July Nano 17

~Night Stars Crime Squad handles both normal and magical crimes in the magical and tech run towns of the popular Night Stars City. These are their stories.~

Madielle hummed as she walked into Night Stars Crime Headquarters to find that her work partner Connor was pacing, he had his hands in the pockets of his black police jacket and his head was bowed down.

“Con, what is wrong?” Madielle walked up to him and he looked at her from the corner of his right eye. He reached for her, she took his hand and he pulled her into his arms.

Connor held her close and Madielle frowned at just how much he was shaking.

“My old unit is helping out with a case.” His voice was huskier then normal. “She is here. I don’t- Madi…”

He was distressed as he remembered how his old work partner Abigail abandoned him during an undercover case.

Madielle met his hazel eyes and she said “Listen to me Con, I will not let them hurt you.”

Connor nodded but he swallowed as they walked into the meeting room which was only two doors down.

As they entered the room, Connor turned to Madielle.

“Madi, I’m about to lose my Breakfast Burrito.” He warned between swallows, Madielle was thankful that their office was next door. She took him into the office and Connor leaned against her as she sat her down onto their couch after locking the door.

= Four years ago=

Connor was on an undercover case as a Dragon Meth Dealer. Dragon Meth was ten times worse then Crystal Meth.

He was waiting for a ‘customer’ on the side of an alleyway but unknown ot him, the worst gang in the planet of Stalaxy was planning an attack on him.

Dragons began to surround him and out of fear, Connor called for back up using his mobile.

“You are blocked from calling this number.” The phone told him and he dropped his phone as pain hit him like a thousand time before he blacked out.

=Back to present time=

Madielle was stroking his brown hair as he came out of his flashback, and he gave her a weak smile.

She was so different to Abigail who in his eyes was pure evil, Madielle never told him to ‘snap out’ of his panic attacks of his flashbacks, and he knew for certain that Madielle would never abandon him.

“What do you want to do?” She asked, concern in her ice blue eyes. “Do you want to go home?”

They had been house mates for one year but Connor always got to work first because as a Senior Supervisory Agent, he always had tons of more paperwork then Madielle.

“I want to stay.” Connor decided after a few minutes of silence. “I hear that there are missing Phoenix Eggs in Mountain Dust City.”

He followed Madielle into the meeting room and sat with her in the back of the room.

Abigail noticed him and walked over to them, Connor moved closer to Madielle and he clutched onto her hand. THe purple checkered carpet was quite interesting at this point.

“Who is this Connor? Or should I call you Conny?” Abigail asked in a thick french accent. Connor HATED being called Conny because his elder brother would call him while beating him up as a kid.

“Connor, Madielle. Here are your keys.” Antonio, the BAU Unit Chief could see how uncomfortable that Connor was. The keys floated into Madielle’s hands.

Due to her proneness to car sickness, she drove to the cases most of the time.

First, they went home to pack some things since Mountain Dust City was a four weeks drive.

Connor had a shower, he was attempting to wash away his nausea while Madielle packed for both of them.

She looked up in alarm hearing a crash coming from the shower which was next to her bedroom.

“Con?” She opened the bathroom door to find him in a complete panic attack.

“Madi!” His voice sounded strained. “Madi, she is going to hurt me again.” His eyes were widened in pure fear.

She got a dark blue towel, wrapping it around him after she turned off the shower.

Connor blinked, his head was beginning to pound and he tried not to sob out of pain.

“Let’s get going.” His voice almost broke as he was close to breaking into tears but he fought against them. He was NOT going to cry.

Madielle let out a sigh but helped him to stand up. He got dressed before they went to the front door to go to the car.

Pain swirled him as he attempted to walk but started to stumble. Madielle began to get a feeling that she should take him to the hospital but Connor was extremely stubborn.

She pondered if she should call his younger brother Brian who was a doctor and she took his arm.

“Con, are you sure that you are up to this?” She asked concerned.

Connor gave her a look of reassurement but before he could say anything, things began to spin and he passed out in Madielle’s arms. She hit her bracelet telling it to call 366 which was the Stalaxy Emergency Number.

She followed the ambulance to the Night Stars Hospital where Brian met her.

“He has a brain injury.” Brian explained to her as she sat near the room where Connor was being worked on.

“I didn’t see him get injured but he has been acting irritable, all day.” Madielle frowned.

Connor woke up a few hours later and he began to scream out of anger.

“I can’t believe you bought me here! Why did…” he was glaring daggers at Abigail who had walked in. “THIS WAS YOUR FAULT! I NEED MADI!”

Madielle heard his screams where she was in the toilets. She rushed to his room and found that Connor was attempting to leave.

“Bro sit! You have a fucking head injury which means you CAN DIE! This would mean you would LEAVE MADIELLE ALONE! DO YOU WANT her to be ALONE!” Brian had gone past the I care about being professional point.

Connor went quiet and he looked at Madielle who stood there.

“I fell off my dragon and hit the concrete, head first.” He admitted.

Madielle helped him lie down and he cuddled against her side.

~It’s okay to cry.~ She told him through brain messages.

Connor pushed into her side more and he said “Make Abigail leave.”

He was in the hospital for two weeks but for some reason, he got Madielle banned from his room.

2 weeks later

Madielle was in their office. She was ignoring her paperwork pile and she looked up as her paperwork to burn, her powers had been activating without her meaning them to.

Connor passed on the way to the coffee machine, he paused before he walked in and he used his powers to put out the burning pile.

“Hey.” Madielle didn’t met his eyes and her shoulders slumped.

“I am sorry that I banned you from my hospital room.” Connor walked over to her. “I was having physical outbursts and I was scared of hurting you.”

Madielle flinched as papers began to fly around the place and Connor sat next to her. He got her magical energy level tester but Madielle tried to move away which was completely not like her.

“Madi, what is wrong?” He asked placing the magical energy level tester on her desk.

“Elaina has come back.” It was Torin who answered his question.

Elaina was Connor’s first Night Stars work partner and unknown to the others, he was happy when she had left.

Connor wrapped his arms around Madielle and he took her into his arms, he held her as he sat on their couch.

Madielle tried to pulla way and she attempted to punch him. She began to yell in a mixture of Russian, Spanish and Stalaxist (Language of hte planet Stalaxy).

“Madi, you are my partner. No-one else.” Connor reassured her, stroking her hair.


“Elaina bashed me up daily when no-one was looking.” Connor held Madielle even closer.

Torin was quiet and he sat down, Connor has been his best mate since grade 2.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Torin asked.

“She said she…” Connor sighed, he noticed Madielle had fallen asleep.

He took her magical energy level which was low but not border low.

He took her home and settled her into bed.

Elaina was back which meant life was about to get interesting, scaringly interesting.

The End

Madielle was doing her paperwork finally when she heard Connor and Zoey yelling at each other.

They were always fighting; Zoey was Connor’s twin sister but they NEVER got on. Madielle went to see what they were arguing about, THIS TIME.

She went to the break room and found Connor leaning against the break room table.

“Hey Madielle, Connor wants to date you!” Zoey singsonged.

“SHUT UP, Zoey!” Connor was breathing heavily.

“Well, I want to date Connor too.” Madielle said and Connor blinked.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes Con. You are my everything.” Madielle told him when Zoey pulled a gun and shot Madielle.

Brian was unprepared as Connor rushed into the Night Stars Hospital.

“BRIAN, SAVE HER! PLEASE SAVE HER! DO SOMETHING!” Connor thursted Madielle into Brian’s arms. “SAVE HER, PLEASE!”

There was a neck wound that was bleeding quite badly. Brian got her into a bed straight away and Connor began to pace.

He sat on the ground and stared at the doctors working on Madielle. His world felt like it was falling apart. The doctors stopped working, the machines had flat lines and Brian shook his head.

“Time of death: 7:50am.” Brian said and Connor shrieked in pure pain and anger.

“No!” Connor sobbed. “You should have saved her. You should have….No! No!” tears fell as his world fell apart.

Four years later

Connor had gotten a new partner by the name of Kaliana, she was very different to Madielle.

She had brown-blonde hair and amber eyes and she was quite tough.

“Connor, Kaliana. You have a case in Sun Star City!” Antonio called. Kaliana walked out of her office but hesitated as she waited for Connor who was at the loo.

“Send Connor with Torin. He doesn’t want to work with me.” Kaliana sighed, her blue wings flickered.

“That is not true Kaliana. He is still healing over Madielle’s death.” Antonio told her.

“I still miss my old work partner Hunter.” Kaliana admitted. “He died five years ago in Iraq on Earth.”

Connor walked up to her and he asked “Does the pain ever get better?”

“A little bit everyday.” Kaliana told him. “I don’t want to replace Madielle.”

That night Kaliana was under Snowy Leaf Bridge where she slept when Connor spotted her.

“Kaliana, do you sleep here?” Connor asked concerned.

“Yes.” She glanced up from her box, she was exhausted.

“Come with me. I have a spare room that you can have.” Connor offered.

“Are you sure?” Kaliana asked.

“Yes Kali. I am sure.” Connor helped her to her feet when he kissed her.

Kaliana deepened the kiss and Connor held her close, he moved his hands through her hair.

“You know, you can just sleep with me in my bed.” Connor said. Kaliana smiled as she went with him to his car, he laid his hand on her knee as he drove to his house.

Kaliana sat on her bed as Connor got into his boxers shorts and flinched as he tried taking his shirt off cause of an injured shoulder.

“Want help?” Kaliana asked and Connor nodded. He sat on the bed and Kaliana quite gently lifted off his shirt.

She looked shocked at the bruises and wounds on his shoulder.

“My twin sister Zoey did it. She is part demon.” Connor sighed.

Kaliana got a first aid kit and cleaned up his shoulder and bandaged it.

Connor kissed her again as she cleaned up his other wounds.

“Breathe Nor.” She soothed and Connor began to calm down.

He laid tiredly, he pulled her into his arms and she snuggled into the comfortable blankets.

For the first time in a very long time, she was sleeping in a very safe place.

The next day, they started the drive to Sun Star City where there was missing Dragon Eggs.

Kaliana studied the Dragon nests. The dragon nests were extremely untidied and missing gems that would help them hatch. The owners Lucio and Pandora were trying to calm down the parent dragons- Sahir and Neola who, as you may imagine were distressed over their missing eggs.

“Connor! Kaliana!” It was Torin and Milla from outside.

They went out to see six Night Star Agents has been turned into preteens!

Ailani was eight years old, Celeste was 11 years old, Eliana was ten years old, Cash was seven years old, Jaiden was twelve years old and Kaiden was nine years old.

“Dragon Eggs can be used for age reversing guns.” Lucio said quietly, sadness swirled in his eyes. “The egg thief would have the antidote.”

“Okay.” Antonio said. “Connor, Kaliana, Torin, Gracina, Niko and Sienna. You are on baby sitting duties. Make it as fun as possible. I have booked you some hotel rooms. COnnor I know that you have nightmares so you and Kaliana won’t have night time duties.”

To be continued

-Night Stars Disability Centre is an in living centre for those with magical powers and demigods-

It was a new year for Nights Stars Disability Centre, the support workers were settling in new clients.

Team Saturn clients were watching their staff members Phillip and Shannan talk to the new clients.

“Distract them.” Natalia signed to Phoenix who used his phone to hack into Team Jupiter house’s fire alarm.

The staff members rushed to see what was happening.

While they were busy. Ramona and Natalia found every source of money on the campus including wallets; Zoielle and Phoenix got the keys to the director Hazel’s mustang. Ethan and Derek met them and had gotten the secretary Lucy’s keys to her Mercedes.

They drove down to the Night Stars Cruise Terminal. They book cabins on the P+O Dragon Lines.

Two hours later

Phillip and Shannan went back to Team Saturn House. Phillip shrieked in horror to see that it was completely empty.

“Oh Hades! No! No! No!” Phillip panicked. “We lost them AGAIN!”

“Excuse me?” Shannan asked. “I have never lost the clients, that was my twin!”

“Sure…” Phillip rolled his eyes. “Well, we must find…Oh hey mum. How are you? Had a good coffee?” as Hazel walked in.

“Nothings wrong.” Shannan rambled. “The clients are out shopping with Team Griffins.”

“I didn’t ask anything.” Hazel looked at Phillip and she gave him the mothery look.

“We lost the clients.” Phillip blurted cowering under the look.

Shannan punched him the arm and then tried to merge into the carpet as Hazel glared at him.

“You have a month to FIND THEM!” Hazel growled. “One Month and you will take the age reversing injections.”

“We will go with them.” Lindsay and Gracina walked in with Jaiden and Celeste.

The clients were at the popular cruise restaurant, ‘All you can chow down on Restaurant’.

Ramona ordered: Spaghetti Bowl, Chocolate Melting Bowl and Coca Cola.

Natalia decided to buy: A massive seafood basket with Lobster; Calamari; Chips; Lemon; Chocolate Mud Cake and Coca Cola.

Zoielle chose to order: Big Macs, KFC, Meat Balls Subways and Fanta.

Phoenix ordered EVERYTHING from the entire menu including drinks and desserts.

Ethan decided to get: Cooked Asparagus, Avocado on Toast with Salmon and Cottage Cheese, Cooked Barracuda with Lemon and Black Tea.

Derek ordered: Bourbon, Cannelloni, Carrot Cake, a Casserole, Cherry Alcohol, some Chocolate Croissants and Custard Tarts.

The price went up to: $800 dollars and 40 cents on Shannan’s card.

He got an alert and almost fainted.

He got the #1 Reverse Aging injections out of a locked cabrient, they would turn the clients into children between the ages of seven and thirteen years old.

“That is a bit harsh isn’t it?” Phillip asked slightly concerned.

“They must learn from their actions.” Shannan told him. “They got 36 credit cards in their proession. There is a lot of things they can do with that much. Ten is unlimited credit cards.”

Night Stars Crime Squad were busy with lots of cases. One being missing children from the ages of seven years old and twelve years old.

Kaliana was quiet as Connor drove. He glanced sideways at her and asked “Kaliana, are you okay?”

“You don’t want me as your partner.” Kaliana muttered. “You don’t care.”

Connor pulled onto the side of the room and he said “I want you as my partner and I do care.”

“That is not what Torin told me.” Kaliana’s head was pounding and she closed her eyes tightly.
“What hurts?” He asked gently.

“My head.” She breathed in and out slowly.

Connor frowned and asked “Where do you live?”

“Truthfully?” She opened her eyes slightly.

“Yes.” Connor said quite worried by now.

“I live under the Star Ocean Bridge.” Kaliana whispered tearfully.

Connor thought quietly for a few seconds before he offered “Kaliana; Kali, I have a spare room. Please I want you take the room.”

“Are you sure?” Her voice was shaky.

“Yes, I am sure.” Connor reached out and stroked her brown- blonde hair.

“Okay, I’ll take the room.” She swallowed and Connor felt her head.

She was not burning up at least.

“Do you have headaches often?” Connor asked as he drove home.

“Yes, Dragon Headaches.” Kaliana explained.


Connor stared at Kaliana’s hospital bed, how could he had pushed her away when she seriously needed him. He missed his old work partner Madielle but she had gone to the stars now.

Kaliana had never pushed and never complained when he wanted to work with one of their male co-workers.

But this night, she needed him to be HER partner. She had NEVER begged him so much in her life and he pushed back.

That was when her ex husband attacked her.

Connor got up and he went to the coffee machine, he made himself a brew and sat back down, sipping at it. He was not going to leave her again! He was going to treat her like he had treated Madielle. That was what Madielle would have wanted.

A few hours later

Tip, Tap, Tip, Tap. Connor woke up to find that he had fallen asleep and he glanced at Kaliana who had woken up. Rain was falling gently down on the hospital room windows.

“Hey Kaliana, do you need anything?” He asked.

Kaliana glared at him and turned on her side despite of the pain that she felt. But most were emotional pain.

“I am so sorry Kaliana, I should have been there for you.” Connor apologized.

Her leopard ears flattened and she didn’t reply, she couldn’t at this time. She could hardly speak when she was upset but she turned so she was looking at him, she reached for his hand and Connor took her hand, stroking it.

~Do you mean that?~ She asked through a brain message and Connor moved as close as possible without dislodging her IV drip.

“I do mean that Kali. I mean that.” He hated the pain that he had caused her. “I was being selfish and putting myself first when you needed me.”

~I am not trying to replace Madielle. I don’t want to replace her.~ Kaliana tried to reassure him. ~Nor, I just want to help you on cases. I know you will never like me so I will just be an annoying fly who is required to work with you until my unit comes back for me.~
“You are not annoying and I do like you. What do you mean by when your unit comes back for you?” Connor asked.

Kaliana looked down and she let out a sigh.

~I am tired.~ She messaged and Connor walked around the bed before moving on and with lots of gently movement, lifted her into his arms, stroking her hair until she fell asleep.

She was out of the hospital after four weeks.

Kaliana was eating a Spinach and Feta Muffin under the Star Ocean Bridge where she lived. She took a sip of Coconut Water.

Connor spotted on her as he walked to work, it concerned him deeply to see that Kaliana was sitting in a cardboard box. He walked over to see what she was doing.

“Hi Kali, What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I live here.” Kaliana explained.

Connor almost dropped his Americano Coffee as he said “Kali, take my spare room. You can’t sleep out here.”

“Only if you let me pay you rent.” Kaliana said.

“Do you like dogs?” Connor asked.

“Yes.” Kaliana said as she followed Connor to a nearby cafe.

“I foster police puppies, I need help taking care of them.” Connor said.

“Sounds good, are you okay?” Kaliana asked.

Connor gave a nod.

But that night, he was hit by a dragon headache.

Connor laid on his couch, his head was pounding like hell. Dragon headaches were worse than migraines and he sobbed while Kaliana held him close, he stroked his light blue wings and she used a cold cloth to wipe his forehead down.

“There are…there is some banana bread in the cupboard in the kitchen.” Connor muttered as he tried to sit up. Kaliana helped him and he went to the cupboard, finding a container of small banana bread pieces.

She picked it up and walked over to him, she handed him the contrainer and checked his forehead, it was warm but not too warm.

“My comfort food.” He said exhausted eating three pieces before he closed his eyes, placing the container down on the living room table and Kaliana helped him to his room, helping him into bed and he muttered “Stay with me Kali, please.” which she did.

The next day, Kaliana hummed as she shifted through clothes in the popular store D-mart (Dragon Mart). She looked up to hear co-workers Connor and Torin talking.

“I really want Madielle back. Kaliana is just so difficult to work with.” Connor sighed. Kaliana frowned as she listened.

“I know she is different to Madielle, why did you ask her to live with you?” Torin asked as he studied a blue pineapple doorstop.

“I felt bad for her.” Connor sighed.

Kaliana was so busy listening that she knocked the whole rack of wing covers over and Connor jumped so Kaliana teleported fast to a different shop where she felt like she was about to cry.

She wasn’t going to, surely her unit was going to come for her…soon, hopefully. She just had to stay with Connor until her Dragon Space Army Unit found her.

That night

Heat from the rubbish bin fire warmed Kaliana, once she heard what Connor had said about her, she had decided to go back to the bridge that she used to live under with her stuff.

She settled in her box and wrapped an sleeping bag around herself, lighting the rubbish bin and she blinked back some tears. Coming here was a bad idea, joining Night Stars Crime Squad was a bad idea.

If only her unit would come already and take her back into their headquarters.

Connor however, unknown to her had been having a flashback which he explained once he had found her under the bridge. He told her not to play any attention to any mean things that he had said and she moved back in with him.

The end.


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