Sea Moon Cafe

Caliana grumbled about the weather channel was never right. She walked to Sea Moon Cafe where she worked, her black hair was getting soaked by the pouring down rain.

By the time she got to the back entry of the cafe, her silver wings were soaked nearly to the bone.

As she walked in, her duty manager Sagion noticed and he grabbed a towel and began to dry off her wings for her.

She flipped her wings and she said “The Star Festival is on tonight.”

She walked to their office and slipped on her dark blue apron.

Sagion said “Yes and we will be opened the longest out of the cafes.”

Caliana gave a nod and she noticed the deliveries had came in, as she opened them, she grinned seeing that new Starindors had came in.

Starindors were mini pegasus chocolates and unicorn chocolates. Sagion started to decorate the cafe for the Star Festival which was on that night.

The phone rang which made Sagion tensed up and Caliana picked up the phone. She looked puzzled because whoever was on the phone hanged up on her.

She saw fear in Sagion’s blue eyes but before she could say anything, breakfast rush had began.

“Sagion, Pegasus Drinks need to be taken off the menu.” Caliana said as she made what seemed to be the 50th time.

Sagion laughed when the phone rang again, his stomach flipped out of nervousness and Caliana picked it up. Once again, the caller hang up.

“Okay Sage, I want to know what is happening and I want to know now. Is it Abigail calling?” Caliana asked through thought messaging.

Sagion swallowed back a lump as he sent back, “Yes. Been for a month.”

Caliana looked shocked and she felt so mad that one of the chocolate machines blew.

Sagion walked over and he stroked her wings.

“I am okay.” He reassured her.

Caliana said “Would feel better if we lived together.”

“Well…that could be a possibility.” Sagion said thoughtfully.

“Meaning?” Caliana aksed as another customer ordered another Pegasus Drink. She gave a look as she poured the 20 spoons of sugar into a cup.

Sagion shook his head as he wondered how possibly the customers were drinking these Pegasus Drinks.

Sagion saw a lady with long wavy blonde hair and red eyes. She walked up to him and asked “Where is Arabelle?”

Arabelle was Sagion’s 2 and half years old daughter.

He saw Caliana glaring at Abigail and a nearby plant was starting to smoke.

“Abigail, I would suggest you leave…” There was hint of anger in Caliana’s voice.

Sagion moved near Caliana. Abigail looked at them and said “Watch out Sagion, you don’t know what is coming. I will have custody of Arabelle.”

She flicked her hand and Sagion let out a cry of pain as pain magic swirled around him.

A plant blew as Caliana’s anger went over the top and plant roots, leaf and dirt flew around the place.

Sagion leaned against Caliana as she helped him to their office.

He wanted to complain that he was fine but if he spoke, he would throw up. Caliana could feel him shaking.

Once she laid Sagion down onto his overnight bed, she called Arabelle’s daycare to make sure that Arabelle was still there and organized for Sagion’s twin brother Samson to pick her up and bring her to the cafe.

Sagion began to shake badly due to the migraine building up and Caliana gave him, a Dragon Dust Juice.

She saw Samson come in and he put Arabelle into a playpen.

“Arabelle is here, bro. How can I help you?” Samson told Sagion who muttered, “Manage Cafe. Ara is safe?”

“Yes, Ara is safe.” Samson said as he put Arabelle, next to Sagion.

Arabelle cuddled against Sagion who gave a weak smile.

He sipped on the juice while Caliana held Arabelle who babbled away. She placed the playpen near the overnight bed and put Arabelle in it.

“Cal! Cal! I feel really sick!” He looked panicked, Caliana grabbed the nearby rubbish bin.


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