Sunrise Cove Disability Service Story #1

-Sunrise Cove Disability Service is an in living disability service for magical beings and demigods-

It was the start of a new year for the newest disability service in Stalaxy and the support workers were settling in new clients.

The Team Amethyst level oldest four clients; Anabella, Skyler, Elias and Levian were watching a television show about Trees which was extremely boring.

“Is there a reason that we are watching this?” Anabella asked as she glanced over at her best mate Skyler.

‘Coming up next: Weeds’ The TV showed an ad that had the different type gardening weeds there was.

“Let’s distract Tyson and Phillip.” Skyler said. Elias grabbed his phone and Levian helped him to hack into The Team Sapphire’s television and changed the channel to a show about Spiders.

Screams of pure horror echoed through out the entire centre which had all the staff members rushing to the Team Sapphire Level.

While the staff members were distracted; Anabella and Elias found the wallets of the staff members while Skyler and Levian found the keys to the director Layla’s Black Dodge Challenger.

They drove to the Sunrise Cove Cruise Terminal where they booked rooms on the ‘Moonalaxy Cruise Ship’ which was heading to one of Stalaxy’s largest cities- Maximum Flame City which split into 12 miniature cities.

Once the rooms were booked, the four clients went to popular cafe ‘La Musique Cafe’ where they got a window seat and settled down.

Anabella decided to order: Dragon Gem Chip Cookies, Hippocampi Ricotta Pizza, S’mores Cookies, Mini Chicken Rice Bowl, Unicorn Dust Fries and a Malibu Sunset Cocktail.

Skyler chose the most expensive menu and ordered: Dragon and Uni Berries Sausage Rolls, Spicy Cloud Desire Crumbed Fairies and a Strawberry Lime Slushies.

Elias went through four menus before deciding on: Dragon Burger with Chips, Unicorn Steak with Chicken and Glitter Raspberry Soda.

Levian decided after staring at Lobster steaks. He decided to order: Meat and Potato Pie, Potato and Leek Soup, Pasta with Pixie Meatballs, Cream rice, Pea and Ham soup and a Coca Cola.

Two hours later, they boarded the cruise ship and checked out their individual rooms in the ship.

Anabella had the biggest room on the fourth level. It had a queen size bed with red blankets and pillows; a writing desk; a bookshelf with a green arm chair. The walls were white and there was a golden mirror and a white fluffy mat.

There was a stationery gift basket with Zebra Mildliner Double-sided highlighters, Panda White-out Tape Dispenser, Pocky-shaped Pencils, Cat Post-it Dispenser, Paws Sticky Notes, Constellation Notebooks and Rainbow Pencils. There was a flat screen TV with Moontel and Moonflix.

Skyler’s room had: A double bed with white blankets and blue pillows with a light pink and blue winter blanket; a TV area with Star-tel and Moonflix and a grey beanbag, a swing with a white blanket and for a gift basket, it was a mixture of things.

In the blue basket, there was: M+Ms, Lindt Chocolates, Lip Smackers, a Tea Cup Candle, a Pizza Necklace, a Cookies necklace, Fast Food Erases, a Flourite Pendant, Holographic Nail Polish and Fluffy Socks.

Elia’s room had: A queen bed with white and blue blankets and pillows, a flat screen TV with the latest gaming system, a blue mat, a blue beanbag and a basket ball net.

In his gift basket, there was: Reeses Chocolate, Starbursts, Chocolate Donuts, Marbled Donuts, Macarons, Fudge, Rock Candy and Mints.

Levian walked into his room to see itw as decked out in Broncos things with a Sports style gift basket.

At the service


Phillip and Tyson froze as they heard the director Layla shrieking out their names.

Tyson looked at Phillip before they walked to Layla’s office who looked as mad as a bear.

“Where are your clients!” Layla demanded. Tyson and Phillip blinked at her, too scared to answer.

“Well?!” Layla snapped. “Take Alana and Brianna; GO FIND THEM!”

Alana and Briana bought in a black box that contained Reverse Aging Injections.

Reverse Aging Injections turns adults into children between the ages 3 years old and 14 years old.

Back on the cruise ship

Soon it was dinner time and the four clients went to the most expensive restaurant; It was called ‘Ocean Moon Restaurant where the most cheapest item was 800 Stalaxs ($1000 Aus Dollars). All together they had spent over 3000 Stalaxs ($4000 Aus Dollars).

They sat at a table and got the most expensive menus. These menus were over 5000 AUD price, the most being 10 Dragon Gems (200,000 Dollars).

Anabella decided to order: a Giant Fox and Water Nymph Burger and Fries, a Fire Orange Chocolate with Pixie Wings, Strawberry and Fire Fairy Cupcake with Dragon Dust and a Coca Cola.

As the cruise ship started to cross into the Maximum Flame City, it was realized that the city was being hit by a Dragon siege so it was decided that they would go to Moonalaxy’s biggest city: Turtle Grove- Moon Ocean Wings City.

This was a special city because it was two cities with ten miniature cities in each city.

The four clients got onto the most expensive cruise ship, Star Wings Cruise ship since the Moonalaxy Cruise Ship couldn’t go into the sea, (it was a fresh water cruise ship) and the sea lead to Turtle Grove- Moon Ocean Wings City which was a week away. This cost 20 gems (a million dollars).

The four clients went to their rooms and put their luggage into their rooms.

Anabella’s room has bookshelfs instead of walls, a king size bed with Percy Jackson blankets and pillows, a timber nightstand, a fluffy white mat, a peach salt lamp, a flat screen TV with Moontel and Starflix. On the bed was a Caviliar Charles King Spaniel (ALIVE!) next to a large gift basket. There was green curtains on the ocean view window.

In Skyler’s room, there was: A queen size bed with yellow blankets and pillows, red carpet, purple curtains, a chandelier, a floating TV, a sun shaped mirror and she had a gift basket on her bed.

Elias’ room was decked out with blue including a king sized bed with fluffy blue pillows and light blue blankets, a flat screen TV in front of a blue arm chair, a giant sword fish on the wall and he also had a gift basket on his bed.

Levian’s room had a king sized bed with Broncos Blankets and Pillows, there was a Maroon Winter Blanket as well as yellow beanbag in front of a TV with a Starbox gaming system, a black nightstand with a huge speaker and a gift basket.

They went to Anabella’s room and opened their gift baskets while discussing where to go for dinner.

Anabella’s basket had: Blueberry Gummy Worms, Pancake Floor Pillows, an Ice Cream Sundae Notebook, Kitten Fur Perfume, a Bear Body Pillow, G Series Headphones, a Book Purse, a Pen sword and a T-Rex Pen.

Skyler opened hers and found: Cat Paper Clips, Sloth Paper Clips, a Pocket Knife, RMS Eye Polish, a Maze Pen, a Light Saber Flashlight and a Magical Unicorn Slippers.

Elias got: a Sweet Marshmallow Mug, a Dog Animal Lamp, a Cocktail Tree, a Fitbit Surge Fitness SuperWatch, a Pastel Unicorn Pillow and Ice Cream Socks.

Levian’s basket contained: a Hot dog and bun Toaster, a Lightsaber Pen, GoPro Hb Helmet, Canon Powershot Camera and a Starwars USB.

They went to the popular restaurant ‘Star River Restaurant’ where they got a table where they could see everything.

The menus were coated with gold and were in the million dollar price range. This was 100 Dragon Gems.

Anabella decided to order: a Seafood Basket with everything- Lobster, Calamari, Shrimp Tentacles, Prawns Cutlets, Chips and Lemon; Hot dogs with onions, bacon and Tomato Sauce; Hamburgers with everything and chips, Tacos with everything and Coca Cola.

Skyler ordered a whole lot of things: Beef Noodles, Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Pie Cookies, Enchilada Stuffed Chicken Skillet, Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes, Blueberry Pie, Sushi Donuts, Brownies, Nachos, Mash Potatoes and a Coca Cola.

Elias decided that he wanted: Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, Spicy Angus Beef N Shrimps, Beef and Brocolli, Pork and Shimp Dumplings, Scoth Eggs and Nutella Ferrero Milkshake.

Levian went through three menus and decided to order: Fries, Chicken Wings, Steak, Prawns, Cheesecake, Blue Mussels, Calamari, Nachos, Mac N Cheese Donut, Peach Stuffed French Toast, Chicken Pasta and Apple Juice.

Phillip almost cried when he recieved an alert from his bank for an 8000 dollar change.

“Hades, we need to find them before they get to Pegasus Wings World.” He said to Tyson as he saw on Skyler’s phone that they were nearing Turtle Grove Port.

The four clients got off, they went straight to Stalaxy’s most expensive ‘Night Firefly Hotel’ which had locations all over Stalaxy, Jupiter and Earth.

Depending on the type of room, the prices could go up to 9000 dollars which clients had their eyes on.

These rooms had the top of state technology and entertainment systems. Each room had a view of various animals- Pegasus, Unicorns, Griffins, Pokemon and Direwolf.

Anabella had bought $900 dollars of pens and notebooks from the hotel pen shop. Skyler got some wing accessories from the accessories, Elias was checking out the gaming area and played the different claw machines.

Levian was attempting to buy all the sports shop out. Soon it was time to check out their hotel rooms.

Each room was uniquely different and each had a gift basket.

Anabella’s hotel room had: A queen bed with Eevee blankets and pillows, a cinema screen TV with all streaming services.

They wandered towards the restaurant when they were cornered by Brianna, Alana, Phillip and Tyson. Before any of the clients could react the reverse aging injections had been applied!

Anabella became 8, Skyler became 6, Elias became 7 and Levian became 5.

“This is unacceptable.” Skyler complained as she flapped her now small goofy wings quite hard. Anabella looked shocked and crossed her arms as dramatic as a 8 years old could.

“Excuse me, what makes you think you have the right to turn us into children!” Anabella demanded and glared at them.

“You, four stole the credit cards and went across the planet!” Phillip reminded her. “Layla has set up a house and you WILL be attending Sunrise Cove Academy.”

“No!” All the four cried in disbelief, Skyler attempted to take flight! Tyson grabbed Skyler and put a harness on her which disabled her wings.

Skyler glared as the staff members took them to the airport.


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