission?”

She glanced at Shannan and Torian rushing Ethan up to the operation room. She felt like she had finally lost him and she didn’t care how dangerous the mission might be, she didn’t care if she got injured or worse.

“You are going to Mars. I am sorry Alyssie but you are the one with the most specialized knowledge.” Her Navy captain said.

Alyssie rubbed at her injured wing and she sighed before she guessed “Untamed Dragons of Mars are back?”

“Yes.” Her Navy captain told her. “You leave in two hours.”

“Okay.” Alyssie went to her office, grabbed her keys off the key holder and she took Ethan’s house key off her key ring, before she sneaked into his hospital room.

She placed his house key next to the golden key, and she watched him sleeping, her eyes went to the purple pain relief that was helping him to sleep. Maybe it was her fault that he was injured like this. If she seen the dragon sooner, he would be okay. She looked back at him and she sighed.

“I love you so much Ethan. Please…Please find someone who you can love and trust. I am so sorry about what happened. Bye Ethan.” She walked away and as she walked to the exit of the emergency department, Shannan run to her side and pulled her to his office.

“You can’t go!” He had information about her last mission at Mars on his computer screen. “You was almost killed last time, you went to Mars.”

“But…” She started.

“Ethan will realize that it was not your fault.” Shannan almost pleaded with her.

“He broke the gift that we shared.” Her shoulders slumped as the she leaned against the chair.

Shannan’s door was slammed open and Torian rushed to Alyssie’s side. He was extremely worried and Alyssie looked confused because Torian wasn’t not one to be worried about stuff.

She realized that there was extremely loud alarms going off which meant a patient was having a psychotic break.

“Ethan is freaking out badly, thus the alarms.” Torian explained. Before Alyssie could reply, she was teleported to Ethan’s room, thanks to a Soul Mate Attachment Bond that he created in his panic.

“Don’t go!” He had ripped his IV drip out and he threw himself at Alyssie, holding onto her tightly. “Don’t…Alyssie, Lyss. Please. Don’t go! Don’t go!” He was shaking harder then a leaf in a storm. Alyssie knew she had to get him calmed down NOW!

“Eth, it is okay. I am not going okay, shh. It is okay.” She sat him back onto the bed and redid his IV drip.

Ethan buried his face into her shoulder breathing in scents of Strawberry and Chocolate. He swallowed as his freak out made his stomach cramp. He was back at home in a week under the agreement that he would take it easy.

“Lyss, I want you to move in.” Ethan said which she agreed to and moved in straight away. She didn’t have much stuff to move into his house so it was quick.

That night, Alyssie had a bad headache and her throat was aching. She laid on their bed when Ethan came out of the attached ensuite, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hey, Lyss.” He sat next to her and frowned at how pale her face was and he noticed that she was sweating. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Not really.” It came out as a whimper and Ethan felt her head to find, indeed that she was burning up.

“What hurts?” He asked. “Thanks for being honest, ‘Amira.”

“My head and my throat.” She blinked back some pain, she laid her head against his lap and looked up at him.

Ethan froze and after a few seconds, he shifted Alyssie so she was lying against his chest. Alyssie moved back onto her side of the bed and Ethan got a lump in his throat realizing she wasn’t even gonna hurt him.

However Ethan didn’t realize how much an affect that one reaction had caused until one day, Alyssie’s father into the hospital.

“ALYSSIE HOPE ZAMAN!” He hissed storming towards Alyssie who was doing paperwork, near the front desk. She spun as she heard her name. Shannan saw the fear in her eyes and he grabbed a phone, about to page Ethan.

“Don’t page Ethan. What I need from him, isn’t something that he can give me emotionally.” Alyssie told Shannan and turned to face her father, struggling to make eye contact and fear clawed at the bottom of her stomach.

She wasn’t aware of Ethan who had came into the Emergency Department to check on his most serious patient.

“What do you need Aly?” Shannan asked as he stepped in front of her, blocking her father’s path.

“I need…” Her shoulders slumped as her dad pushed past Shannan, knocking him into the front desk but before he could get to Alyssie, Ethan had grabbed her as he came out of his patient’s room and noticed what was happening. He held Alyssie, close and he created a soul mate attachment bond.

“Josh, leave now.” He ordered her father whom he had met only once but he knew the details of how bad Josh was. Alyssie tried to move from Ethan’s arms and Ethan whispered “I’m fine with holding you Lyss.”

“Alyssie, did you get your boyfriend hurt?” Josh asked with a laugh. “It was your fault, wasn’t it?”

“Yes.” She answered as the room began to spin.

“It wasn’t Alyssie’s fault!” Ethan told Josh who reached out and grabbed his butt sending Ethan into his worse flashback yet.

His legs buckled and he held Alyssie really close, he shook as the security grabbed Josh.

~Not your fault~ He somehow managed to send a thought message.

~How can I help?~ She rubbed at his back.

Ethan shut his eyes as his stomach started to cramp badly. He crossed his legs and leaned forward.

~My stomach and my bowel…oh Stars, it hurts Lyss~ He breathed through his mouth.

Alyssie teleported them to their office bathroom and helped Ethan to the toilet, just in time. He gripped the rail as he came out of the flashback.

He looked at Alyssie who was sitting on the edge of the spa bath, her ears flat against her head.

“It wasn’t your fault.” He said looking at her flattened ears and drooping tail.

Despite this, he started to put off things that were important to Alyssie for his counselling sessions. And this caused for Alyssie, to slowly stop asking him to help her or come to things that she cared about. It was a late Friday night, Alyssie didn’t even ask where Ethan was heading, it was either another counselling session (which she knew was important) or the pub with the other co workers.

Alyssie looked up at the night sky and she flew up slowly, taking her first flight since her wing was broken. She was happy to be in the sky again, to be flying again and she floated slightly through the currents. Flying past where Ethan had his therapy, she saw that he was indeed in another counselling session.

She floated near an opened window and heard him venting about her, she hovered in the sky, listening. She hoped to hear what she had done wrong and if she could fix it.

There was a very close, very loud WHUP WHUP WHUP as the session ended and Ethan left the room. Pain shot through her wing as she turned to see what the noise was, pain flooded her right wing as it clipped a helicopter blade.

“Shit!” She was losing altitude now just as Ethan walked out of the Therapy Building.

He watched red feathers floated in front of him and glanced up to see where the feathers were coming from. His eyes widened as he saw Alyssie fighting to keep altitude. Then she lost all altitude, fast and she fell out of the sky. Ethan was mad as he realized she might have been ears dropping but he pushed back his anger and caught her.

She was unconscious, he took her to the hospital and pushed her into Shannan’s arms before storming off to their office. It wasn’t until he had slept for a few hours, did he realized how stupid he was acting.


He went out to find which patient was coding then dashed to the magical ICU. Fear shot through him as soon as he found out it was coming from Alyssie’s room.

Shannan blocked him from entering and Ethan tried to push back him. He was starting to panic as he looked into the room.

“I need to save her!” He yelled but came down as Torian got Alyssie stabilised.

Ethan refused to leave her side and Shannan had to force him to sleep and eat but he wouldn’t leave her room to do so. It was a late Saturday night when Alyssie regain her conciousness, she reached for Ethan’s hand and wrapped hers around it. He sat up feeling her hand and he burst into tears of relief.

“I’m so sorry!” He apologized as he gently lifted her into his arms. “I’m so sorry~”

~What are you sorry for?~ She asked through thought message as he stroked her hair.

~I pushed you away! And you nearly died.~ He held her close as Shannan started to remove the tube so she could breathe on her own.

~Wasn’t your fault.~ her throat hurt too much so using thought messaging was the only option that she had. ~I shouldn’t have gone to find you or listened to your therapy session. I was invading your privacy. I am so sorry Eth~

Ethan kissed her gently and he continued to stroke her hair. Alyssie noticed that his eyes had dark rings under them and he whispered “I shouldn’t have pushed you away.”

~We need sleep~ She said with a small smile.

He laid next to her and she laid her head against his chest, she waited until Ethan had fallen asleep before she closed her eyes falling asleep against him, listening to his heartbeat. She was allowed to go back to work in a month but was told she couldn’t do anything too physical.

Alyssie was at home alone, watching the My Magical Kitchen Rules while Ethan was at a therapy session. She cuddled the direwolf puppy that he had bought her, to keep her company. She heard her mobile ringing and she grabbed it, she looked at the caller ID and was surprised to see that it was Ethan. He had only been at the session for twenty minutes, most were forty and Dr. Connor didnt allow mobile phones during a session.

“Hey, Eth.” She answered as she laid on the couch and slowly stretched her good wing out.

“Connor…my ps-psychologist. He assaulted me Lyss. He assaulted me with his pain magic.” Ethan was bawling his eyes out and Alyssie sat up in alarm.

“Where are you, Eth?” She asked, she had never heard him in such distress before. She knew something wasn’t right about Connor, he had always given her the creeps.

“The alley way near the therapy centre.” Ethan was leaning against a dirty moldy wall. “Please…Pl…Please, come and get me!!”

Alyssie teleported to his side and Ethan leaned into her arms as she knelt down next to him and held him close.

“Please take me home.” He begged tiredly. “I am not up to going to the hospital.”

“The sooner, you go to the hospital; the sooner you can shower and get into clean clothes.” Alyssie used her professional voice. “You need a magical test kit done.”

Ethan let out a laugh and Alyssie looked confused to why he was laughing.

“What?” Alyssie asked as she tilted her head.

“You are going to be a great doctor.” Ethan explained and she touched his cut lip. “Okay, I’ll go to the hospital.”

Alyssie teleported him to an empty exam room and got Madison to do the tests needed, holding Ethan as he cried through them. She helped him shower and got him into some empty scrubs while Madison put his dirty clothes into an evidence bag and called for the Brisbane Magical Crime Squad.

The next day, Alyssie was growing frustrated with the amount of patients.

“What part of not to drive in flooded waters don’t people understand.” She said under her breathe.

Ethan took her aside and he asked “Is something else annoying you?”

“My wing hurts.” Alyssie admitted and she looked down. “What if I can never fly again? I…”

He took her to their office and saw that her wing bandage needed to be changed. As he took off the bandage, he read certain thoughts coming from Alyssie.

“You want a spa bath with-with me?” He asked as he began to blush. She turned around with a smirk and she kissed him as she rubbed at his chest.

“Yes.” She said. “We don’t have to do anything if you are not ready.”

Ethan blushed wildly but nodded as he said “I am not ready but a spa bath sounds nice.”

They walked into the bathroom, Alyssie froze as she saw her wing in the mirror. There was barely any feathers left.

“Will my feathers come back?” She asked looking at Ethan.

“Maybe, Lyss. But might never fly again.” Ethan said. “I know it will be hard but I am here for you.”

Alyssie saw how reluctant that he was to undress and she gave him a hug.

“Want to put on swimmers or wait outside?” She offered some choices.

“Neither Lyss.” He said undressing. Alyssie flinched as she felt the water touch her injured wing.

“It hurts!” She cried as Ethan cleaned her wounds.

Ethan took her back to the office as the pain of her wing got too much. He got dressed and helped her into comfortable clothes before taking her back home. He gave her a pain relief injection when things went black! Ethan was missing for four and half years. Alyssie became a resident doctor for Emergency Medicine at Galaxy Wings Hospital.


Galaxy Wings Hospital had added cabins for staff members to live in which had the highest security since Ethan had been abducted. They had gotten all the best crime squad members to find Ethan and Alyssie was barely sleeping or eating since he had gone missing.

“They found Ethan!” Shannan called to Alyssie. “He is being teleported to this hospital.”

“When will he be here?” Alyssie asked, picking up an iPad and checking the details.

“Five minutes, you are not happy that he was found?” Shannan asked confused by her lack of reaction.

“He might not even remember me.” Alyssie studied a nearby lunch trolley which offered Sundance Squid, Ring-a-ding-ding Cuttlefish and Mixed Berry Salad.

~I do remember you Lyss. Can you get me a Mixed Berry Salad?” Ethan thought to her from his wheelchair.

Alyssie grabbed two of the Mixed Berry Salad and Shannan was becoming more concerned by how calm that she was acting. That night, Ethan took Alyssie into his arms as she sat on his bed.

“Stop bottling up your feelings.” He whispered stroking her arm.

“I don’t know how I feel.” Alyssie sighed as she laid down next to him. “I am so tired.” as Ethan laid next to her and he checked her wing…hang on a minute, Wing?!

“Your wing got amputated?! Lyss…” Ethan stroked her Red feathers. She laid her head against his good shoulder and kept blinking back tears.

“An infection developed…” She was fighting back sleep.

“Lyss, go to sleep. I am not going anywhere.” Ethan promised her as he laid her against his chest.

The next morning, Alyssie was sitting on Ethan’s bed reading a medical journal when he called for her from the shower. She walked in and he smiled as he asked “Join me?”

Alyssie smiled back as she got undressed and stepped under the warm water with him. He kissed her as he began to wash her wing when he realized that her other wing was growing back.

“Feel this?” He asked as he touched the lump that was going to be a new wing.

“Yes.” She glanced at him curiously.

“It will be a new wing in a few months.” He said and she turned around facing him. She kissed him gently and Ethan pulled her against him, her legs straddling him. It took him a month to get out of hospital.

“Lyss!” Ethan screamed caught Alyssie’s attention. “Lyss! Lyss!” it was coming from the emergency department. She run from their office and down to the emergency department where she found Ethan in a huge meltdown. She walked over to him and knelt down to him, he glanced up as she pulled him into his arms.

Ethan was bawling his eyes out which was making him breathe really hard and tears roll down onto her shoulder as he held onto her.

“Talk to me Ethan.” She began to rub his back concerned that he would make himself sick as she felt him shaking really hard. Ethan began to swallow hard and she grabbed a nearby sick bag. She knew that she had to get him somewhere more quiet so she teleported him to their office and he began to shake even harder as he threw up for ten minutes. He looked quit distressed at Alyssie, his eyes red.

~Talk to me please~ She felt him slump against her as he began to get exhausted from the meltdown. ~I’m teleporting you to home so you can lay down~

She teleported them to their bedroom where she helped him into his most comfortable boxers.

~Too many images…Too many…so many…images~ His thought message was quite skittish and mixed up.

~How can I help you?~ She got a bucket from the bathroom and sat it next to his side of the bed.

~Hold me please~ He blinked at her.

Alyssie pulled Ethan against her side and he fell asleep against her. She began to rub at his back before she laid down with him against her.

Two days later; The medical students were getting snapped and growled at by Ethan. Nothing they did was good enough in his eyes. Ethan stormed towards Rachel and Alyssie who were stocking the medication.

“Stop.” Alyssie ordered in her best professional voice. She pushed him against the wall in the medication supply room and looked him in the eyes. “I understand that you are struggling with Connor being here but you need to quit taking it out on us. We didn’t ask for Connor to be here, so ENOUGH!”

Ethan let out a frustrated sigh as he moved closer to her and he pulled her against him. He knew that Connor was nearby them and it was just getting way too much. As he kissed Alyssie, four thousand dragons flew into the hospital with Connor’s friends riding them with guns blazing. Alyssie and Ethan managed to sneak through a hidden tunnel in the medication supply room to their office. However that didn’t stop pure fire energy going through Ethan’s body and Alyssie couldn’t help but shake in fear. She threw her hands out towards their office door, creating a quite strong protective barrier.

Ethan touched her new wing and began to stroke her new wing feathers before he kissed her as he began to stretched the wing out. A new growing wing had to be stretched ever day which could be quite painful as it stretched some of the nerves.

Alyssie tried her best not to pull away from him and she whispered “Ethan, just how bad is Connor?”

He took notice of how the feathers were a lighter red, nearly pink. All new wing growth were a lighter colour for most of the growth before darkening as the wing becomes fully grown. He folded the wing back very slowly before stretching it again and then folded it fully.

He whispered back to her as he looked at her, “He helped my ex Ivy to abduct me for those four and half years and he helped her to take custody of my children.”

“Hannah and India?” Alyssie asked as she hugged him.

“Yes, as well as, Ella and Gabrielle.” Ethan sighed leaning into her hug. “Then…then she assaulted me with certain objects and made me do things that I didn’t want to do.”

Alyssie rubbed his back as he cried when she heard the Swat team getting rid of the dragons and Ethan fell asleep against her.

“Everyone, I would like to welcome Hope Winter. She will be our new Trauma fellow at the emergency department.” The director of Galaxy Wings said happily and Hope grinned, standing up tall.

Ethan froze as he stared at Hope, he walked up slowly, wondering if he was hallucinating. He was sure that Hope was Dead! Well he thought that she was dead. She had gone missing during a mission in the Army but here she was…in front of him.

“That is his wife L. She disappeared in the Jupiter War.” The main psychologist Will explained to Alyssie who was leaning against the front desk.

Alyssie flipped her wings, slow and full length. Flip Flip. She watched as Ethan grinned before hugging Hope as he realized that she indeed was alive. Alyssie had been called for Navy mission, an extremely dangerous one in the planet Stalaxy and now that she has seen how happy Ethan was to have Hope back in her life, there was nothing stopping her from going on the mission.

She watched as her golden key fell off her neck and onto the ground, it dissolved into golden dust.

“Will, please. Keep any eye on Ethan for me.” Alyssie turned and looked at psychologist, pleading.

“He loves you still, L. But yes I will keep an eye on him for you.” Will told her. “L, be safe at Stalaxy.”

Alyssie stared at the hovering Navy Boat, it was four days since Hope had came back and Alyssie had started to sleep on the Navy Base; Ethan had not called her once to see what was happening.

She walked up to the ship and entered it.

“Hello Seaman Yaman.” Her captain said. “You’ll be partnered with Coxswain Ethan Winter.”

~You are not going to Stalaxy alone, Lyss. I nearly lost you once. I won’t allow you to go on a dangerous mission alone. I love you and you only~ Ethan stood next to her and a soul mate attachment bond attached them together.

~Love you too~

That night they were eating dinner in their Navy room. Alyssie had chosen the Macadamia Ocean Trout Salad while Ethan had the Meat and Three Veg Salad.

“What about Hope?” Alyssie asked as she looked at him.

“My love for her is in the past.” Ethan sighed before stealing one of her peppercorn.

She moved closer to him and Ethan squirmed as she began to rub at his leg.

“No!” He shouted as he went into a panic mode but realized something…this was not a flashback. “No!”

Alyssie felt pain in her wings and she turned pale, as she looked around. Ethan lost control of his bladder and bowel as a masked man walked in.

~I’m sorry~ She grabbed his hand when they were teleported to Will’s office.

“How?” Alyssie looked confused.

“Don’t ask. I just knew that I had to get you back home.” Will said. “Sis, it’s my job to protect you and Ethan.”

“Thanks bro.” Alyssie said and Ethan checked over her wings.

“There are fine on the surface.” He said shakingly. “You..oh god my stomach.”

Will and Alyssie helped Ethan to an Exam Room. His stomach was bloated because of magical pain fluid and he was started to sweat heaps.

Hope walked in and Ethan shouted “Get out!”

“What?” Hope asked as she walked closer.

“Get out! I want Hope out! Lyss please make her leave!” Ethan pleaded


Zoielle yawned as she walked into Galaxy Space Crime Headquarters. Her work partner Tyson passed her a coffee as she walked into the meeting room and she sat next to him.

“Thanks Tys.” She yawned. “What do we have?”

It was 0500 and she wanted some more sleep and it was hard not to grumble about being woken up so early. Why couldn’t criminals wait till the afternoon to commit their crimes.

“Four kids in the Ocean Grove City region has gone missing within three days.” Her unit Chief Duncan explained passing out case files.

The Galaxy Space Team consisted of: Duncan who was the unit chief, Sophia who was second in command, Phillip who was a Senior Supervisory Agent, Kirstin who was Senior Supervisory Agent, Tyson who was a Supervisory Agent, Zoielle who was a Supervisory Agent, Quentin who was a Communications Liaison, Pearl who was a Communications Liaison, Brett who was a Tech Analyst and Matilda who was a Tech Analyst.

“All girls who are under age of six months, disappeared from their bedrooms.” Matilda explained. “Their families didn’t hear anything, not one cry.”

Duncan gave Zoielle, a key to one of the crime squad’s Ferraris. Tyson had yet to get a driver’s license. He grabbed two go bags before he followed Zoielle to the Blue Swaters Ferrari FTC4Lusso.

“Six days drive, more with hotel breaks and food breaks. All that.” Tyson said as he got into the passenger seat and did up his seat belt. He stretched and pulled out his iPod.

Zoielle slipped into the driver’s seat and smiled as she started the car, Tyson hooked his iPod up to the car stereo. Lady Antebellum started to play as they started the trip to Ocean Grove City. Tyson tapped his foot along to the music while Zoielle hummed to the music.

They had been driving for two hours when Duncan called them. Tyson hit the music off and turned the phone onto speaker through the car’s bluetooth.

“Yes Dunc?” He asked sitting up in his seat and Zoielle pulled over so they could listen without being a risk to other drivers.

“Pearl and Matilda has sent you the address of the first hotel. The rest of the team will be meet you there.” Duncan told them.

“Okay.” Zoielle said as the address entered into their GPS and she saw it was a quite rich popular hotel, no problem for the massive crime squad. Unknown to the squad, however, things were about to get very interesting especially for Pearl and Matilda. It was an hour before Tyson and Zoielle got there.

As Tyson and Zoielle walked to meet the others; there was a loud bang and smoke filled the.


Galaxy Space Hospital was quite busy like normal. Galaxy Space Emergency Department was quiet however despite most of the rooms being full.

Medical Student Zoielle was reading up on Influenza and she glanced up as one of the Resident Doctor Tyson walked into the breakroom.

“Have you eaten anything?” Tyson questioned. “You should eat something while it is still quiet.”

Zoielle raised an eyebrow at Tyson before she said “3….2….1.” and as soon she said 1, every pager and alarm began to blare throughout the Emergency Department.

“Oh…crap, why did I say that word.” Tyson muttered to himself as he and Zoielle rushed out to the main area of the Emergency Department.

“Hover train has derailed!” The senior nurse Sophia yelled. “Multiple Casualties are coming in!”

Zoielle grabbed a Magikpad. Galaxy Space Hospital was the biggest hospital in the universe of Spalaxy and Stalaxy.

“Good going Tys.” Zoielle muttered shooting him a look. Tyson shoot her a look as patients began to be rushed in and Zoielle and one of the nurses.


Zoielle heard her mobile phone ringing and she groaned as she opened her eyes. She looked at her alarm clock that flashed 3.30 am.

She grabbed her mobile and saw it was her crime squad leader Duncan. Why couldn’t criminals commit crimes at a more later time?

“Hi sir.” She yawned as she sat up in her blankets. Zoielle was a Supervisory Agent for Galaxy Crime squad which was Stalaxy’s greatest crime squad fighting group.

“We have a case in Moon Grove City. Tyson will pick you up in an hour.” Duncan explained.

“Okay.” Zoielle hanged up and got out of her warm and comfortable bed. She got her travel bag and got dressed in her Galaxy Space Uniform.

The uniform was a purple shirt, blue pants and black shoes. The main weapons used by the crime squad were Magic, Swords, Scythes and Bows and Arrows.

Zoielle had her own Weapon Belt which contained, many weapons which included: A clippoint blaze, Benchmade 940 knife, Heckler and Koch VP9, Kizer Geminis and Victorinox Hiker Swiss Army Knife.

Tyson picked her up, exactly an hour later and Zoielle couldn’t help checking him out and thinking just how handsome that he looked. He had dark brown hair, light green eyes and wow his smile, he had a smile shinier then pearls.

“Morning Zoe.” He said as she got into his Silver Lamborigini Aventador Roadster and they started to drive for Moon Grove City that was a week drive from where they lived, Ice Wings City.

Zoielle snoozed for a bit when Tyson decided to stop at the popular food place, ‘La Musique Cafe’ for Breakfast.

Tyson got a California Sushi Bowl with Shrimp, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Avocado Sauce, Thai Peanut Chicken Noodles and Tomato Ricotta Bruschetta.

Zoielle got Garlic Chicken Wings, Pesto Chicken Wings, Orange Chili Salmon, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chocolate Salted Pretzel Cookies.

Zoielle looked through the case files as she chowed down her meal. She said “Six children has been missing for four days. They have disappeared from Mountain Gem Hospital but the nurses claimed that the children have been discharged.”

“What has the parents said?” Tyson asked as he took a look at different photos of the children.

“They had gone to get some lunch from the nearby shopping centre and when they came back, their children had gone missing.” Zoielle said.

“Lets go to the first hotel.” Tyson decided and Zoielle gave a nod of agreement.

Tyson parked the car, they got the key from Duncan and as Zoielle opened the hotel room door, she walked in to find that there was a double bed.

“Wha-” She noticed that Tyson was going extremely red in the face as he saw the bed. “Okay, it seems like we sharing the bed.” and laughed as Tyson turned more red.

Tyson gave a small nod as he put down his go bag and he informed her “I have nightmares.” as he checked out the mini fridge. He grabbed a Chocolate Orange Juice for himself, and handed Zoielle, a Strawberry Lemon Stardust.

“Nightmares about the Space Army?” Zoielle asked as she took a sip of her drink and Tyson sighed and gave another nod. His shoulders slumped as he thought “More then she knows.”

Zoielle sat next to him, slipping her arm around him. Tyson began to stroke her Wolf Ears and she leaned against him. Tyson smirked as he moved his hand against the tips of her ears and Zoielle let out a quiet howl. He went through the case files while Zoielle began to go through victim photos when there was a loud bang that echoed throughout the hotel.

Tyson and Zoielle rushed out to see Duncan looking shocked at a six year old, a five year old and a four year old.

“What happened? Why are you staring at me like that?” The six year old asked.

“Pearl?!” Zoielle gasped. “You are a six year old!”

She looked at the other two in curiousity.

“Who are these two cuties?” She asked nodding towards them.

“Kirstin and Matilda.” Duncan explained.

“Aww, Matilda is cute little four year old.” Zoielle said in a baby voice which Matilda scowled at. Matilda crossed her arms which looked way too adorable for a four year old.

“We will have to take them to shop for clothes!” Zoielle and Tyson said in unison, quite excited.

“You sound too excited.” Pearl began to sulk as she stood up and she put her hands on her hips.

“I’ll get you some car seats so you can drive them.” Duncan decided and called Sophia to bring them since she was a mum.

“We do not need car seats, we are not babies!” The three yelled in unison.

“You are under the agree of seven so yes you do need car seats.” Duncan said.

Matilda flipped her white wings as a form of protesting. She kept on flying from her car seat as Tyson attempted to strapped her into it.

“Excuse me, Matilda. Sit in your car seat before I disable your wings.” Tyson warned her as he grabbed her and put her back into the car seat. He had the power to disable certain things, control ice, water and air.

Zoielle could control things with her mind and was prone to accidentally blowing things up with her mind.

Matilda glared at Tyson as he finally managed to strap her into her Moana Car seat and she gave a long sigh of frustration.

“I am six years old! I don’t need to sit in this car seat.” Pearl cried as Zoielle strapped her into a Skye Paw Patrol Car Seat.

“It is a Booster seat. You will be able to look out of the window.” Zoielle reassured her.

Kirstin was attempting to bite Sophia with her feline teeth.

“Kirstina, enough.” Sophia used her commander voice and Kirstin pouted.

“Hiss!” Kirstin showed her feline teeth as Sophia strapped her into a Sailor Moon Car Seat.

Tyson had a flashback and he had to grip Zoielle’s hand as he took three deep breathes. As he relaxed, his twin brother Phillip strolled over.

“I hear we are going shopping.” Phillip said with a grin when he saw that Kirstin was glaring at him. “Tilly, I had nothing to do with this.”

“Sure, you didn’t! You probably touched something you should have not touched.” It was Sienna who had answered, she had been turned into a twelve year old. She gave Phillip, the best death glare possible and she glared, Phillip felt that his arm began to burn up.

“Sienna, stop with using your powers like that.” He scolded her and she sulked as she sat next to Matilda.

His arm stopped burning and he and Sophia sat next to Kirstin and Matilda while Zoielle sat in the passenger seat and Tyson started to drive to the shopping centre. Matilda managed to escape from her car seat four times, making Tyson pull over in the emergency lanes so Phillip could buckle her back in safety.

Pearl had fallen asleep. Soon they got to Westfield Stalaxy and got two trolleys. Matilda and Kirstin sat in one trolley while Pearl sat in the second trolley, Sienna walked alongside the trolley while playing Pokemon Go.

“Pip, can we please go to ‘Build a Bear’?” Pearl asked as she looked around getting excited, accepting her new age.

“Please, Phillip.” Sienna piked up at the idea of an animal plushie. Matilda smiled quietly and she nodded, she was tired and she cuddled into the fluffy seat cover.

Kirstin was overwhelmed by the noise and crowds so Zoielle lifted her up into her arms and she reached towards Phillip. She was Phillip’s work partner and trusted him more then most.

“Sure.” Phillip said with a nod, he walked over to Zoielle and lifted Kirstin into his arms. Kirstin buried her face into his shoulder, clutching onto him. “I have you Tilly, you are safe with me.”

He walked into the ‘Build a Bear’ Shop as he rubbed Kirstin’s back who had began to cry.

“Which one would you like Til?” He asked as he showed her different animals.

Kirstin looked around and she spotted one of her most favourite characters. She pointed it and said “Fluttershy, please Pip.” Phillip reached up and handed her the yellow ‘My Little Pony’ Plushie.

“Thanks Pip.” She held it close and laid against his shoulder.

Sienna chose a Gray Arabian Horse that she named Galalight, after a horse in the popular Stalaxy Show- Stars Hooves High. Matilda chose a Polar Bear which she named Blossom after Stalaxy Palace Pets and Pearl, after changing her mind like a thousand times chose a Promise Pets Red Golden Retriever whom she named Luka after her work partner. She held it close and some tears fell.

Luka had been missing for four years and she had missed him so much. Once they had dressed their plushies, it was time for clothes shopping.

As they started to look at clothes, Phillip noticed that some women were pointing at him and Kirstin as he helped her choose an outfit to wear. Kirstin used her super enhanced hearing to listen to what the women were saying about them.

“Daddy, they are saying bad things about you.” Kirstin made sure to say this loud enough so the two women could hear and they glared at her and muttered about kids needing to mind their own business.

“Don’t worry about them Tilly. They are sexist women who think daddies shouldn’t take care of their own kids.” Phillip replied as he gave the women, confused looks.

Kirstin got a grey rainbow t-shirt, black pants and silver glittery shoes.

Zoielle saw what was happening and that the women were talking to a security guard, pointing at Phillip and Kirstin. She walked over with Pearl and Matilda.

“Excuse me, if you are saying that my brother is unsafe with his daughter then you are wrong. Her mum died when she was 2 years old from cancer and he is her sole parent. He would never put her in danger, maybe next time before you go to talk to a security guard and police officer about a guy with his kid alone, maybe ask the guy about how his kid is going.” Zoielle explained to them. “My niece is perfectly safe with my brother who would be devastated if anything was to happen so please just back off.” She watched as the two women apologized as they stared at the ground before leaving the store without the items that they were planning to buy.

Matilda had chosen out an orange t-shirt with a yellow owl, a blue + orange skirt and shoes that lit up purple when she walked. Pearl had chosen out a sparkly purple dress that lit up when she spun around, pink sandals and a sparkly gold headband that bought out the red highlights in her brown hair.

Sienna got a black T-shirt with cotton flowers, light blue jeans, white Adidas and a tan bow.

“I’m hungry.” Kirstin said as Phillip got a carrier, he picked Kirstin up and placed her into the carrier so she could see where they were going but still feel safe.

They walked to Famished for Westfield Stalaxy Foods where they got a table and sat down. Kirstin had a little sleep in the high chair until a waiter came to take their orders.

Kirstin got Sun Banana Pancakes with a Strawberry Slupee, Matilda got Potato Skins with Soda Water, Pearl got a Rigatoni Pasta Pie with Strawberry Milk and Sienna got Unicorn Lemon Sushi with a Diet Coke. Zoielle got Smores Sugar Dip with Churros as well as a Mountain Dew, Tyson got only a Grape Lemonade as his stomach was playing up, Phillip got a Brussel Spouts Pie with a Fanta and Sophia got Creamy Mac + Cheese with Coffee.

“What are you thinking about Tys?” Zoielle asked as she noticed that he was quite pale and was stirring his lemonade with his straw, he let out a soft sigh. Tyson moved closer to her so he could take her hand and he examined her pink nail polish.

“When you saved me from Fire Sunset Dragon Cult.” and he leaned against her.

Zoielle wrapped her arms around him, she would never forget that. It had happened four years ago.

Ring, Ring, Ring. Zoielle woke up as she heard her work mobile began to ring very loudly. She turned on her side and glanced at her alarm clock which flashed 0100.

“So early.” She muttered to herself before she grabbed her mobile and answered it. “Zoielle talking. What is up Duncan?” she got up and walked to a cage. She gave her Boreal Owl, some food as she turned on her light.

“A Supervisory Agent from Mist Leaf Army has gone missing. They think The Fire Sunset Dragon Cult has abducted him since he was once one of them.”

Zoielle began to shiver a little bit, she was the cult specialist of the crime squad that she worked for. She knew with every piece of her DNA that The Fire Sunset Dragon Cult was one of the worst. If this agent had managed to survive, he might not survive with a good mental health or even all his body parts.

She stretched before she asked “Who is the missinga agent?” as she began to pack her travel bag.

“Tyson Leary and get this. The Mist Leaf Army doesn’t want him working for him once he is found.” Duncan said in disgust.

“How long till the jet plane leaves?” Zoielle asked.

“An hour, bring all your weapons.” Duncan said and Zoielle hanged up, she got her weapon pack from a safe.

Zoielle was the only one of her team that had yet to develope magical powers so she had a bag of various weapons. Very dangerous weapons.

Her main weapons included: M4 Tactical Crossbow, United Cutlery M48 Kommando Ranger Hawk Axe, Mossberg 500 Pump Action ShotGun, Heckler + Koch P2000 Pistrol, SpyderCo Delica 4 Plain Edge Knife and her most favourite- a SIG SAVER MPX-C 9mm.

She drove to the base of Galaxy Space Headquarters, parked in her reserved garbage before she walked to the main meeting area near the cafeteria.

Galaxy Space Crime Squad consisted of: Duncan Kurp who was the unit chief; Sophia Jedekin who was Second in Command; Phillip Morrow who was a Senior Supervisory Agent; Kirstin Mini who was a Senior Supervisory Agent; Quentin Bakshi who was a Communications Liaison; Pearl Lamott who was a Communications Liaison; Brett GreenLeaf who was a Tech Analyst; Matilda Kayani who was a Tech Analyst; Luka Kheenen who was a Mossad Officer and Sienna Rotando who was Mossad Officer.

Zoielle pushed back the sadness that she felt for her work partner Elliot who had died a week ago during a Dragon Shopping Centre Siege as she sat down next to his empty chair.


Zoielle watched Tyson as he slept, it had only been four days since she had saved him from The Fire Sunset Dragon Cult. She wanted sleep but yet sleep wouldn’t come.

She sat up and went to her desk, she started to do paperwork when Tyson woke up. He stood up from the couch where he had been sleeping and walked over to her.

“Thanks for saving me.” He said as he sat next to her.

“You’re welcome.” She said as she turned in her chair. “Do you need anything?”

“No but you look like you need to get some sleep.” He looked concern as he brushed her blonde hair from her face.


Rain poured down in Kilcoy and at ‘The Phoenix Wings Ranch’, Iviana began to check on her animals which included Unicorns, Pegasus, normal horses, cattle and Alpacas. She walked out to the main paddock where her husband Levian was getting ready for a cattle drive.

“Are you sure that you and Brett are going to be okay?” Iviana asked as she patted his black stallion Mystery who neighed at her and nuzzled at her pocket for a sugar cube.

“Mystery, I have already given you plently of Sugar cubes.” Iviana scolded him and Mystery huffed at her.

Levian hugged her as he said “I have been fine on every cattle drive that I have done, Ivy.”

“I know Lee.” Iviana answered him and sighed as she heard a car driving up. She turned around and saw that it was one of the neighbouring ranch’s cars, she couldn’t help but sigh again as she saw that it was the owner of their rival ranch Starwood Meadows Ranch, Striker.

“What do you want, Striker?” Iviana asked as she met him at the gate.

“I was going to suggest to Levian and Brett that they don’t go on a cattle drive. I mean, you don’t know what might happen out there or here when they are away.” Striker was eying off the hundreds of cattle, waiting to leave.

“What are you planning Striker?” Brett rode up on his black mare Onyx and glared at Striker. “We know you started the fire in the north west paddocks.”

Striker gave a shake of his head as he protested “You have no proof that I set the fire, Brett. You are only accusing me of that because you don’t want people to know that you are ripping them off by selling your cattle at a quite high price.” he walked back to his car.

“We sell our cattle at the correct prices, Striker. Also why are you here when you have a ranch to save?” Iviana shot Striker a glare.

“Watch your back Lass.” Striker snarled at her before spitting at the ground and driving off.

Iviana turned back to Levian who kissed her and he stroked her brown hair as he said “I will see in you in three weeks Ivy. Love you.” He was taking the cattle down to the Tamworth in Sydney Australia to trade them and then he will bring back the new cattle back home to Kilcoy in Queensland, Australia.

As he and Brett set off with all the cattle following them, Iviana decided to check out the horse sales at Kingaroy. She wanted to see if she could find a nice Stallion for herself. Iviana walked back to the main house and put her best mate Jax in charge, before she drove to the horse sales in her Black Holden SS Maloo Ute. Concern began to settle in the pit of her stomach as she thought about what Striker had said.

She walked through the different yards at the horse sales. There was all sorts of horses, all different breeds and different prices but she wasn’t sure she would find the horse that would suit her. That was until she spotted a seven year old Paint Thoroughbred Stallion that was 16.0 hh named Tobiano, she checked the price which was $10,000. Iviana decided that he was the horse she wanted so she handed over the cash and took Tobiano back home. After she had settle him down, she took him for a ride to the sheep paddocks.

She noticed that she was missing twenty sheep, she recounted and again, it came up as twenty of her sheep were missing! This confused her because she was sure all her sheep had been there when she checked them a few hours ago. She got Jax and her ranch hands Madison, Austin, Piper and Elliot to check the other paddocks in case the sheep had gotten out into one of them but yet no sheep turned up.

She called an ally ranch which was known as ‘River Eagle Ranch’ and told the owner Kieran because she knew he was the biggest sheep rancher in the Kilcoy area. Kieran checked all his live stock paddocks and found that he was missing 30 cattle and 40 sheep.

Iviana’s mobile began to ring and she picked it up.

“I am missing 30 of my cattle and 40 of my sheep! That is half of my sheep!” Kieran sounded panicked, especially since he was meant to be selling some of the sheep, that weekend.

Iviana decided to call the local police, only to get the police’s voice mail so she decided to put all of her livstock into the two most secured paddocks, cattle in one and sheep in another.

Three weeks went really fast but Iviana got really concern when Levian and Brett had not come home yet, they had always came back home on time and if they were to be late then they would have called her. Iviana began to worry after two days had gone past and yet they didn’t come home. And worse, she couldn’t get in contract with them through any communication devices including mobile and walkie talkies.

Iviana went to the police but she was told that there was nothing they could do, they completely dismissed her. They said that Levian and Brett probably met some hot ladies down in Tamworth and decided to stay there. When Iviana got back, Kieran was talking to Jax about the missing sheep.

“Levian and Brett haven’t gotten back. I know something has happened. I need to find them!” She was starting to panic now. Kieran walked up to her and he pulled his chopper keys from his pocket. He owned a Red 2002 EC120 which he used to check on further paddocks.

“I agree with you Iviana but you can’t go by yourself.” Iviana wanted to protest but Kieran continued.

“Everyone should go and search for them down the cattle drive.” Kieran said. “I will gather my staff members and meet you here in an hour.”

“All of us?” Iviana asked confirming what he was saying, an hour later as both of the ranch staff approached her. Everyone nodded and Jax patted her shoulder trying to comfort her.

“Let’s saddled up then.” She decided as she walked over to the stables and she put a black saddle on Tobiano. Madison decided to take her Abaco Barb Mare which she called Eagle. Jax got his Akhal-Teke Stallion whom was called Cloud. Madison decided at last second to take her American Craft Draft Mare called Skyler.

Austin got his American Paint Stallion, Kicker and saddled him up and put some weapons in the saddle. The weapons included: a RPG-18, Mauser C96, DM1 Grenade, M16 and AK 47.

“You and your weapons.” Iviana shook her head.

Piper got her American Quarter Stallion, Chopper and also stocked up on some weapons: a Spanish Cetme and a Machine Gun.

“They might have run into trouble so we should be prepared if that is what has happened.” Piper told her.

“And we might run into trouble on the way there.” Iviana sighed as she gave a nod.

Elliot got his American Saddle Bred Stallion, Hawk and made sure there was enough food and water.

From Kieran’s ranch, there was Kieran and his wife Natalie who would be in the chopper. And from Kieran’s staff, there was Mason, Jocelyn, Phillip and Kaliana who had bought along their stallions; An Appaloosa called Silas, a Friesian called Midnight, a Kathiawari called River and a Pinto called Silver Moon.

Fear started to swirl in Iviana’s stomach as they started on the journey, she didn’t know what she will find and the thought of finding Levian, dead, terrified her.

Night fell soon and they had to set up camp, it was just too dangerous to ride through the bush at night time. The horses and they all needed rest. Jocelyn fed the horses and secured them so they couldn’t escape while they were asleep.

Iviana looked at the stars and she whispered “Hold on Lee, we are coming. I promise.” she sat next to Madison after settling down Tobiano and feeding him. She began to watch Jax and Kieran fight with putting up a tent. Natalie and Madison had already put up their tents plus Iviana’s because they had actually read the instructions manual.

“Kie, babe. Just read the instructions already.” Natalie said after an hour and she let out a laugh.

“The instructions makes no sense.” Kieran grumbled as he tried to get the tent to stand up! Natalie rolled her eyes at him and began to pull out snacks from the backpack that she had.

Iviana started a fire with the matches and puts rocks around so the fire wouldn’t try to spread. She grabbed some crackers and marshmallows and made some Smores.

She played with her Lapis Lazuli Wedding ring. Levian had to be okay, she couldn’t lose him but something in her heart, told her, that they might just be too late.

Three days had past since they started on their rescue mission.

Levian shivered in the cold rain as he leaned against a gum tree. Brett and his girlfriend Maye had attacked Levian after he had finished trading the cattle. Pain shot through Levian’s legs and spine as he turned his head when he heard hooves coming up to his location.

Relief flooded him as he saw Iviana rushing to his side and he reached for her.

“Ivy…” He sat up a little more and he threw up from pain. “Ivy, you found me..you didn’t give up on me.” he let out a sob and Iviana helped him stand slowly, he turned to face her and he kissed her moving his hand through her dark brown hair. He thought he wasn’t never going to see her again.

“I knew that you was still alive. I knew you needed help.” She whispered when they heard a loud BANG..BA-BA BANG! Kieran’s chopper exploded mid air and Natalie let out a scream as she watched the chopper fall towards the floor as a huge fireball and it smashed into a lake.

“No!” She wailed as Mason and Jocelyn grabbed her and held her and Phillip rushed forward but pointed to the sky. Jax who was the only one with wings had managed to get Kieran out of the helicopter before it had exploded and crashed. Natalie fall onto the ground and shook from the sudden shock but was happy to see that Kieran wasn’t in the helicopter. Jax landed near Kieran and he was quite pale as he sat next to Natalie.

“Brett…Brett, he shot fire at the chopper, a large fireball but Jax saw it coming and got me out before it had hit the helicopter.” He leaned against Natalie. He looked at Levian and saw blood and mud caked on his bottom and back. “Levian…mate, was it Brett who had attacked you?” he gave a look of sympathic.

Levian gave a nod but he felt numb and tears began to roll down his eyes more. He never in all his life thought Brett could do such a thing to him.

“I just want to go home.” He muttered and he flinched as Iviana helped him onto Tobiano and she hopped up and he held onto her as pain shot through his legs again. However he knew this was the only way they could get home, he just had to get through the pain.

Natalie and Kieran hopped onto Levian’s beloved Palamino Stallion, Jenevi and everyone started on the ride home.

After a few hours, they stopped and decided to set up camp around seven at night. Levian managed to help up with the tents by holding the fabric up, trying to ignore the pain. Phillip, Kieran, Mason and Austin stood guard with all their weapons including a second machine gun they somehow managed to find.

“It amazing.” Natalie whispered. “That Levian survived everything he went through for two weeks.” She watched him and Iviana feed the horses before heading to their tent.

Levian leaned against Iviana as she helped him into their tent and helped him lay down onto a bed made from sleeping bags.

“You need to sleep too, Ivy.” He said as he patted the space next to him on the sleeping bag bed.

“What happened to the new cattle?” She asked out of curiosity as she laid next to him and found the sleeping bag bed was quite soft.

“They ate the new cattle and forced me to eat the raw meat while they cooked theirs. They kept forcing me to eat the raw meat until I threw up.” He turned on his side pulling Iviana into his arms.

She noticed that his stomach was quite swollen and blurging out.

“Does it hurt?” She asked as she placed her hand onto his stomach rubbing it slowly.

“Yes.” He met her ice blue eyes and kissed her.

They got back to the ranch, the next day and Iviana drove Levian to the local hospital. She had grabbed some legal weapons that they had licenses for: a MEU (SOU) and a Heckler + Koch M320, just in case, protection was needed.

As they got to the hospital which was Galaxy Wings Hospital, a Giant Spider jumped in front of their car and a sharp pain went through Levian’s stomach.

“Ivy! Ivy!” He leaned forward and clutched his stomach with one hand and his butt with the other hand.

“Don’t fight it!” Iviana told him as she got him into the Emergency Department after she had killed the spider.

Levian pointed to the toilet and Iviana got one of the doctors, Ethan, to put down a pan so the waste could be tested and used as evidence, Levian began to cry out of pain and ashamement as his stomach began to emptied which lasted two hours.

“Ivy, it hurts!” He sobbed out of pain and exhaustion as his stomach emptied the last of what needed to come out. Iviana rubbed his forehead with a cold cloth and he clutched her free hand.

“Take him home, we can’t help much. All we can do is give him pain relief tablets.” Ethan said regretfully. “He will need to keep his fluids up, give him Stardust Juice and Water. This cream is for his groin and bottom wounds.”

Iviana took a very tired and upset Levian home, she helped him into some comfortable pajamas. He laid onto their bed flopping on his side and he gazed up at her.

“I love you Ivs.” He whispered.

Levian woke up in the middle of the night because Iviana’s service dog, a Carea Leones named Hope was nuzzling him. He sat up to find that Iviana was whimpering in her sleep. Levian turned on the light, first dim then he began to brighten the light. Iviana woke up in a panic and she swallowed hard.

Levian grabbed a bucket and felt her head to discover that she was burning up.

“Ivy, where don’t you feel well?” He asked and got her an Orange Raspberry Star Dust Juice from the mini fridge.

“I am fine.” She protested which resulted in Levian giving her a look.

“Don’t hide you feelings from me.” Levian scolded. “I want to help you, let me.”


Anabella grumbled as rain poured down as she stepped off a train, the Brisbane weather man was NEVER right! She headed down Roma street to Maximum Galaxy Crime Squad where she worked as a Supervisory Special Agent. It was four in the morning, she let out a yawn as she slipped through the side door of the headquarters.

As she walked to her office, she saw her work partner Elliot waiting for her and she saw there was a sparkle of concern in his eyes.

“Hey, El. What is wrong?” Anabella asked before she noticed that he was wearing his Australian Navy Uniform. “You are going on another mission?”

“I have no choice but to go.” He pulled her into his arms and she noticed that he was shaking. “I will cal you when I get to my location. Behave while I’m gone.” he tried to joke and winked at her.

Anabella brushed his panther tail with her Fox tail and she tided up his uniform. She watched as he left the building, he turned and saluted her and she did the same back. She turned around and walked into the meeting room to see what the case that she had been called in was.

She sat down and tried to push her fear for Elliot back. But something in her gut told her that this Navy mission was going to be horribly different for Elliot.

“He will be okay, Anabella.” Her boss Keith reassured her. “We have four missing people in the Gold Coast. Three are children.”

“I know he will be okay Keith.” Anabella touched the Crystallised Necklace that she had gotten from Elliot. -I hope- she thought as she flipped through the case files.

Three weeks went past but still Elliot had not called her. At first, Anabella assumed it was because he might not have the time to call her or no cell service.

But when a few months went past with no communications, not even a letter; Anabella began to get really worried and she knew in her heart that she had to go and find Elliot. She run to Keith’s office and threw open the door, Keith looked at her and she stared at him.

“Keith, I need to go and find Elliot! Something has happened, I know something has happened.” Anabella was very close to pleading, her green eyes were widened with fear.

“I can organize for you to go to Pakistan but you know, it will be dangerous right?” Keith asked sitting up and he knew that she was a tough woman.

“I know that it will be dangerous but I must find him, I need to know what is happening.” Anabella tried not shake.

“You will be leaving by a Navy Ship in four hours.” Keith sighed and he passed her a Navy uniform, he knew that this was going to happen and he knew that she would not give up.

That night, Anabella was on a huge Navy Ship, on the way to Pakistan. The chef bought her dinner which was ‘Spaghetti with Fried Eggs.’ She ate it despite she was not hungry but she knew that she had to keep her strength up so she could find Elliot.

Dessert was a choice between ‘American Heritage Chocolate Apple Pancakes’ and ‘Chocolate Chip Pancakes.’

Anabella chose American Heritage Chocolate Apple Pancakes and Green Tea.

“You need to expect the worse.” The Medical Officer Juniper said as she sat down with Chocolate Chip Cookies and Snickers CheeseCake Brownies.

A Olive-backed Sunbird floated around Juniper’s shoulder and nodded in agreement.

“I know he might be dead.” Anabella sighed.

“There is worse things then death.” Juniper warned her.

Anabella finished her dessert and went to her cabin, climbing onto her bunk.

The ship docked after three weeks and Anabella unboarded to see another Navy crew was waiting for them. Elliot’s crew mates turned around as she approached.

“Get Elliot.” One of the oldest guys said. The youngest gave a nod before he went into the direction of some Tanks and cabins.

“You are Anabella right?” The guy asked looking her up and down.

“Yes, I am. And you are?” She questioned as she scanned the deserted area.

“I am Tyler.” He answered as Elliot approached them and he gave Tyler a nod, Tyler left them alone.

Anabella met Elliot’s stern eyes and he sighed “Let’s talk in my cabin.” There was annoyance in his voice.

Wait, no, not annoyance. Relief. Elliot was sighing in relief, he was relieved that Anabella was there. He twirled his tail with hers as they walked to his cabin.

“I….I….knew you would come.” He hugged her close and a soul mate attachment bond flashed before going invisible when footsteps came up to the cabin’s door. Anabella could feel him flinch in fear as two of his Navy Admins walked in.

Elliot couldn’t say anything and he shook hard as one of the admins moved his hand against his lower back. He buried his face into Anabella’s shoulder as pain shot through his legs. Anabella shut her eyes, breathing in deeply, thinking of their house and she managed to teleported them there.

Elliot grabbed her as she stumbled from using way too much of her magical energy and he could feel her shivering.

“You need to lay down.” Elliot was alarmed at how pale she had gone.

“I am a little dizzy, that’s all.” She let out a yawn as Elliot took her to her room and laid her down onto her bed tucking her covers around her. She and Elliot had been room mates for four years.

Elliot got her magical energy level checker. Despite how much he wanted to lecture her on using so much magical energy, he knew that first, she needed rest.

Elliot said “Your magical energy levels are way too close to being low. Ana, you almost killed yourself by doing that!” he was scared of losing her. He went to the fridge and got out an Apple Strawberry Magical Energy Level Juice.

He sat up Anabella up and gave her small sips so she wouldn’t throw up, she moved onto his lap missing any of his wounds and settled against him.

He brushed her light brown hair from her face and their lips met in a kiss which thrilled Anabella.

“I am really happy about this improvement.” Anabella kissed him back and Elliot smiled at those words. He laid down, placing the drink on the side table and they fell asleep in their arms.

A few months went past. Anabella was grumbling about the existence of her paperwork as she leaned against her chair, placing her hands behind her head. Elliot was chowing down on Roasted Radishes and Pickles, the entire headquarters shook as an explosion went throughout of it but only smoke came from the meeting room.

Elliot dropped his Radishes and Pickles as the explosion caused him to go into a flashback, really hard. Anabella run out and got his twin Tyson. Elliot didn’t want Anabella to be close to him while he was having a flashback because he feared that he might mentally or physically harm her. Tyson couldn’t get injured because he was stronger then Elliot and could hold him while Elliot went through the flashback without injury coming to him.

Anabella carefully went to the meeting room, where the explosion had came from. As she walked into the meeting room, after scanning to make sure that it was safe, she found five young girls. Five years old, Seven years old, Nine years old, Eleven years old and fourteen years old.

“Anabella, what happened?” The fourteen year old asked, fear in her dark green eyes.

“Tallulah?” Anabella gulped staring.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Tallulah asked frightened.

“Because you are now fourteen.” Anabella said as she handed Tallulah a mirror.

Elliot walked in and his mouth dropped as he stood next to Anabella, Keith and Tyson joined them and the five year old run to Tyson, wrapping her arms around him.

“Who are the others? Which one is this…hang on Harper?” He lifted the little girl up and he rocked her. “Okay so Tallulah is fourteen and Harper is five.”

“I’m Alice.” The 11 year old crossed her arms. “This was all Briana’s fault.” pointing to the nine year old.

“It was Natalie’s fault!” Briana protested.

“No it wasn’t!” The seven year old rolled her eyes.

“It is time to go shopping!” Zoe run in with excitement after Tyson had texted her what had happened. “I will come shopping with you. Tyson, Elliot and Anabella are coming too.”

“You sound way too excited.” Natalie scowled.

“We will take you shopping for clothes and other things, it will be fun!” Zoe said ignoring the scowling from Natalie.

“What type of clothes?” Tallulah looked interested. “Can I get stuff for my hair? Nail Polish?”

“Sure.” Zoe said.

Briana took hold of Anabella’s belt loop and Natalie took Elliot’s hand.

“We need a car seat for Harper.” Tyson realized as Anabella talked to Briana about how it all happened.

“I am not a baby.” Harper protested glaring at Tyson.

“It is the law Harper, you know that.” Tyson reminded her as they walked out to the SUV.

Harper pouted and crossed her arms. She flew out of the Graco Spire Extend2Fit 65 Convertible Car Seat, six times before Tyson managed to get her buckled in.

They drove to Westfield Stalaxy, which was the closet shopping centre and had the most shops. As soon as they walked in, Natalie spotted Build-a-Bear shop.

“Can we got please?” Natalie asked looking up at the adults.

“Sure.” Tyson said as he put Harper into a carrier and walked into the Bear Shop with everyone.

Harper chose a Musical White Lamb that came with a blanket and she fell asleep in the carrier. Natalie looked around before she lifted up a Promise Pets Lop Bunny, holding it against her shoulder. Briana chose a Paw Patrol Skye and she added a sound that said Skye’s catchphase.

Alice and Tallulah was standing near the entry, both looked quite sad as they looked at the different plushies.

“What is wrong?” Zoe asked as she walked over to them and Alice waved her hand to the plushies.

“We are too old-” Alice began but was interrupted.

“You are not too old for a plushie. Go ahead and choose a plushie each.” Tyson said and he hugged them both.

“Are you sure Tys?” Tallulah asked looking at whom was her work partner.

“I am sure.” Tyson told her as Elliot and Anabelle took their hand, showing them around.

Alice got Fluttershy from her favourite childhood show, ‘My Little Pony’ while Tallulah chose a ‘Tiger Cub Plushie.’

Once Elliot had paid for the plushies, it was time to buy some clothes.

They walked to ‘Clothes n Beauty’ shop and started to get outfits for the four children and Tallulah. Zoe, Elliot and Anabella went with Alice, Briana, Natalie and Tallulah while Tyson began to go through clothes for Harper.

Tyson was checking out some clothes for Harper, he had already chosen for her to wear a White T-shirt with a sloth, a dragon egg Hoodie, black pants, purple sand shoes and a dark purple bow in her black hair.

Harper was sitting in the trolley on a green trolley cover when she noticed that some women were watching them and she frowned as they whispered to each other and started to walk over.

“Daddy, why are they watching us?” Harper asked frowning at him.

“Where is your mum?” One of the women asked her.

“She is a star.” Harper pointed to the ceiling and then burst into tears. Her parents were deceased and her mum had died a year ago so Harper was still sensitive even as adult about the topics. So it was convince especially now she was five years old.

Tyson glared at the women and he picked Harper up, and calmed her down before placing her back into the trolley and handed her, her lamb.

Natalie walked over with Zoe, she held onto Natalie’s hand and patted Harper. Natalie dressed Zoe in a White Harley Quinn T-shirt, a Red skirt, Rainbow Sandals and a Green Leaf Necklace. Briana held onto Natalie’s hand and was wearing a Honey dew ribbon, a Wolf T-shirt, Denim Jeans, Puma X Fenti Creepers and had gotten a Furla Bubble Fur Pom Pom Key Ring.

Anabella walked over with Alice and hugged Harper. Alice was wearing a Donut T-shirt, White Jeans, Black Suede Mid Calf boots, a Golden Moon Necklace and a Grey Baseball Cap.

Tallulah walked over with Elliot. She was wearing Nike White T-shirt, Black Jeans and Green and Black Sandals; she had gotten a silver scrunchie, a Metallic Blue Back Pack and a couple of Nail polishes.

“I am hungry.” Natalie said as she looked at the adults. “Can we go to Sunset Wolf Restaurant?”

“Yes please.” The other kids and Tallulah asked staring at the adults as well.

“Okay, come on.” Elliot paid for the clothes and they headed to the popular restaurant that sold every type of food possible. They got a table for eight and a high chair for Harper.

“No!” Harper whined. “Not without a cover.”

Tyson went out and bought her a blue high chair cover and Harper happily sat in the high chair. She started to colour in the colouring book the restaurant had given them for free. Tyson began to hand out menus all to them.

“I am concerned, it is like they are becoming their ages mentally too.” Tyson said to Zoe, Elliot and Anabella as he sat next to Harper who giggled happily.

“Hopefully Keith and Madeline can find an antidote.” Zoe said as Tallulah played Pokemon Go on her phone.

“What does everyone want to eat?” A waiter asked.

“I will have ‘Lasagna Rolls with Pesto and a Coca Cola.” Elliot ordered. “A brownie filled cupcake with cookies and cream for dessert thanks.”

“Can I get the Inside out Lamb Persillade with a Strawberry Watermelon Lime Juice.” Anabella chose. “With Peach Cobbler for dessert.”

“Cucumber Noodles, Poached Eggs, Double Chocolate Pancakes and Baked Buffalo Chicken Pasta with Flat white please.” Tyson ordered.

“I will have Mini Corn Dogs, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting, Mexican Pulled Chicken Stuffed Peppers and a Lemonade please.” Zoe ordered and stretched.

Tallulah ordered Broccoli, Cheddar, Chicken + Tater Tot Casserole, Turkey Meat Loaf and a Nectarine Iced Tea. Alice got Thai Steak Salad with Peanut Dressing and a Frozen Hot chocolate. Briana got a Fruit Bubble Tea, Chicken wraps and Corn dogs but no drink.

Natalie was unsure and ended up ordering a Chocolate Cream Jelly Roll, Cheese Pie, Lobster Roll and Iced Sun Fruit Tea.

Harper got a Mini Grape Meringue Tart and a Chocolate Milkshake.

When they got back, Keith and Madeline informed them sadly that there was no antidote.

“I want to go to Tangerine Sunrise Academy please.” Tallulah asked. “It has the best protection for wolf cubs.”

“Sure.” Keith said. It was decided that Elliot, Anabella, Tyson and Zoe would move in a house together to raise Alice, Briana, Natalie and Harper.

As they walked into the house, Harper snuggled into Tyson’s arms and muttered “Daddy.” before she had fallen asleep in his arms.

Alice hugged Zoe while Briana and Natalie played with some new toys. The End.

Rain poured down at Phoenix Moon Hospital, the wind was chilly and this meant lots of patients for the Emergency Department.

One of the resident doctors Matilda was writing up medications when she overheard arguing coming from the break room. She realized it was two of the trauma follows Nikolai and Torin were arguing….again.

“What are you two arguing about, this time?” Matilda asked as she walked in and looked at them.

“Torin wants you to date him.” Nikolai turned around to look at her and he smirked at how riled up Torin was getting.

“Shut up! Please just shut up!” Torin was gripping at the main table in the break room, his knuckles turning white.

“If that is true Tori, I want to date you too.” Matilda smiled as she walked over to him and Torin began to blush, he gave a small nod as he stumbled to her side.

He was quite pale and sweat poured down his face, he leaned onto Matilda as an episode of dizziness overtook him again and Matilda felt his forehead to find it was burning up.

“Tori, you are burning up. Where don’t you feel well?” She asked and saw that there was dark rings under his eyes, as if he had not slept in days.

“I…..” he doubled over and threw up his Weetbix into the nearest bin. He knew he could not fool her into thinking that he was fine. “My head is pounding and my stomach…ugh.”

Matilda glared at Nikolai who was laughing hard and he grinned at Torin.

“What did you do?” She demanded as she felt Torin shaking and lost control of his bowel and bladder.

“Oh, I just put some Dragon Dust in his coffee.” Nikolai mocked how Torin was shaking.

“Oh for Hades Sake, are you serious? Why would you do that?!” Matilda tried not to yell as she pulled Torin closer and she glared at Nikolai.

Dragon Dust was an illegal drug powder which was sometimes used to make a person defenseless, stripping them temporary of their powers.

“Can anyone please….fucking please stop the earth from shifting?” Torin let out a painful groan as his head began to pound really hard.

Matilda cursed at Nikolai in Arabic before helping Torin to an empty exam room and laid him down. She hooked him up to an IV drip, hoping that he might not need an antidote injection but as she watched him get worse, she knew he did.

“I am going to get Piper to give you the antidote injection.” Matilda decided.

“You can do it Tilly.” You can’t keep avoiding giving patient, injections.” He kept on squirming out pain and taking a couple of deep breathes.

Matilda developed a deer high light look as she stood near his bedside. She gave a small nod before she left the room and got the antidote injection from the medication supply room.

As she walked back into the room, Torin was trying to stop his limps from arching up and he said “Tilly, put the restrains on my arms.” he bit back a cry of pain as she did. He knew she wouldn’t do any good if he did cry. She breathed in and then out before she gave him the injection. It took twenty minutes to kick in and the drug began to empty from his system.

After an hour, she undid his restrains and he sat up slowly, he smiled and gave her a hug.

The hospital began to shake but it wasn’t like an earthquake shaking, this was something else. Something bigger. Torin saw dragons flying through the Emergency department blowing pure red fire everywhere.

“Get under the bed.” Torin ordered as he saw a purple gas start to ooze through the air, it couldn’t get into the room because the door was closed and it was a exam room to keep out infections and poisons that included biotoxins and war poisons.

“Wh-what is that?” Matilda whispered as Torin pulled her under the bed and against him.

“War made Phoenix Pure Fire. It has many different symptoms if it touches you including painful muscle spasms that can paralyze you for permanent.”

Matilda heard Code 9 rang throughout the hospital. Code 9 meant the shit had hit the fan, occasionally in the literal sense. Things went black as Matilda heard the door shattered and some guys stormed into the room, wearing masks.

Matilda woke up three days later, to find herself left in a ditch and had letter from her boss saying that there was no other way but this because Matilda knew too much. Of what, Matilda had no idea.

After eight months of hiding out in her house and trying to find Torin, Matilda decided to take up an offer to work for Star Galaxy Crime Squad and Law Firm.

Star Galaxy Crime Squad and Law Firm was the biggest crime squad and had over a hundred different law firms through out the whole country. The law firm dealt with Magical Crimes, Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes, Child and Domestic Violence as well as Magical + Normal Animal Defense and Magical + Normal War Crimes.

Matilda was specialized in Magical Crimes and Magical War Crimes. She kept avoiding on taking on a work partner and would take on cases alone unless it was a court trial where all the law firm would attend.

“I have found a partner. Don’t scare him away this time, please.” Her boss, Kiarna informed her as she stood by the opened door of Matilda’s office.

“Yes Ma-am. Has the Brisbane Court House sent a email about the trial date for the Kawinaje Murder Case yet?” Matilda asked as she had checked her email over and over and thought perhaps they sent it to Kiarna instead.

“No, they have not sent anything to me.” Kiarna said with a frown. “Your new partner will be here in ten.” before she left to see what two of the other lawyers were arguing about.

Matilda let out a sigh as she leaned against her chair. She hated how some courts took such a long time to get back to her.

She started to go through her case files, making changes to arguments that she had to get her client off their charges. She heard footsteps coming into her office but didn’t look up.

A familiar scent of wood chips and red pine floated through the office, she didn’t look up until she felt familiar arms around her. Arms that she thought she would never feel around her again.

“Torin.” She whispered as she met his light hazel eyes and she saw that there were dark rings under his eyes. Torin took her face into his hands and kissed her, stroking her dark blonde hair and breathing in the scent of Coffee and Chocolate.

“I know you are the reason that I was found. Thank you Tilly for not abandoning me.” He held her close and for the first time in eight months, he felt safe.

“I need you Tori. I couldn’t give up after I woke up in a ditch. If THAT hospital could leave me in a ditch, I feared what they could have done to you.” Matilda wanted to ask what had happened to him but she held back. Torin let out a shuddering breathe.

He lifted his blue checkered shirt and there were bruises, scares and couple of fresh wounds on his back and on his stomach leading down to under his underwear rim. Matilda realized what must had happened and she blinked back tears of anger.

“It was horrible, so horrible. I had internal bleeding from my ass for a few days until the crime squad found me. I didn’t die because they used magic to keep me from dying but that was so painful, I felt it in my guts and my bowel.” Torin swallowed hard as he wanted her to know.” They forced me to do things..adult things…they assaulted me night after night.” tears dripped down his face.

He let out a sob and he began to cry as he was starting to have the most horrible images flash through out his brain and his flashback hit him extremely hard, he kept on swallowing hard and he started to rock, back and forth; back and forth.

“Torin, you are having a flashback.” Matilda assured him as guilt began to settle in her stomach and a lump formed in her throat. She felt like she had caused this flashback. “Can you tell me where you are?” Her fingers kept on sparkling with purple electricity which was her main power, the more that guilt rushed through her veins.

“I….I am in Matilda’s office.” Torin muttered as he rubbed at her back. “Tilly, I feel so nauseous and tired.”

“I know Tori. I know hun.” She said as she laid him down on her overnight bed and Torin came out of his flashback, just as purple electricity flew from her hands hitting a mini palm tree which exploded and dirts and roots and leaf parts flew everywhere.


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