Tyson and Iviana story #1

Iviana was still awake despite it was midnight, she knew that she should be asleep but she couldn’t and she didn’t know why. She was reading her book when she heard footsteps coming to her room and she sighed as she looked over at her door which opened.

Tyson walked in and he gave her a look of sternness, he closed the door and asked “Why are you still awake?” and Iviana frowned.

“Tell me Tyson, why are you always so strict?” She asked trying to dodge the question. Tyson bit his lip as he thought about the reason and he put his hands in his pockets. He sat down at chair near her bed and he said something under his breathe that she couldn’t even hear.

“Come again?” She asked giving him a look, there was something about him that she couldn’t help but like.
“I have feelings for you okay.” He grumbled as he studied her purple carpet. “I really like you and that is against the rules of the disability service.

“When you say like me, in which way?” She smirked as he glanced up at her as she moved over so their knees were touching. He began to blush and she giggled at this.
“I mean in a way I am not supposed to.” He smiled at her giggle and he met her blue gaze, she patted the space on her bed.

He hesitated, his green eyes flicking to the door and he shook his head.
“If someone was to come in…” He frowned and Iviana waved her hand towards the lock, switching it to lock.

Tyson raised an eyebrow but he moved next to her, he started to stroke her light brown hair and he moved his hand around her, pulling her to him. He kissed her gently, still a little hesitant but as she deepened it, he began to relax.

“I want to be your girlfriend.” Iviana whispered, as she moved her hand onto his lap and Tyson flinched in pain. She noticed and she looked confused, she met his eyes and he blinked back some tears as pain shot through his body despite he didn’t want it to.

“I want that too.” He whispered. “I want you so much to be my girlfriend.” he blinked back some tears and he shuddered as he looked down.

“What is scaring you?” She asked. “Who has hurt you?” she brushed her hand through his brown hair and Tyson bit his lip. He had never told anyone what his elder brother did to him and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to.

“I don’t know…I don’t know how to talk about it yet.” He admitted. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt if I told especially you. I care so much about you Ivy. I am strict to protect you.”

Iviana said “No-one has to know about us dating if you don’t want them to know.” as she kissed him gently again and Tyson held her closer, deepening the kiss when he heard his elder brother calling for him and he let out a sigh.

“Why can’t you sleep?” He asked again and Iviana shrugged.
“I just can’t.” She sighed and he got concern. He looked around and found her magical energy level checker in her draw and he checked her magical energy level which showed up as normal. Sometimes high magical energy level could cause the inability to sleep.

He wrapped his arms around her and began to sing softly so she would fall asleep.

The next morning, Iviana noticed he was in a very grumpy mood and she walked over to him, she brushed her hand against his and Tyson blinked as he looked at her. She smiled and walked back to her work.

Tyson walked over to her and he touched her hand with the back of his, he checked what she was working on which was her egg hatching assignment. Her egg was the only one that had yet to hatch which could be because it was a rare species.

“It is coming, it should hatch soon Ivy.” He whispered when his elder brother grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him into his office. Iviana blinked in shock when she heard loud wracking sounds coming from his elder brother’s office.

She had been told by Tyson never to go into his elder brother’s office but she walked in, she saw Tyson against a wall being lashed by whips. She hissed as she tapped into her feline powers and she shoot fire at his elder brother.

Tyson turned around in shock and she snarled as his elder brother approached her, she lashed her tail and Tyson shook his head.
“NO!” He cried as he run for her but his elder brother closed the office door, he looked at Iviana with a smirk.

“So tell me little lass, you wanna witness what I do to Tyson, do you?” His elder brother asked as he threw Tyson against the wall.
“Leave.him.alone.” Iviana pounced for his elder brother but was thrown against the wall next to Tyson. She grabbed Tyson’s arm and managed to teleport him to her room.

“You shouldn’t have come in. He could have…” Tyson took deep breathe as tears rolled down his face. “I can’t…” he began to shake hard. Iviana wrapped her arms around him and saw that he had had pain magic used on him.

She heard loud footsteps coming towards her room and she locked the door. Tyson closed his eyes leaning against her, he kept on shaking as his elder brother demanded for Iviana to let him. Just then Tyson let out a cry of pain as more pain magic went through his body.

He buried his face into his hands and let out a sob. Iviana began to think, she had to get him somewhere safe and quick.

“Tyson, I am taking you somewhere safe.” She whispered as she rubbed his back and teleported to her own secret house. This used lots of magical energy but she couldn’t bear seeing Tyson in so much pain.

Tyson stumbled to a nearby bathroom and threw up into the toilet. Iviana blinked as stars danced around her eyes and she sat on her bed, tiredness rushing over her.

“Ivy…” Tyson lifted her with some pain into his arms and he felt she was starting to shiver which was a sign of low magical energy.

He got a magical energy drink from her fridge and gave it to her, he helped her to take small sips which only resulted in her throwing it back up. He whispered “You shouldn’t done this, you shouldn’t have used so much magical energy for me.”

Guilt made his pain even worse and Iviana looked at him, she shook her head and she kissed him so deeply.
“I wanted to protect you.” She whispered. “I want to protect you Ty.” She watched as he made up a special drink and that helped her get her energy levels back.

The next month

Tyson had been extremely strict and grumpy lately, with all the clients. Iviana frowned and she wished she could figured out what was going on. She knew that he and his elder brother had gone away for a week but he refused to talk to her even at midnight.

He ignored her for most of the time and Iviana wondered if he had lost any feelings that he had for her. She mewed softly one night as she walked to his bedroom and she mewed at the door before she placed down her Ruby necklace that he had given her.

She had been offered a job in the Navy and she had accepted it. Despite her magical disabilities, they said she had skills that they could use.

“Tyson.” She called softly. “Ty, can we talk please?”
“Go away Iviana. Get back to bed.” Tyson snapped and Iviana mewed in reply.
“Yes sir.” She replied before she teleported back to her bedroom and she picked up the letter that had a number to accept the offer.

Tyson’s heart ached, Iviana had never used that word with him before and he curled up against his bedroom, she was his whole world but right now he wanted nothing. Not even food, he just wanted the pain to go away. So much pain.

He wanted to cry for Iviana to come back to his bedroom and he stumbled out, he made his way to her bedroom and he opened the door but then lost his balance. He hit the ground quite hard which startled Iviana.

She looked at him, she frowned but hesitated for a few moments before she run to his side. With some difficulties, she helped him to her bed and locked her door, placing up a magical barrier around the room.

Tyson shut his eyes tight and soft whimpers came out of the side of his mouth. The pain felt like his body was gonna explode but he was safe, he felt safe with Iviana. She was his safe place and he threw up into her rubbish bin.

“Don’t go…need you.” He managed to say before throwing up again. “Please, I need you Ivy. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Iviana sat down and she helped him to rinse his mouth out and began to stroke his hair slowly, he pulled her into his arms and he whispered “That week, Iviana. That week was just plain awful. He hurt me so badly and he let my parents…” he shivered a little bit. “I wished I had came to you sooner.”

“Ty, will you let me to help you shower and get into some clean clothes?” She asked softly as she realized the clothes that he was wearing was what he was wearing when he had left.

Tyson nodded numbly and Iviana decided it was easier for him to have a spa bath. She called for his pajamas to come to her using a new power of hers, she scowled as she only got his bottoms and top but no boxers.

“It’s fine. Don’t need boxers.” He muttered. “Hurts too much to wear anyway.”

Iviana blinked back tears as she undressed him to see how much bruises and wounds there was, she would suggest a hospital but she knew that wouldn’t go down well, not at the moment. She cleaned his wounds up the best she could and helped him wash before getting him into his pajamas.

Right now he needed sleep and they could talk about hospitals in the morning, she laid him down and went to sleep on her couch.

“No, Ivy.” Tyson sat up slowly and he reached for her, “Please.” he looked exhausted and Iviana tilted her head before she walked over and climbed into the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and breathed in her strawberry and lemon scent which came from the shampoo that she used.

Iviana kissed him as she laid into his arms and Tyson relaxed.

“I love you Ivy. Please remember that, even when I don’t act like I do.” He whispered as he stroked her hair and he gave a rare smile. “You are my world and my moon. You are what keeps me going when things are like this, pain and fear. You are the light in the darkness for me.”

She smiled as she cuddled against him and whispered “I love you too, Ty. Please let me help you, I want you to come to me instead of trying to hide away like you do. Forget everyone else, our love is right and nothing can beat it.”

He nodded and let out a yawn, as he began to fall asleep holding her against him and once he had fallen asleep, she did too.

The End


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