July Nanowrimo Plans

Title: Phoenix Ocean Crime Squad

Word Goal: 20,000

Synopsis: Phoenix Ocean Crime Squad handles magical crime in Australia

Genre: Crime Fantasy

Main Characters:







Character List:

Rafael- Crime Unit Chief/Senior Supervisory Special Agent

Tempest- Senior Supervisory Special Agent

Keith- Supervisory Special Agent

Piper- Supervisory Special Agent ~Main

Elliot- Supervisory Special Agent ~Main

Saskia- Supervisory Special Agent ~Main

Colin- Communications Liaison

Matilda- Communications Liaison

Torin- Tech Analyst ~Main

Anabel- Tech Analyst

Kaiden- Linguistics Expert

Brielle- Undercover Agent ~Main

Ethan- Forensic Psychologist

Iviana- Fugitive Task Force Agent

Nathaniel- International Unit Chief ~Villian

Emilia- Cultural Anthropologist ~Villian

Cassius- Special Operations Agent

Zoielle- Medical Examiner

Levian- Mossad Officer ~Main

Eliana- Computer Specialist

Gareth- Secret Intelligence Service Officer ~Villian

Alessia- Detective

Philip- Forensic Scientist ~Villian

Alana- Crime Scene Investigator

Kieran- Forensic Psychologist ~Villian

Sophia- Pathologist ~Villian

~Magical Crimes ~

  • Illegal use of Time Travelling
  • Improper Use of Magic to Commit Crimes
  • Dark Magic
  • Fraud by Magic
  • Raising the dead without permit (This has caused Zombie Outbreaks)
  • Divination without permit/ Used for Gambling
  • Speaking with Dead Spirits without permission
  • Impersonation by Illusion
  • Temporary Transmogrification to make False Reports
  • Improper Dumping of Potions
  • Using and/or Selling Illegal Magical Items on the Black Market
  • Creating Illegal Magical Items
  • Use of Magic to Abuse others or commit Terriorism, Murder or other crime against others.
  • Use of Potions to Poison
  • Use of Fire Power to Cause Arson
  • Using Magic Control without a Permit! This power can be used to make someone against their control.


  • Keeping Illegal Magical Creatures without Permit
  • Underage Magical Use
  • Flying in No Flight Zone
  • Hunting of Protected Magical Animals
  • Capture of Magical Animals under Protection
  • Teleportation of Illegal Goods
  • Magical Narcotics
  • Curses!
  • Telepathic Energy Theft
  • Theft through Teleportation
  • Use of Psychic/Mind Control to win contests
  • Sending Someone to the Underworld
  • Using Magic for Financial Gain


Character Details

Name: Piper Mia Night

Pronounced: Pi-per Mi-a Nig-ht

Age: 28

Nickname: Pip

Birthday: 9/11/3173

Occupation: Supervisory Special Agent

Species: Feline Human

Significant Others: Torin Spencer Estes

Family: Four years old sister called Alyson and a two year old sister called Imogen- She has custody.

Physical Description: Wavy Light Blonde Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, a Dragon Tattoo on her back. She wears a Black Leather Bulletproof Jacket, a White T-shirt, Blue Jeans and a Gold Hello Moon Ring.

Personality: She is curious about everything, very generous and wants to help everyone, she has a big temper however and is known to accidentally activate her fire powers out of anger.

Sexuality: Straight

Voice: Has a Russian Accent


  • Theme Parks
  • Dogs
  • Ice Cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • Psychology
  • Photography


  • Babies
  • Tea
  • The Beach
  • Lattes
  • Boats
  • Dresses

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