Camp nano 17 update

~Night Stars Crime Squad handles both normal and magical crimes in the magical and tech run towns of the popular Night Stars City. These are their stories.~

Madielle hummed as she walked into Night Stars Crime Headquarters to find that her work partner Connor was pacing, he had his hands in the pockets of his black police jacket and his head was bowed down.

“Con, what is wrong?” Madielle walked up to him and he looked at her from the corner of his right eye. He reached for her, she took his hand and he pulled her into his arms.

Connor held her close and Madielle frowned at just how much he was shaking.

“My old unit is helping out with a case.” His voice was huskier then normal. “She is here. I don’t- Madi…”

He was distressed as he remembered how his old work partner Abigail abandoned him during an undercover case.

Madielle met his hazel eyes and she said “Listen to me Con, I will not let them hurt you.”

Connor nodded but he swallowed as they walked into the meeting room which was only two doors down.

As they entered the room, Connor turned to Madielle.

“Madi, I’m about to lose my Breakfast Burrito.” He warned between swallows, Madielle was thankful that their office was next door. She took him into the office and Connor leaned against her as she sat her down onto their couch after locking the door.

= Four years ago=

Connor was on an undercover case as a Dragon Meth Dealer. Dragon Meth was ten times worse then Crystal Meth.

He was waiting for a ‘customer’ on the side of an alleyway but unknown ot him, the worst gang in the planet of Stalaxy was planning an attack on him.

Dragons began to surround him and out of fear, Connor called for back up using his mobile.

“You are blocked from calling this number.” The phone told him and he dropped his phone as pain hit him like a thousand time before he blacked out.

=Back to present time=

Madielle was stroking his brown hair as he came out of his flashback, and he gave her a weak smile.

She was so different to Abigail who in his eyes was pure evil, Madielle never told him to ‘snap out’ of his panic attacks of his flashbacks, and he knew for certain that Madielle would never abandon him.

“What do you want to do?” She asked, concern in her ice blue eyes. “Do you want to go home?”

They had been house mates for one year but Connor always got to work first because as a Senior Supervisory Agent, he always had tons of more paperwork then Madielle.

“I want to stay.” Connor decided after a few minutes of silence. “I hear that there are missing Phoenix Eggs in Mountain Dust City.”

He followed Madielle into the meeting room and sat with her in the back of the room.

Abigail noticed him and walked over to them, Connor moved closer to Madielle and he clutched onto her hand. THe purple checkered carpet was quite interesting at this point.

“Who is this Connor? Or should I call you Conny?” Abigail asked in a thick french accent. Connor HATED being called Conny because his elder brother would call him while beating him up as a kid.

“Connor, Madielle. Here are your keys.” Antonio, the BAU Unit Chief could see how uncomfortable that Connor was. The keys floated into Madielle’s hands.

Due to her proneness to car sickness, she drove to the cases most of the time.

First, they went home to pack some things since Mountain Dust City was a four weeks drive.

Connor had a shower, he was attempting to wash away his nausea while Madielle packed for both of them.

She looked up in alarm hearing a crash coming from the shower which was next to her bedroom.

“Con?” She opened the bathroom door to find him in a complete panic attack.

“Madi!” His voice sounded strained. “Madi, she is going to hurt me again.” His eyes were widened in pure fear.

She got a dark blue towel, wrapping it around him after she turned off the shower.

Connor blinked, his head was beginning to pound and he tried not to sob out of pain.

“Let’s get going.” His voice almost broke as he was close to breaking into tears but he fought against them. He was NOT going to cry.

Madielle let out a sigh but helped him to stand up. He got dressed before they went to the front door to go to the car.

Pain swirled him as he attempted to walk but started to stumble. Madielle began to get a feeling that she should take him to the hospital but Connor was extremely stubborn.

She pondered if she should call his younger brother Brian who was a doctor and she took his arm.

“Con, are you sure that you are up to this?” She asked concerned.

Connor gave her a look of reassurement but before he could say anything, things began to spin and he passed out in Madielle’s arms. She hit her bracelet telling it to call 366 which was the Stalaxy Emergency Number.

She followed the ambulance to the Night Stars Hospital where Brian met her.

“He has a brain injury.” Brian explained to her as she sat near the room where Connor was being worked on.

“I didn’t see him get injured but he has been acting irritable, all day.” Madielle frowned.

Connor woke up a few hours later and he began to scream out of anger.

“I can’t believe you bought me here! Why did…” he was glaring daggers at Abigail who had walked in. “THIS WAS YOUR FAULT! I NEED MADI!”

Madielle heard his screams where she was in the toilets. She rushed to his room and found that Connor was attempting to leave.

“Bro sit! You have a fucking head injury which means you CAN DIE! This would mean you would LEAVE MADIELLE ALONE! DO YOU WANT her to be ALONE!” Brian had gone past the I care about being professional point.

Connor went quiet and he looked at Madielle who stood there.

“I fell off my dragon and hit the concrete, head first.” He admitted.

Madielle helped him lie down and he cuddled against her side.

~It’s okay to cry.~ She told him through brain messages.

Connor pushed into her side more and he said “Make Abigail leave.”

He was in the hospital for two weeks but for some reason, he got Madielle banned from his room.

2 weeks later

Madielle was in their office. She was ignoring her paperwork pile and she looked up as her paperwork to burn, her powers had been activating without her meaning them to.

Connor passed on the way to the coffee machine, he paused before he walked in and he used his powers to put out the burning pile.

“Hey.” Madielle didn’t met his eyes and her shoulders slumped.

“I am sorry that I banned you from my hospital room.” Connor walked over to her. “I was having physical outbursts and I was scared of hurting you.”

Madielle flinched as papers began to fly around the place and Connor sat next to her. He got her magical energy level tester but Madielle tried to move away which was completely not like her.

“Madi, what is wrong?” He asked placing the magical energy level tester on her desk.

“Elaina has come back.” It was Torin who answered his question.

Elaina was Connor’s first Night Stars work partner and unknown to the others, he was happy when she had left.

Connor wrapped his arms around Madielle and he took her into his arms, he held her as he sat on their couch.

Madielle tried to pulla way and she attempted to punch him. She began to yell in a mixture of Russian, Spanish and Stalaxist (Language of hte planet Stalaxy).

“Madi, you are my partner. No-one else.” Connor reassured her, stroking her hair.


“Elaina bashed me up daily when no-one was looking.” Connor held Madielle even closer.

Torin was quiet and he sat down, Connor has been his best mate since grade 2.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Torin asked.

“She said she…” Connor sighed, he noticed Madielle had fallen asleep.

He took her magical energy level which was low but not border low.

He took her home and settled her into bed.

Elaina was back which meant life was about to get interesting, scaringly interesting.

The End

Madielle was doing her paperwork finally when she heard Connor and Zoey yelling at each other.

They were always fighting; Zoey was Connor’s twin sister but they NEVER got on. Madielle went to see what they were arguing about, THIS TIME.

She went to the break room and found Connor leaning against the break room table.

“Hey Madielle, Connor wants to date you!” Zoey singsonged.

“SHUT UP, Zoey!” Connor was breathing heavily.

“Well, I want to date Connor too.” Madielle said and Connor blinked.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes Con. You are my everything.” Madielle told him when Zoey pulled a gun and shot Madielle.

Brian was unprepared as Connor rushed into the Night Stars Hospital.

“BRIAN, SAVE HER! PLEASE SAVE HER! DO SOMETHING!” Connor thursted Madielle into Brian’s arms. “SAVE HER, PLEASE!”

There was a neck wound that was bleeding quite badly. Brian got her into a bed straight away and Connor began to pace.

He sat on the ground and stared at the doctors working on Madielle. His world felt like it was falling apart. The doctors stopped working, the machines had flat lines and Brian shook his head.

“Time of death: 7:50am.” Brian said and Connor shrieked in pure pain and anger.

“No!” Connor sobbed. “You should have saved her. You should have….No! No!” tears fell as his world fell apart.

Four years later

Connor had gotten a new partner by the name of Kaliana, she was very different to Madielle.

She had brown-blonde hair and amber eyes and she was quite tough.

“Connor, Kaliana. You have a case in Sun Star City!” Antonio called. Kaliana walked out of her office but hesitated as she waited for Connor who was at the loo.

“Send Connor with Torin. He doesn’t want to work with me.” Kaliana sighed, her blue wings flickered.

“That is not true Kaliana. He is still healing over Madielle’s death.” Antonio told her.

“I still miss my old work partner Hunter.” Kaliana admitted. “He died five years ago in Iraq on Earth.”

Connor walked up to her and he asked “Does the pain ever get better?”

“A little bit everyday.” Kaliana told him. “I don’t want to replace Madielle.”

That night Kaliana was under Snowy Leaf Bridge where she slept when Connor spotted her.

“Kaliana, do you sleep here?” Connor asked concerned.

“Yes.” She glanced up from her box, she was exhausted.

“Come with me. I have a spare room that you can have.” Connor offered.

“Are you sure?” Kaliana asked.

“Yes Kali. I am sure.” Connor helped her to her feet when he kissed her.

Kaliana deepened the kiss and Connor held her close, he moved his hands through her hair.

“You know, you can just sleep with me in my bed.” Connor said. Kaliana smiled as she went with him to his car, he laid his hand on her knee as he drove to his house.

Kaliana sat on her bed as Connor got into his boxers shorts and flinched as he tried taking his shirt off cause of an injured shoulder.

“Want help?” Kaliana asked and Connor nodded. He sat on the bed and Kaliana quite gently lifted off his shirt.

She looked shocked at the bruises and wounds on his shoulder.

“My twin sister Zoey did it. She is part demon.” Connor sighed.

Kaliana got a first aid kit and cleaned up his shoulder and bandaged it.

Connor kissed her again as she cleaned up his other wounds.

“Breathe Nor.” She soothed and Connor began to calm down.

He laid tiredly, he pulled her into his arms and she snuggled into the comfortable blankets.

For the first time in a very long time, she was sleeping in a very safe place.

The next day, they started the drive to Sun Star City where there was missing Dragon Eggs.

Kaliana studied the Dragon nests. The dragon nests were extremely untidied and missing gems that would help them hatch. The owners Lucio and Pandora were trying to calm down the parent dragons- Sahir and Neola who, as you may imagine were distressed over their missing eggs.

“Connor! Kaliana!” It was Torin and Milla from outside.

They went out to see six Night Star Agents has been turned into preteens!

Ailani was eight years old, Celeste was 11 years old, Eliana was ten years old, Cash was seven years old, Jaiden was twelve years old and Kaiden was nine years old.

“Dragon Eggs can be used for age reversing guns.” Lucio said quietly, sadness swirled in his eyes. “The egg thief would have the antidote.”

“Okay.” Antonio said. “Connor, Kaliana, Torin, Gracina, Niko and Sienna. You are on baby sitting duties. Make it as fun as possible. I have booked you some hotel rooms. COnnor I know that you have nightmares so you and Kaliana won’t have night time duties.”

To be continued

-Night Stars Disability Centre is an in living centre for those with magical powers and demigods-

It was a new year for Nights Stars Disability Centre, the support workers were settling in new clients.

Team Saturn clients were watching their staff members Phillip and Shannan talk to the new clients.

“Distract them.” Natalia signed to Phoenix who used his phone to hack into Team Jupiter house’s fire alarm.

The staff members rushed to see what was happening.

While they were busy. Ramona and Natalia found every source of money on the campus including wallets; Zoielle and Phoenix got the keys to the director Hazel’s mustang. Ethan and Derek met them and had gotten the secretary Lucy’s keys to her Mercedes.

They drove down to the Night Stars Cruise Terminal. They book cabins on the P+O Dragon Lines.

Two hours later

Phillip and Shannan went back to Team Saturn House. Phillip shrieked in horror to see that it was completely empty.

“Oh Hades! No! No! No!” Phillip panicked. “We lost them AGAIN!”

“Excuse me?” Shannan asked. “I have never lost the clients, that was my twin!”

“Sure…” Phillip rolled his eyes. “Well, we must find…Oh hey mum. How are you? Had a good coffee?” as Hazel walked in.

“Nothings wrong.” Shannan rambled. “The clients are out shopping with Team Griffins.”

“I didn’t ask anything.” Hazel looked at Phillip and she gave him the mothery look.

“We lost the clients.” Phillip blurted cowering under the look.

Shannan punched him the arm and then tried to merge into the carpet as Hazel glared at him.

“You have a month to FIND THEM!” Hazel growled. “One Month and you will take the age reversing injections.”

“We will go with them.” Lindsay and Gracina walked in with Jaiden and Celeste.

The clients were at the popular cruise restaurant, ‘All you can chow down on Restaurant’.

Ramona ordered: Spaghetti Bowl, Chocolate Melting Bowl and Coca Cola.

Natalia decided to buy: A massive seafood basket with Lobster; Calamari; Chips; Lemon; Chocolate Mud Cake and Coca Cola.

Zoielle chose to order: Big Macs, KFC, Meat Balls Subways and Fanta.

Phoenix ordered EVERYTHING from the entire menu including drinks and desserts.

Ethan decided to get: Cooked Asparagus, Avocado on Toast with Salmon and Cottage Cheese, Cooked Barracuda with Lemon and Black Tea.

Derek ordered: Bourbon, Cannelloni, Carrot Cake, a Casserole, Cherry Alcohol, some Chocolate Croissants and Custard Tarts.

The price went up to: $800 dollars and 40 cents on Shannan’s card.

He got an alert and almost fainted.

He got the #1 Reverse Aging injections out of a locked cabrient, they would turn the clients into children between the ages of seven and thirteen years old.

“That is a bit harsh isn’t it?” Phillip asked slightly concerned.

“They must learn from their actions.” Shannan told him. “They got 36 credit cards in their proession. There is a lot of things they can do with that much. Ten is unlimited credit cards.”

Night Stars Crime Squad were busy with lots of cases. One being missing children from the ages of seven years old and twelve years old.

Kaliana was quiet as Connor drove. He glanced sideways at her and asked “Kaliana, are you okay?”

“You don’t want me as your partner.” Kaliana muttered. “You don’t care.”

Connor pulled onto the side of the room and he said “I want you as my partner and I do care.”

“That is not what Torin told me.” Kaliana’s head was pounding and she closed her eyes tightly.
“What hurts?” He asked gently.

“My head.” She breathed in and out slowly.

Connor frowned and asked “Where do you live?”

“Truthfully?” She opened her eyes slightly.

“Yes.” Connor said quite worried by now.

“I live under the Star Ocean Bridge.” Kaliana whispered tearfully.

Connor thought quietly for a few seconds before he offered “Kaliana; Kali, I have a spare room. Please I want you take the room.”

“Are you sure?” Her voice was shaky.

“Yes, I am sure.” Connor reached out and stroked her brown- blonde hair.

“Okay, I’ll take the room.” She swallowed and Connor felt her head.

She was not burning up at least.

“Do you have headaches often?” Connor asked as he drove home.

“Yes, Dragon Headaches.” Kaliana explained.


Connor stared at Kaliana’s hospital bed, how could he had pushed her away when she seriously needed him. He missed his old work partner Madielle but she had gone to the stars now.

Kaliana had never pushed and never complained when he wanted to work with one of their male co-workers.

But this night, she needed him to be HER partner. She had NEVER begged him so much in her life and he pushed back.

That was when her ex husband attacked her.

Connor got up and he went to the coffee machine, he made himself a brew and sat back down, sipping at it. He was not going to leave her again! He was going to treat her like he had treated Madielle. That was what Madielle would have wanted.

A few hours later

Tip, Tap, Tip, Tap. Connor woke up to find that he had fallen asleep and he glanced at Kaliana who had woken up. Rain was falling gently down on the hospital room windows.

“Hey Kaliana, do you need anything?” He asked.

Kaliana glared at him and turned on her side despite of the pain that she felt. But most were emotional pain.

“I am so sorry Kaliana, I should have been there for you.” Connor apologized.

Her leopard ears flattened and she didn’t reply, she couldn’t at this time. She could hardly speak when she was upset but she turned so she was looking at him, she reached for his hand and Connor took her hand, stroking it.

~Do you mean that?~ She asked through a brain message and Connor moved as close as possible without dislodging her IV drip.

“I do mean that Kali. I mean that.” He hated the pain that he had caused her. “I was being selfish and putting myself first when you needed me.”

~I am not trying to replace Madielle. I don’t want to replace her.~ Kaliana tried to reassure him. ~Nor, I just want to help you on cases. I know you will never like me so I will just be an annoying fly who is required to work with you until my unit comes back for me.~
“You are not annoying and I do like you. What do you mean by when your unit comes back for you?” Connor asked.

Kaliana looked down and she let out a sigh.

~I am tired.~ She messaged and Connor walked around the bed before moving on and with lots of gently movement, lifted her into his arms, stroking her hair until she fell asleep.

She was out of the hospital after four weeks.

Kaliana was eating a Spinach and Feta Muffin under the Star Ocean Bridge where she lived. She took a sip of Coconut Water.

Connor spotted on her as he walked to work, it concerned him deeply to see that Kaliana was sitting in a cardboard box. He walked over to see what she was doing.

“Hi Kali, What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I live here.” Kaliana explained.

Connor almost dropped his Americano Coffee as he said “Kali, take my spare room. You can’t sleep out here.”

“Only if you let me pay you rent.” Kaliana said.

“Do you like dogs?” Connor asked.

“Yes.” Kaliana said as she followed Connor to a nearby cafe.

“I foster police puppies, I need help taking care of them.” Connor said.

“Sounds good, are you okay?” Kaliana asked.

Connor gave a nod.

But that night, he was hit by a dragon headache.

Connor laid on his couch, his head was pounding like hell. Dragon headaches were worse than migraines and he sobbed while Kaliana held him close, he stroked his light blue wings and she used a cold cloth to wipe his forehead down.

“There are…there is some banana bread in the cupboard in the kitchen.” Connor muttered as he tried to sit up. Kaliana helped him and he went to the cupboard, finding a container of small banana bread pieces.

She picked it up and walked over to him, she handed him the contrainer and checked his forehead, it was warm but not too warm.

“My comfort food.” He said exhausted eating three pieces before he closed his eyes, placing the container down on the living room table and Kaliana helped him to his room, helping him into bed and he muttered “Stay with me Kali, please.” which she did.

The next day, Kaliana hummed as she shifted through clothes in the popular store D-mart (Dragon Mart). She looked up to hear co-workers Connor and Torin talking.

“I really want Madielle back. Kaliana is just so difficult to work with.” Connor sighed. Kaliana frowned as she listened.

“I know she is different to Madielle, why did you ask her to live with you?” Torin asked as he studied a blue pineapple doorstop.

“I felt bad for her.” Connor sighed.

Kaliana was so busy listening that she knocked the whole rack of wing covers over and Connor jumped so Kaliana teleported fast to a different shop where she felt like she was about to cry.

She wasn’t going to, surely her unit was going to come for her…soon, hopefully. She just had to stay with Connor until her Dragon Space Army Unit found her.

That night

Heat from the rubbish bin fire warmed Kaliana, once she heard what Connor had said about her, she had decided to go back to the bridge that she used to live under with her stuff.

She settled in her box and wrapped an sleeping bag around herself, lighting the rubbish bin and she blinked back some tears. Coming here was a bad idea, joining Night Stars Crime Squad was a bad idea.

If only her unit would come already and take her back into their headquarters.

Connor however, unknown to her had been having a flashback which he explained once he had found her under the bridge. He told her not to play any attention to any mean things that he had said and she moved back in with him.

The end.

-Night Moon Disability Centre is an in living centre for those who are magical beings, are hybrids or demigods with disabilities-

It was a new year after Starhristmas (Stalaxy’s Christmas). The support workers were showing new clients to the six different houses for different needs.

There were two ‘less supervision needed’ houses: Team Sapphire and Team Tanzanite.

Two Behavioral houses: Team Goldfish and Team Salmon.

Two Medical houses: Team Persian and Team Himalayan.

Team Tanzanite clients were watching their support workers talk to the new clients.

“Distract them.” Calypso whispered to Antonio.

Antonio gave a nod before he hacked into the Team Salmon’s Behavioral Alarm, setting it off.

Cooper and Phillip rushed out to the Team Salmon to see what was happening.

While all the support workers were distracted: Antonio and Severide found all the sources of money including wallets; Ethan and Alexandria found a list of pins to all the credit cards while Matilda and Calypso got the keys to one of the campus buses.

Matilda, the only one with a license drove them to the Night Moon Cruise Terminal, where they booked cabins on the popular cruise ship ‘Carnival: Moon Ocean Liner.”

Once booked they went to the popular restaurant ‘Choco ‘La Ocean Restaurant’ which had an all you can eat buffet of all foods.

Antonio ordered EVERYTHING on the menu including drinks and desserts! I mean EVERYTHING!

Severide ordered: The Extreme S’Mores Milkshake, Garlic Butter Pizza Pull Apart Bread and some Churros with Caramel Dips.

Ethan ordered: Crispy Baked Potato Wedges, a Giant Chocolate Cookie as well as Chocolate Cookies and Cream Cupcakes and then some Raspberry Hot Chocolate.

Alexandria went through about a thousand menus and decided on a golden menu: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, Garlic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes, Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes and a Pespi.

Matilda chose from a Diamond menu and decided to order: Raspberry Peach Lemonade in a Crystallized Glass, Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta, Pizza Waffle Fries and Fudgy Cocoa Brownies.

Calypso ordered from the Silver menu and got: A Seafood Basket with EVERYTHING! Lobsters, Chips, Seafood Sauce, Garlic Aioli, Tartar Sauce, Lemon; a Slice of Triple Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Crust and a Coca Cola.

The last price result added up to: $900.00

Next thing they did, was explore the cruise ship which had six floors when they stepped into one room and there was a bright flash of light.

Once the light was gone, they discovered they had awesome looking features.

Calypso ended up with Grey Wolf Ears and Tail as well as light blue wings! She had also gained the ability to understand all languages.

Antonio gained the super powers of Super Strength and Wolverine’s powers.

Severide gained two large Eagle wings and the super powers of Laser Eyes that could burn through metal.

Matilda gained the super powers of mind reading, mind control and in depth x-ray vision.

Ethan was hit quite badly and he recieved the powers of: the ability to catch demons and make black holes in the universe.

Alexandria gained the powers of Exploding things with mind, cause fires and control fire.

The cruise ship was headed to Las Vegas in United States of America. They had planned to go to every single casino in Las Vegas and visit other states.

After they played some games in the game room, they went to check out all their individual rooms.

Calypso had the biggest room on the ship and it was on the sixth floor which was the top floor. There was a King Size bed with Eevee blankets and pillows; an ensuite with a large spa bath and walk in showers (two of them); there was two large bookshelfs and a writing desk.

Antonio’s room was all sports and cars and gaming related- a King size bed with Holden Blankets and Pillows, a large bathroom with two spa baths and two walk in showers and a TV with all the gaming console systems..

Matilda’s room had a Queen size Bed with Lavender blankets and pillows; an ensuite with a sink full of goodies, a round mirror and a walk in shower; a recliner in front of a cinema size TV with a DVD player and lots of Disney, Musicals and Romantic movies.

Severide had a stunning room with a Queen size bed with white blankets and pillows; an ensuite with white fluffy towels, a spa bath. A bedside table with a black lamp, a round mirror, a green themed kitchen with tons of cooking methods and tons of art.

Alexandria’s awesome room had a large wardrobe, a Double bed with green blankets and pillows, an armchair with fashion magazines nearby, the walls were a dark blue (in the fad for Stalaxist’s residents!) as well as matching curtains which blacked out the sun.

In Ethan’s room, there was a double sized bed with grey blankets and white pillows; a black fluffy rug; a black winter blanket; a wooden bedside table with night lights, two mini fridges; a chandelier and an ocean view window.

In each of the rooms were six gift baskets! Large gift baskets!

However they decided to get off at Brisbane in Queensland Australia and check out the National Queensland Show aka Ekka.

They headed straight for the Triple M Showbag Pavilion where they got tons of Showbags.

Antonio got: The Marvel Heroes Comic Collectors Showbag, Star Wars Showbag, Fast n Furious Showbag and Cadbury Showbag.

Alexandria chose to get: The Shopkins Showbag, Hello Kitty Showbag, Fizzler Showbag, Discovery Kids Showbag, Animal Planet Showbag and Goosebumps Showbag.

Calypso bought: Tokidoki Showbag, Pokemon Showbag, Zappo Showbag, Secret Life of Pets Showbag, Cadbury Family Deal Showbag and Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Showbag.

Ethan decided to buy: Socceroos Showbag, Adventure Time Showbag, Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles Showbag and The Greatest Showbag.

Matilda got: Warheads Showbag, Zombie Chews Showbag, Chupa Chups Showbag, Hot Wheels Showbag, Littlest Pet Store Showbag, MKR Showbag, Twozies Showbag and Candy Crush Showbag.

Severide decided to buy: FC Barcelona Showbag, The Lions Guard Showbag, Darrels Lea Showbag and Mens Health Showbag.

After checking out the rides and expos, they drove to Brisbane International Airport and caught a plane to New York in USA.

They went to the popular hotel ‘Emerald Cove Galaxy Hotel’ where they went to the main restaurant ‘Lakeside Castle Ivory Restaurant.’

Antonio ordered: Honey Glazed Pork Chops, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, Chicken Snack Wraps and Coffee.

Severide got: Double Bacon Cheeseburger, a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Waffle Fries, Chicken Quesadilla, Chicken Nuggets and a Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Ethan chose to order: A normal cheeseburger, Mexican Pizza, Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese Bites, Chicken Sandwich, Shredded Chicken Burritoes and a Coca Cola.

Alexandria bought: Chili Cheese Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Honey Butter Chicken Sandwiches, Bacon Wrapped Turkey and a Pepsi.

Matilda chose: Classic Baked Chicken Teriyaki, Tomato Bread Soup, Strawberry and Avocado Chicken Salad and a Coca Cola.

Calypso got: A Peanut Butter Pie, a Big Meal Meal and a Coca Cola.

After eating, it was time to check out their hotel rooms in the VIP section of the hotel.

As they walked, they saw a chandeliers lining the ceiling and the walls were gold plated.

Antonio’s room had: A emperor size bed with dark red blankets and pillows, an ensuite with a spa bath and full air conditioning, there was also six gift baskets.

Calypso had a stunning room which had: a Emperor size bed with Lavender blankets and pillows, an ensuite with a spa bath, indoor swimming pool; a cinema size TV with all the streaming shows, five mini bars, free wifi and six gift baskets.

Severide’s room had a king size bed with black blankets and pillows, three digital 42 inch flat screen TV, an ihome system, a furry saucer chair, a home bar, a surround sound speaker system, a faux sheepskin rug and six gift baskets.

Matilda’s room had: a Rupee Mirror, a Shoot again indoor basketball hoop set, a waterproof bluetooth speaker, an ice cream light, a furry footstool, a walk in wardrobe, an in room safe, a refridgerated private bar with luxury bar snacks and beverages, individually controlled air conditioning, a queen size bed with a leaf theme blankets and pillows.

Ethan’s room had a emperor size bed with Angry Birds blankets and pillows, an couch in front of a floating TV, a side tablet with a metal lamp, a 20 foot diamond waterfall chandelier, ceiling wall of windows, an ensuite with a free standing soaking tub and an in room gym.

Alexandria had a beautiful room that contained: A queen size bed with water lily blankets and stargazer pink european pillows, broadband internet access, a Executive Desk, A marble style bathroom, Tea and Coffee making Facilities and six gift baskets.

The gift baskets were super large with tons of things in it.

In Antonio’s gift baskets there were: 1: A blossomy Multi Pouch for his guitar pecks, Neon Sharpies, a Stamp Set, Movie Gift Cards and a Hydroflask.

2. Some beers, a BBQ Sauce Collection, A Moleskine and a S’mores Kit.

3. A beach towel, a multitool, Sunscreen, Bugs Spray, Ice Cream Sundae Kit and a Parker Pen.

4. Strathmore Sketch Pad, Front Pocket Wallet, Rock Monsters Magnet, An Assassins Creed Hoodie and Tons of guitar pecks.

5. A Dinosaur Bottle Opener, a Silver and Leather Coordinate Bracelt, Honey Barbecue Chips, a Fit Bit Band and a Coca Cola.

But before he could check out his 6th one, Cooper gave him a reverse injection that turned him into a six year old.

Severide became five years old and Ethan became seven years old. To be continued

The war between Stalaxy and Jupiter started in 9880, Connor was one of the main Stalaxy Space Army officers to join the fight.

Never once, did Kaliana expect that she would have to go on a rescue mission to save him from the Jupiter’s Rebel Army.


Connor had not contracted Kaliana in a month and she couldn’t shake of the feeling that something was wrong.

She was doing her paperwork when Antonio walked in with two army officers which Kaliana knew from Stalaxy Space Army.

“Young Lass, my name is Ethan Severide. I am your partner, Connor’s Army Segreant. He has been abducted by Jupiter’s Rebel Army. I am informed that you are specialized in rescuing people who has been abducted.” One of the army guys told her.

“Where was he abducted from?” Kaliana tried to stay calm. She knew that she could not like her anxiety to overwhelm her.

“Dragons Falls Zone.” Ethan prepared himself for backlash.

“I thought the government decided that it was TOO RISKY to go into Dragons Falls Zone!” Kaliana demanded before she swore in Stalaxish.

“They did but the residents need help.” Ethan replied.

“There are too many dangers!” Kaliana tried not to hiss. “I am going to rescue Connor but I WILL hold the army responsible for any injuries and if he dies-”
“Kaliana you should go home and pack. Your plane leaves in the morning at 2 am.” Antonio interrupted her threat.

Kaliana nodded at Antonio, she glared at Ethan before she drove to her house and went to her room then onto her Hologram Computer, bringing up a map of Dragons Falls Zone which showed how big of an area that she had to search for Connor as well as the dangers that she might have to face while rescuing him.

Her direwolf Esme placed his head onto her lap, he whined into concern for Kaliana who stroked his head.

“We’ll find Connor.” Kaliana promised.

12 am came faster then Kaliana expected. The airport was only 10 minutes away so she could walk there with Esme and her stuff.

Kaliana walked to Night Stars International Airport where she confirmed her booking and cleared her weapons early before she went and got a small bite which was a small Caramel Popcorn Slice

She knew that she had to keep her energy up so she napped for an hour.

Anxiety made her stomach knot and Esme laid on her lap, nuzzling her hand. Kaliana boarded the Dragon with Esme and threw up twice on the trip to Dragons Falls Zone.

Connor’s second sergeant Serra met her at the landing spot for Dragons.

“Hello Kaliana. Connor has told me lots about you.” She said, her eyes narrowed with concern.

“I want to start the search for Connor as soon as possible.” Kaliana told Serra but fear began to swirl around her. She sat down in the dry red dirt. Esme began to nuzzle her face trying to calm her down.

Serra took her to a ten and handed her a Strawberry Orange Dragon Dust Juice.

“I don’t know you but Connor told me that if anything was to happen, he knew that you could rescue him.” Serra ressured her. “He trusts no-one but you.”

The next morning, around 4am, Kaliana left on a Winged Lion that was big enough for two people and a direwolf.

The air of the warzone smelt like chemicals and blood. It felt extremely dry and the heat was very overwhelming.

Three in days in and so far all she saw was dust, just dust and more dust. Then two days later, she saw high amounts of gun powder which lead her to a large Red Bunker, about the size of Target.

That was when she heard Connor’s screams, agonizing screams, the screams felt like spikes to her heart.

Kaliana knew, just knew that she had to get into the bunker. She landed behind a large cactus and studied the bunker through her binoculars, examining the large metal doors.

Kaliana sneaked towards the bunker and she summoned all the fire power that she could and blew a bunker door down, knocking down some Jupiter’s Rebel Army members.

Connor was hanging from the ceiling and she used more fire to get him down. She got him to the Winged Lion which he slumped down on.

Despite her dizziness, she managed to fly him to the Stalaxy Army Camp and the medical officers Riley and Casey rushed over to them.

“You both need medical treatment.” Riley said.

“I am fine.” Kaliana protested. “Take care of Connor.”

Four hours past, Kaliana’s head felt like nails were being stabbed through it. She was lying against her bed, her eyes were shut firmly.

She felt Connor take her hand into his and said “I’m going to take your magical energy levels.”

“I’m…I’m…” She wanted to say that she was fine.

“You are not fine Kali.” Connor said as he pulled her into his arms when their lips met.

Kaliana deepened the kiss and Connor flinched due to the cuts on his lips but held her close.

He pulled away and said “I have no complaints about what just happened.” he held her even closer before taking her magical energy level.

She let out a scream into his least injured shoulder as the testing caused a sharp pain in her shoulder.

The screen on the tester came up as Borderline Low and Connor frowned. This meant he would have to give her a magical energy injection which would cause at least 24 hours of vomiting, chills and fever.

And their dragon ride home was leaving in an hour.

“I’m going to organize an Hover train to take us home. I am so sorry that I have to give you the injection, Kali.” Connor sighed.

He moved her right sleeve down and injected the injection into her shoulder.

It was a busy day for Star Moon Disability Service as new clients were moving in.

In the Team Dragon House, the six clients were listening to their main support workers Finnick and Mason talk about football while they checked out what was on TV.

Abigail was playing on her phone and hacked into the Team Phoenix house’s behavioral alarm, setting it off.

Finnick and Mason rushed off to check why the alarm was going off!

That was when the plan started.

Gareth and Abigail found all the money and credit cards on the campus before packing everything; that they needed.

Kieran and Iviana got the keys to the director Tawnya’s Red Kia Sorento LX V6.

Tyson and Zoielle made sure all their documents were up to date including their passports.


Main Characters

Kaliana Pearl Severide

Connor Shannan Halstead

Sienna Alexandria Dawson

Antonio Casey Rhodes

Gracina Hope Choi

Torin Kevin Stabler

Night Stars Crime Squad handles International Magical Crimes from the use of magic to steal things to Magical Terrorism.

Lead by Antonio, they use Dragons to go to Cases.

With the war between Saturn and Stalaxy becoming more hostile by every year, there has been an increase of magical terrorism committed by the supporters of Saturn Rebel Army.

Character Profiles

Name- Kaliana Pearl Severide

Age- 29 years old

Nationality- Stalaxist Russian

Hometown- Ice Wings City, Stalaxy

Current Residence- Night Stars City, Stalaxy

Occupation- Night Stars Supervisory Agent and Rescue Specialist

Income- 9000 Dragon Gems per fortnight

Salary- 90,000 Dragon Gems per year

Birth Order- Youngest

Siblings- Arabelle Kaliana Severide- 42 years, (In Jail), Doesn’t speak to Kaliana.

Spouse- Connor Shannan Halstead, been dating for two months

Children- Abigail Zoe Severide, 4 years old. Adopted when she was 1 years old, has Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Race- Part Leopard, Part Human

Eye Colour- Ice Green

Hair Colour- Black (usually worn up with blue ribbons)

Glasses- Royal Red

Skin Colour- Light Blue

Distinguishing Features- Her Leopard Ears and Tails

How does she dress-

Uniform- Dark Blue Denim Shirt with a Bullet Proof Vest and Jeans with Brown Cowboy Boots

Mannerisms- When she is mad, she is known to ramble in Stalaxist and Russian as well as English

Habits- Using too much Magical Energy

Powers- Mind messaging, Power over Fire and Ability to blow things up

Nickname- Kali

Full name- Connor Shannan Halstead

Nickname- Kaliana calls him Con or Halstead when she is pissed off at him

Age- 32 years old

Place of Birth- Unknown, he doesn’t know details about his birth. Has been in Foster care and got out at 18.

Current Address- 73 Night Stars City, 41191, Stalaxy. 3rd Floor.

Does he rent or own- Own

Brief Description of home- Apartment with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and an office.

Does he live with anyone- Kaliana and Abigail

Describe the area he lives in: Middle Class. Big City.

Home Decor- In expensive



Pets- No, Abigail is scared of animals

Current Occupation- Night Stars Senior Supervisory Agent

Job Satisfaction- Happy

Income Level- 10,000 Dragon Gems per Fortnight

Type of Car- A Red Mercedes Benx

Martial Status- In a Relationship

Whom- Dating Kaliana

Nickname for Spouse- Kali

Any Previous romantic partners- Zoielle (is afraid of), Madielle (was killed in the line of duty)

Any Children- He adopted Abigail with Kaliana

Eye Colour- Dark Ocean Blue

Hair Colour- Brownish Blonde

Skin Tone- Olive

Tattoos- Kaliana’s name near his heart. Madielle’s on his right shoulder.

How does he dress- Average


Any special Jewelry- His Stalaxy Army Dog TAGS

Other Accessories- His phone black bracelet

Hairstyle- Short

Natural Hair Texture- Smooth, Curly

He has an addiction with pain killers

Mannerisms- Nervous/Fidgety/Shy

Typical Posture- Varies with mood

Gestures- Only when upset

Common gestures- Hands in pocket

Morning Routine

– Sleeps with Kaliana in the same bed

– Wakes up at 5am

– Quiet in the morning

– His alarm wakes him up

– Eats Breakfast, then helps to get Abigail ready and goes to work at 6am

Work Day

– He works where the crime is

– He drives there

– He likes his job so he looks forward to it

– He is dedicated to his job and is good at his job

– It depends on the day where he gets Lunch


– He eats at home

– Kaliana and he splits the cooking

– He eats with both Kaliana and Abigail

Bedtime- 11pm if he sleeps. Has lots of nightmares

Is a Stalaxy Army Officer

Favourite food- Tacos

Favourite Drink- Peach Dragon Juice

Favourite Colour- Royal Purple

Rain poured down on the Moon Cove Disability Service Campus, Support Workers were settling in new clients in the different houses.

The Team Griffin House Clients were in their living room and Abigail was playing House Design on her iPhone when she nodded towards Gareth.

“Hey Gareth, time to distract Phillip and Silas.” There was a cheeky tone to Abigail’s tone.

Gareth hacked into the behavioral alarm at the Team Fennec House.

Once the alarm had gone off, Phillip and Silas rushed off to see why it was going off.

Once the six clients knew that all the staff were busy and distracted, the clients put their plan into action!

They had been planning this for three months and how they would do it!

Writers Block Book Prompts

Describe your first brush with Danger (on the job)

Kaliana looked around and she sneaked towards the alleyway where she knew Illegal Mystical Hunters hanged around.

Despite she had been told not to pursue on her own, always have a second detective with her.

But as stubborn at her fire fighter father, she placed her hand on her weapon.

There was four guys discussing about the best ways to hunt down Pegasi.

Just as Kaliana was about to go and talk to the four men when her partner Connor grabbed her arm pulling her towards his car; lecturing her about what she had done was extremely dangerous to her life!


The main word that is forbidden in Crystal Sun Mental Hospital! Especially in the Team Griffin Ward where this word is extremely dangerous to the six main clients especially eight years old Abigail who is the youngest in the centre and has Reactive Attachment Disorder as well as a undiagnosed Magical Energy Eating Disorder.

Most of the time, the sufferers of Magical Energy Eating Disorder, enjoy the feeling of Low Energy which food prevents. However most the time, the patients who have this is eighteen and older, which meant Abigail’s case extremely concerning.

Her main support workers are: Phillip, Bryony and Silas. But Silas knows the best how to make her eat and calm her down during manic moments.

Abigail can get extremely violent during manic moments and has used her magical powers to harm fellow clients and the support workers.

She has been on the centre for two and half years since she was six years old.

Write about images on a roll of film

Connor takes crime scene photos on the job with a manual old fashion camera.

Each photo is used as evidence in court to be used against the law breakers.

He has one for to use as his hobby, with this one, he takes photos of heaps different stuff.

His favourite things to take photos of is his adoptive daughters Abigail (when he gets to see her) and her twin sister Amelia, as well as his girlfriend Kaliana.

Connor has themed photo albums which includes Holidays, Colours and Seasons as well as Abigail’s processes and Achievements.


When virus hits Crystal Sun Moon Hospital, things can go from calm to heretic in a few seconds.

This time, it is magical norovirus which the support workers must do their best, to stop the virus from spreading to the Team Griffin and Team Dragon Wards.

As well as making sure that the clients don’t find out that a stomach bug is going around.

Tell the story of a job interview that goes badly

The secret of the stomach bug gets out after a job seeker reveals about the magical norovirus to a patient on the Team Dragon Ward.

Now the support workers must lock the wards doors down to protect the clients and the support staff as well as increasing the supervision level to 24/7 for three months until the magical norovirus settles down.

Short Fuse

Silas glanced up from his paperwork to hear the Team Griffin Emergency Alarm going off. He rushed up to see that Abigail had became violently angry and she had attempted to blow up the main doors. Silas walked slowly to Abigail and knelt down to see her glaring at him.

Chain Reaction

Her screams had also made some the other clients very upset which means the supervision once again must be raised to 24/7, this time for a month!

And Abigail had to be placed in a see through room so the staff can keep an eye on on her.


Connor had always feared when there was a holiday involving fireworks due to his time in the Stalaxy Space Army.

His safety plan is to go to their holiday home away from any fireworks and to have his safety kit nearby at all time.

He also has to remember to talk Kaliana about his anxiety.


Kaliana has four tattoos- A rainbow Abigail, Amelia and Connor’s name. A paw print with her direwolf Esme’s name as well as two butterflies.

Connor has two tattoos which are: Kaliana’s name on his wrist and Madielle’s name on his right shoulder.

“No! I don’t want to!” The scream was that of an eight year old girl which completely alarmed Phillip, sending him running to the Team Griffin ward of Crystal Sun Mental Health Hospital.

Abigail was digging her feet in as his coworker Pippa tried to take her to the food area.

“Abigail, you need to eat.” Pippa tried to prompt her and tried to pick her up.

“If you make me eat, I’ll tell Hazel that you are dating Phillip!” Abigail replied.

Pippa paused and looked at Phillip, attempting to figure out how Abigail would be able to know about the relationship.

“Abigail, if you do not go and eat. We will have to restrain you.” Phillip warned her.

“I SAID NO!” Abigail yelled as she changed into a grizzley bear.

“SILAS!” Phillip and Pippa yelled.

Silas heard the screams coming from the Team Phoenix Ward which was the second level of the hospital.

He was the only one to be able to calm Abigail down.

Silas took the emergency lift and he walked slowly to Abigail.

“Abi, listen to me.” Silas spoke calmly. “I understand that you don’t want to eat.”

“Yes.” Abigail met Silas’ eyes.

“How long has it been since you eaten?”

Crystal Health Academy was busy with new clients moving in.

On the Team Griffin Level, the six clients were in the living room watching a documentary about plants.
“This is so boring.” Abigail complained and she laid on her couch wishing that the support staff would allow them to chose their activities.

“Let’s escape with all the wallets and money on this hospital.” Abigail decided.

Gareth hacked into the alarm system of the whole hospital, turning it off.

The staff members glanced up but then Team Dragon ward began to have behaviors.

While the staff members were distracted, Gareth and Abigail found all the wallets and money in the hospital.

Kieran and Iviana managed to get all the important documents plus their passports.

Tyson and Zoielle found the keys to the director Hazel’s Black four seater Toyota.

Abigail was the only one with a license so she was driving. They drove to the popular Night Moon Cruise Terminal where they booked cabins on the popular cruise ship ‘Carnival Star Galaxy”

The cabins costs went up to $90,000 for the cheapest and $150,000 for the most expensive rooms which the clients chose to book.

Once, the cabins had been booked. They chose to go across to the Ekka and first thing the went to was the Triple M showbags Tent.

Each split to check out what showbags to get, just in the case the support staff was to find them.

Crystal Moon Health Adult Centre was starting a new year and the support staff were settling in the new clients for the year, this meant the support staff members were quite busy with different problems including extremely violent behaviors from the new clients.

On the Team Griffin Level, the clients were watching an extremely boring documentary about plants.

“Seriously, why are we watching this? It is sooo boring!” Abigail complained, lying on the most uncomfortable couch possible.

‘Coming up next- Weeds’ The TV blurted.

“Let’s distract Phillip and Logan.” Payton suggested watching their support staff plan meals.

Ethan managed to hack into the Team Dragon level’s emergency alarm which sent Phillip and Logan running for the emergency lift.

While they were busy, the clients put a plan that had been planned for three months, into action!

Which included getting visas and passports for everyone and getting them, shipped to secret Post Office Boxes.

Ethan hacked in all the door alarms turning them off.

After that they split into teams of two.

Abigail and Mason got all the wallets and money on the campus.

Hazel and Ethan packed everything, they made sure to have second copies of everything including travel insurance, their Visas and their IDs as well as tips on all the countries that they were going to.

Payton and Connor found the keys to the director Madelyn’s 2017 Lexus LX S70!

They drove to the popular Brisbane, Queensland Cruise Terminal; ‘Pearl Raider Cruise Terminal’ where they had their rooms booked on the most expensive cruise ship in the world, ‘Carnival Harmony Musique Cruise Liner’

Their rooms were the top range rooms which the prices went over 100,000 Australian Dollars.

After booking, they went across the road to The Royal Queensland Show, also known as the EKKA.

Once they paid for their tickets, the six clients went straight for the Triple M Show Bags Tent.

Splitting up, in case that Phillip and Logan found them, they went into the Tent and bought all the Show Bags that they wanted.

Abigail got: The Marvellous Creations Show bag, Cadbury Big Bite Show bag, Tokidoki Show bag, Fast n Furious Show bag, Hot Wheels Show Bag, Secret Life of Pets Show Bag, Animal Planet Show Bag and Pokemon Show bag.

Hazel decided to buy: Oreo Show Bag, Zappomungus Show Bag, Freddo and Friends Show bag, Fizzler Show Bag, War Heads Show Bag, After Shocks Show Bag, Wicked Fizz Show Bag, Chupa Chups Show Bag, Freddo Family Deal Show Bag, Cadbury Bumper Family Deal Show Bag, and Mentos Show bag

Payton bought: Wicked Fizz Show Bag, Chupa Chups Show Bag, Freddo Family Deal Show Bag, Cadbury Bumper Family Deal Show Bag, The Greatest Show Bag On Earth Show Bag and Mega War Heads Show Bag.

Connor made the decision to buy: Marvellous Creations Super Bag Show Bag, Chupa Chups Mega Show Bag, Mentos Mega Show Bag, The Natural Confectionery Co Show Bag and Cadbury Super Bag.

Ethan got: Cadbury Indulgence Show Bag, Cadbury Favourites Show Bag, Marvellous Creations Family Deal Show Bag and Cadbury Big Bite Show Bag.

Mason decided to buy: Krash Magazine Show Bag, Mad Science Show Bag, Angry Birds Show Bag, Mens Style Show Bag, Assassins Creed Show Bag, The Lions Guard Show Bag, K Zone Magazine Show Bag and Mens Health Show Bag.

After they went to all the rides in the Ekka and the expos including the Police Expo, Woolworths Expo, RSPCA Pet Nursery and even more. Then they got Strawberry Ice Creams and Potato Spirals.

Abigail, Hazel, Payton, Connor, Ethan and Mason walked across back to the cruise ship, deciding to put all their freebies and show bags and bought stuff in their cruise ship rooms.

The room was very stunniing and quite large, extremely large. Like Target room large. The rooms were in the Very Important Level of Carnival Harmony Musique Cruise Ship which had their own restaurants and bars and game rooms and casinos.

The hallway which lead to their rooms had gold plated walls which shone like golden bars, nearly blinding; Royal blue carpet that was faux fur but as fluffy as bunny rabbits, and from the ceilings, hang chandilers of all different colours! Abigail was amazed by all this!

Abigail had the largest room, that room had: An emperor sized bed with silver blankets and pillows, large pillows including one body pillow, a large writing desk, a Blue Taylor Burke Home Dallas 3 seater Sofa, in front of a Cinema TV with all the steaming services including Netflix, Stan and Foxtel and an Ensuite with two spa baths and two in walk showers. On the bed side table, were four gift baskets.

Writing Prompts

“What is that THING in your backpack?” Sagion noticed that Abigail was acting quite strange.

Abigail glanced up innocently at him as she placed down her Pink Backpack.

“It’s my new pet Dragon.” She told him as Sagion opened her backpack.

“Dragons are not real.” Sagion gave her a strange look and he was getting concerned.

“Then why is there one in my backpack?” Abigail pointed to the baby Dragon. Sagion looked stunned and wondered if it went against the No Pets Rule.

“You know, I’ll have to tell Hazel about the dragon.” Sagion said.

“I saw a funny video on Youtube.” Abigail said.
“I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you.” Sagion said.

“And I’m subtly trying to avoid it.” Abigail said.

Sagion let out a sigh as he knew that it was going to be a long night

“This is my life now. I have climbed this hill and now I will die upon it.” Hazel complained as she sit on a hill that the support staff of Crystal Moon Mental Health Academy had made all the clients hiked up.

“Shut up. We’ve only been hiking for twenty minutes.” Abigail snapped, she looked pale.

“Are you okay?” Her main support worker Sagion asked.

“I’m fine.” Abigail told him.

“You don’t look fine.” Sagion prompted.

“Then stop looking.” Abigail pointed out.

Sagion paused, he could swear that she was eight going on nineteen years old.

“Stupid thief.” Muttered Hazel referring to Abigail.

“I’m not a thief. I’m just really good at aquiring things that ain’t mine.” Abigail said blinking at Hazel.

“Oh shut up!” Hazel yelled. “And you almost killed me.”

“I saved your life.” Abigail shot her a glare.

“You pushed me off a building.” Hazel growled.

“Are you clinically insane or incredibly annoying?” Another client who was called Payton asked.

“I don’t know. Probably both.” Abigail shrugged.

The support staff watched, wondering why they thought the idea was such a good one. As they went back to the buss, Abigail glanced up at Sagion.

“I had a thought.” She said.

“Oh no.” Sagion sighed buckling her into her car seat.

“I swear it’s a good one this time!” Abigail protested as Ella began to drive them back to the hospital.

“Fine, what was your thought?” Sagion asked.
“Let’s start a hunting class.” Abigail said, a bit too cheerful for Sagion’s liking.

“You- you are-” Sagion stammered.

“Beautiful, a genius, immensely talented.” Abigail submitted.

“Dangerous.” Sagion said and made a note to have her on a 24/7 watch for a bit.

Crystal Sun Mental Hospital Files

Name- Abigail Lucy Night aka Abby or Abs.

Age- 8 years old

Parents- Unknown, she was abandoned on the doorstep of a fire station


  • Ability to control powers of fire
  • Mind reading
  • Ability to understand all languages


  • Refuses to eat
  • Has violent outbursts
  • Can become clingy to certain support worker and at the moment is Sagion
  • If made to do something that she doesn’t want to, she is known to use her powers or act inappropriately.
  • Past history of harming others and herself
  • Manic episodes
  • Flashbacks

Level on the hospital- Team Griffin (Medium Supervision)

Medical Conditions:

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Unstable Magical Levels
  • Undiagnosed Eating Disorder
  • PTSD

Medicine Adminisation Times:

7:00 AM- For her Unstable Magical Levels

11:00 AM- To give her an appetite

8:30 PM- To make her sleep

Medication Instructions:

7:00 Am- Give her an injection in her right shoulder. Most of the time, three people are needed to administer the injection if she is awake. She is known to be irritable afterwards, in extreme cases- she might have a manic episode.

11:00 Am- Given in a chocolate or strawberry milk, tablet dissolves. Make sure to supervise so she DOES NOT FEED THE HOSPITAL PLANTS and she actually drinks it.

8:30 PM- Placed in a COLD plastic glass of Milo. Tablet also dissolves. Also make that she drinks all of it! Best to make sure that once she has drunk it, she is near her bed.

Food Alert:

  • Flavoured Salt
  • Anything that could be used as weapons. Plastic Culinary.


  • Dragon Scales
  • Pollen
  • Tablets


7:00 Am- Unstable Magical Level Medication

7:30 Am- Breakfast (Through Peg Feed Tube)

8:00 Am- Room Check! Clean up of Room.

8:30 Am- Meeting with Behavioralist

9:00 Am- Art Therapy

9:30 Am- In Hospital Schooling (if she is not having a manic episode)

10:00 Am- Music or Shopping (Shopping on Saturday if she has had a good week)

10:30 Am- Nap or Quiet Free Time

11:00 Am- Appetite Medication

11:30 Am- Morning Tea (Cheese and Crackers, One piece of Fruit, A treat if behavior has had been appropriate, Water or Soda Water or Diluted Fruit Juice).

12:00 Pm- Maths, Money, Time lessons

12:30 Pm- Interaction with other clients under strict supervision

1:30 Pm- Psychology Therapy with Sagion

2:30 Pm- Lunch (changes every week)

3:00 Pm- Quiet time in Sagion’s office if she has had a calm day. He can take her to the Hospital Library and Fish Pond if Backpack Leash is on

3:30 Pm- Room Check. Then in Room time with see through door on.

4:30 Pm- Afternoon tea (optional if Lunch was eaten)

5:00 Pm- TV Time (if behavioral is appropriate)

Quiet Reading

Time with Sagion (if behavior has been extremely good)

6:00 Pm: Dinnertime (biggest fight be warned). If she doesn’t eat, then no dessert.

6:30 Pm- Free Time or Time with Behavioralist

7:00 Pm- Bath, Room check

7:30 Pm- Sleep Tablet

8:00 Pm- Bedtime story with Sagion

8:30 Pm- Sleep

Favourite music- Disney Musicals

Date of Birth- 09/10/2987

Referring Hospital: Night Stars Hospital

Referring Doctor: Dr. Lucy Rodriguez

Date of Admission: 04.07.2993

Date of Referral: 29.06.2993

Status: Involuntary, Urgent

Lives with: Foster Parents

Exercise Frequency: Six Times a day

Exercise Type: Pacing, Dancing, Running

Was she adopted: No, still in foster care. Since one month old.

Cognition: Moderately Impaired

Behavior most of the time: Uncooperative, Manipulative, Hostile

Perceptions: Obsessions

Impulsivity: Occasionally Impulsive

Dangerous: Homicidal Thoughts.

Sagion had finished settling in new clients when he noticed that Abigail was glaring at him, she had her arms crossed as she sat outside his open door.

“Why are you glaring at me Abby?” Sagion asked putting down his paperwork.

“I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust.” Her voice was quite monotone.

Sagion frowned as he knelt down to her level and he asked “Why is that?”

“You don’t care anymore.” Her shoulders slumped. “No-one cares for me long.”

Sagion lifted her into his arms and started to stroke her dark brown hair.

“Abby, I care about you. I am…What the heck is that?” He asked pointing to a large black eight legged animal.

“My cat.” Abigail pushed him away and picked up her ‘cat’.

“Cats don’t have eight legs.” Sagion seemed concerned and quite confused.
“When you didn’t come to read my bedtime story, I tried some spells. Didn’t go so well.” She went back to her ward with her six legged cat.

That night, Phillip paged him because somehow, Abigail had gotten a car on the roof.

“I want to know how you managed to get the car on the roof.” Sagion said to Abigail who was sitting in her room on her bed.
“I can’t reveal all my tricks.” Abigail gave a shrug.

The next day, the clients were on a field trip to the mall.

Sagion looked up when he heard Abigail cooing.

“Oh look at all the the pretties.” Abigail stared at a window of a Space Window Gun Shop.

“Can you please stop talking about assault rifles, the same way, you talk about shoes?” Sagion made sure that her backpack leash was short.

That was when he noticed something dripping from her leg.
“Is that blood?” He asked.

“No?” Abigail developed a sudden look of panic on her face.

“That’s not a question, you’re not supposed to answer with another question.” Sagion frowned.

Abigail looked quite upset so Sagion checked it out and lifted her up into his arms.

“It looks like a hummingbird bite.” He reassured her.

Abigail was sulking as she laid against the dark blue wall of the Team Griffin ward, it was food time and she didn’t want to go to the dining hall where food was served and she also knew that her favourite support worker Sagion was too busy with new clients to pay her any attention or spend time with her so she had nothing to lose by arguing against eating.

Anyway, her stomach was really sore on the right side of her stomach and she felt really nauseous, and close to crying.

“Abigail, you need to go to the dining hall and eat.” Phillip noticed her and walked over.

“No.” Abigail crossed her arms and studied the metal floor. “And Sagion has been too busy to spend time wiht me so you can’t make me eat.”

Phillip frowned in sympathy, he knew that Sagion had many different new client with different behaviors that he had not dealt with, to work with.

“Let’s go to see Sagion.” He picked her up into his arms, placing her onto his hips.

“He won’t have time.” She let out a sob which worried Phillip. Abigail never cried, it was just not something that she did.

“Abs, did you have your psychology therapy with Sagion?” Phillip asked as he walked down to Sagion’s office.

“No. He went out to lunch with Lucy.” Phillip could barely understand Abigail’s answer as she was now practically sobbing her heart out as the pain increased in her stomach.

Phillip opened Sagion’s door, Sagion was kissing Lucy.

“Lucy, Sagion has an appointment.” Phillip said forcefully and before Sagion could say anything, he placed Abigail into his arms.

“I’m sorry.” He began to rock Abigail but she kept on crying. “Abby, talk to me. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what is wrong.”

The smell of coffee greeted Brielle as she entered the La Ocean Musique Restaurant where she worked. It was much more warmer in the restaurant compared to outside in the town, where snow coated everything- the road, the trees, the footpath, everything.

Brielle walked to her office and got her uniform which was a light blue apron with her name and two dark blue music notes. She heard her duty manager Sagion arguing with their main chef Levian who held the belief that HE should be the duty manager.

Letting out a sigh, she walked down to Sagion’s office and walked in to find that he was leaning against his light timber desk in an unbottled blue shirt, dark colored jeans and she saw that there was annoyance flaring in his dark hazel eyes.

“Oh, hey Brielle. Did you knew that Sagion has a huge crush on you and wants to date you?” Levian mocked, knowing how upset their duty manager was starting to get. He enjoyed seeing the annoyance in Sagion’s posture.

“Levian, please go and get the kitchen ready for the Breakfast rush, it’s school holidays and will be extremely busy.” Sagion said in a strained voice.

“Aww, he wants to be alone with you Brielle.” Levian made a cooing sound before he left for the kitchen, laughing, closing the door behind him.

Sagion was now clutching onto his desk and his eyes dropped as he studied his multi blue coloured carpet.

“Sage, it that true?” Brielle walked over to him and Sagion looked up at her as she wrapped her hand around his.

“Yes. Yes, it is true.” Sagion admitted in a quiet whisper but he let go of his desk as Brielle started to stroke and play with his short brownish blonde hair which was making Sagion relax. He slipped his arms around her waist.

“You know Sage, you should have said something.” Brielle smirked as she leaned into his arms.

“I haven’t been with anyone-” Sagion paused and glanced at his office clock. “Oh, it is time to open the Restaurant, get ready, Breakfast Rush is about to happen.”

Brielle knew that he was talking about his deceased wife Ivy who was killed in the Saturn versus Stalaxy war as an civilian victim.

“Sage, I know that I will never be able to replace her and I don’t want to replace her.” Brielle said as she stepped back.

“I know that Ellie. I know you don’t want to replace…” He couldn’t bring himself to say Ivy’s name, he gave Brielle a smile before kissing her.

It was ten minutes before children and their parents came into the Restaurant like a stampede and by 10:30am, Brielle had made so many Unicorn Hot Chocolate and Milkshakes, that she began to mutter under her breathe how the Unicorn Drinks should get banned.

Sagion noticed then, that she did not have her service dog, a Shetland Collie called Galaxy who grounded her during anxiety attacks and warned her about hallucinations, migraines and drops in magical energy levels. Everyone mostly called Galaxy, Laxy and her co workers had no problems with her having Laxy with her but there was concerns alongside parents during the school holidays.

Sagion had gone back to her office to see if Laxy was there but nope, there was no dog anywhere in the restaurant and that concerned him.

“She is back at home with Hope and Abigail.” Hope was Brielle’s mental support worker and Abigail was her little sister. “I don’t want you to get complaints about Laxy by parents who fear that she might hurt their children.”

She began to flinch at the noise levels and she shuddered slightly sitting down on her chair.

Sagion sat next to her and gave her a hug, he wished she would stop putting the customers before herself. He said “I will drive you home to get Laxy.”

“But-” Brielle began to protest but Sagion interrupted her.

“You need Galaxy to be with you. You have every right to have her with you, that is because she is your service dog! I would not ask someone to leave their wheelchair at home or their hearing aid, I am not going to stop you from bringing Galaxy.” Sagion told her quite sternly. Brielle gave a short nod but she was still unsure, however she followed Sagion to his White Mercedes.


It was a slow day at Brisbane Magical Crime Squad, Brielle was attempting to ignore her paperwork pile while the newest detective Abigail tried to use various pot plants as fire targets.

Brielle and Abigail had known each other since they grew up in the same emotional needs hospital and they considered each other as sisters.

“How is Elliot? Is he okay, after everything that had been through?” Abigail asked. “Once, I find that guy who assaulted him-”

“Now, Now. You will put him away in jail. But I don’t know how El is doing.” Brielle let out a sigh.

She had a shocking headache and Abigail frowned seeing how pale that Brielle was.

“Want me to go and find Elliot?” Abigail asked as Brielle sat against the white wall of her office.

“Nah, just need some space. I’ll go to lunch with you later.” Brielle let out a yawn. “Might have a nap. El has too much on his mind anyway.”

Abigail gave her a nod before giving her a pillow before she decided to go to her own office to either study or burn her own paperwork pile.

A few minutes went past when Brielle’s door opened again. Elliot walked in with two coffees and he frowned seeing Brielle sitting against her wall.

“What is wrong Brie?” He knelt in front of her and she opened her eyes slowly meeting his ice blue eyes.

“I am-” She flinched as pain shot through her head again. “My head.”

Elliot pulled her into his arms and found that she was sweating from a fever.

“Brie, why didn’t you call me?” Elliot asked as he began to stroke her dark blonde hair.

“Tristian told me not-” She buried her face into his shoulder out of pain.

Elliot lifted her up and carried her to his office.

“Listen to me Brie, I don’t want to be treated different. I love you.” He sighed as he pleaded. “Please act normal around me.”

Brielle glanced up tiredly as he laid her down on his couch.

“I’m cold.” She muttered as she looked at him tiredly.

Elliot got a blue blanket putting it around her. He got her magical energy level tester and she gave a scream of pain as he tested her magical energy level.

He sat down and frowned to see that she was low in her magical energy.

“Brie, you need an magical injection.” He sighed.

Dear writer’s block

It’s not you, it’s me- hang on, it is you. Stop shutting out my characters and let me to get my July word count darn it!

What did you do with my plot bunnies?! Did you lock them up? Did you boil them and eat them?

That is very cruel to eat my plot bunnies, what did my plot bunnies do to you, you evil writer’s block!

I have 10,000 words to write before the month is up! Just let me do it already.

Let me have my ideas, I will figure out a way to break you, Writer’s block.


Calliope Phoenix

Amethyst Forest Mental Health Hospital was having an open day and new clients were moving in making the support workers were busy.

On the Team Diamond ward, the six clients were acting on plan which they had been organizing for three months.

“Time to distract the support workers.” Abigail grinned nodding towards Phillip and Tristian who were planning meal plans for the night.

Nikolas hacked into the Team Arcane ward and set it off the behavioral alarm. Both Phillip and Tristian rushed down to the Team Arcane ward.

Once all the support workers were busy with settling down the Team Arcane ward clients and new clients into different wards, the plan had started.

Abigail and Brielle found all the sources of money on the hospital grounds including the support worker’s wallets.

Emilia and Nikolas got all the things packed including passports and travel insurance.

Levian and Kaiden got the director Grace’s keys to her Lexus LX 570.

Night Moon Crime Squad

Night Moon Crime Squad handles magical crimes committed in the south east area of Australia which includes Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.


Hunter Aaron Gribbin- Unit Chief

Zoielle Charlotte Dawn- Senior Supervisory Agent

Torin Nathan Stabler- Senior Supervisory Agent

Abigail Sienna Briggs- Senior Supervisory Agent

Kaiden Connor Lincoln- Supervisory Agent

Iviana Mia Gordan- Supervisory Agent

Sagion Lee Napier- Communications Liaison

Brielle Andrea Severide- Communications Liaison

Phillip Tyler Halstead- Tech Analyst

Natalia Rebekah Choi- Tech Analyst

Address- Southbank, Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Main Crimes they handle-

Magical Terrorism

Magical Abductions

Unlawful brewing of illegal potions

Magical Thiefs

Illegal Time Travelling

Pick Ten Characters

1. Hunter

2. Zoielle

3. Torin

4. Abigail

5. Kaiden

6. Iviana

7. Sagion

8. Brielle

9. Phillip

10. Natalia

1. Iviana is walking downstairs when she slips. Who comes to Iviana’s aid?

Most likely Kaiden because he is her best mate.

2. Abigail accidentally walks in on Sagion while he was changing. What is Sagion’s reaction? What does Abigail do?

Abigail would tease him about his boxers shorts while Sagion would tell her to get out.

3. Sagion suddenly catches a cold. Who offers to take care of him?

No-one can handle Sagion’s complaints about having a cold if he catches one. So no-one

4. Hunter, if you were dared to kiss someone, who would you kiss?

Hunter: Wha…Why would I answer this?!

5. Natalia finds out that she have only a few weeks to live. What does Natalia do?

She would go on a criminal killing spree.

6. Zoielle finds out Phillip ate her favourite snack. How does Zoielle react?

There will be heaps of blood and screaming form Phillip.

7. Torin is having a baby. Who is the baby’s father?

First off…he is a guy! What did he do? Played in a magical river or something. I suspect that Phillip got something to do with this strangeness, *narrows eyes*. Very strange. Unless… is this baby, a dragon egg? Torin calls all his dragons, his babies so must be a dragon egg.

8. Torin finds out the gender of his baby dragon. What gender is the dragon?

The baby dragon shall be a female dragon.

9. Torin is craving something. What does he crave?

Mcdonald’s Big Mac Meal

10. Torin is in his room crying his heart out. Brielle comes to check on Torin and asks why he is crying. What is the reason?

Too many dog deaths in The Dog’s Purpose.

11. Torin’s egg just hatched and he is going to have the baby female dragon. Who is there to take him to the hospital? How did the delivery go?

Abigail would take him to the hospital and the delivery goes very good. One healthy Dragon is hatched.

12. Hunter accepts a job as a baby sitter. Does he enjoy the job?

Well Hunter has no patience so why he accepted the job, I don’t know.

13. Brielle makes dinner for Kaiden. Is the food good or bad?

Very good. Brielle used to work in a restaurant.

14. Torin finds a Pegasus in his backyard. What does Torin do?

He would call Iviana to alert her that her Pegasus has escaped AGAIN

15. Phillip, do you have the guts to kill someone?

Phillip- I am a cop. It is part of my job.

16. Iviana has a secret that she is keeping to herself. Does anyone try to get Iviana to spill the secret?

Hunter would try because he doesn’t like secrets in the crime squad.

17. The cops are at Iviana’s door. What do they want? Did Iviana do something wrong?

She has gone back to the Dragons Untamed Cult behind the back of the crime squad.

1. Natalia

2. Phillip

3. Brielle

4. Sagion

5. Iviana

6. Kaiden

7. Abigail

8. Torin

9. Zoielle

10. Hunter

1. Sagion invites Brielle and Torin to dinner at their own house. What happens?

Brielle ends up cooking to prevent Sagion from burning down the house.

2. You need to stay at a friend’s house for a night. Whose house, 1 or 6?

Natalia’s because she has a spare room.

3. 2 and 7 are making out when 10 walks in. 10’s reaction?

“I knew it! But you two are not supposed to flirting or dating each other! Get dressed and meet me in my office!” Hunter yelled.

4. Brielle falls in love with Kaiden. Torin is jealous. Why?

Torin has always had a crush on Brielle and really, really, really hates Kaiden;.

5. Sagion jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who rescues you: Phillip, Hunter or Abigail?

“Sagion, that girl is not a suspect. Get off her.” Abigail tsked. Sagion looks very embarrassed and gets off me.

6. Natalia decides to stay a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later. What happens?

Lots of Fire and Food poisoning.

7. Brielle has to marry either Torin, Sagion or Zoielle. Who does she choose?

Brielle would choose Sagion because she has feelings for him.

8. Everyone gangs up on Brielle. Does Brielle stand a chance?

Nope, she has no powers.

Post 8 facts about your characters


1. She is an ex lawyer and has lots of connections.

2. Collects Arts and Crafts Supplies. Loves going on Pinterest.

3. Lives in an apartment with her service dog, a Puli called Azure.

4. Abigail loves Burritoes especially Chicken and Avocado Burritoes.

5. She saves baby owls and can have 10 living with her at any time.

6. Has a wolf tattoo on her back, a rose tattoo on her stomach and a compass tattoo on her right wrist.

7. Has Agnosia when she gets too stressed and becomes unable to recognize things that she can see.

8. She loves video games including GTA


1. He is Italian and Russian. Torin can speak Fluent Italian but he denies that he is Russian due to problems with his mother.

2. He gets frequent headaches and needs a lot of quiet time.

3. Was in the Space Military- the Stalaxy Space Army until he was discharged after he was hit by mine parts. Also he has PTSD from a Nuclear Crisis.

4. Has an interest in Hummingbirds and taking photos of them. He likes how colorful that they are. He enjoys photography.

5. Is allergic to strawberries and grapes. Can go into Analypthic shock if he eats them. He is also allergic to Mangoes.

6. Enjoys watching Anime and doing Crafts with Abigail. He buys craft supplies from Japan.

7. Likes to make Furniture for friends and family. It relaxes him on the weekend.

8. Can’t cook at all.


1. He has a pet dragon called Rose who comes with him to work. She is a mini dragon but she can still breathe fire.

2. Is allergic to washing powder and struggles to find a hypoallergic washing powder. He gets hives from the washing powder.

3. Is a zombie specialized and helps people prep out doomsday bunkers including making sure the people have tons of supplies.

4. He is a French Bull Dog Breeder and he teaches them to be Police Zombie hunters

5. His house walls are covered with graffiti art that he has created. He loves spray paint.

6. He was missing for four years until Brielle found him. Neither has spoke about what has happened to him.

7. Phillip says the best way to defeat zombies is to burn them

8. His favourite food is Cinnamon buns.


1. Her favourite quote is “But the heart has it’s own memory and I have forgotten nothing.”- Albert Camus.

2. She likes to create sculptures using flowers and ‘fake’ bones.

3. Is a vegartarien due to her dislike of the taste of meat which makes her nauseous. She holds no love for animals.

4. Has been in jail for hacking into Interpol and NSA’s systems as a child. She grew up in Night Stars Mental Children’s Hospital.

5. Her favourite work weapon is a Cold Stell Voyager XL Tanto Combo Edge Knife

6. Is Part Lynx, Part Human. She became part Lynx after a magical Nuclear Radiation Plant exploded. She has Lynx Ears and Tail

7. Her favourite object is a wireless blue-tooth speakers which she has in her bedroom.

8. She likes to collect Essential Oils


1. He prefers Hot Chocolate over Coffee. Especially when reading a good book with a slice of chocolate cake.

2. His least favourite chocolate is Turkish Delights. He prefers Cadbury Dream Chocolate.

3. Sagion is a big prepper especially in case of an apocalypse. He has a bunker and survival supplies.

4. His favourite color is a dark green.

5. His favourite food is Grilled Chili Lime Chicken.

6. He is always wearing a cowboy hat.

7. Has two children, two daughters called Faith and Jemma.

8. Lucario is his favourite pokemon.


1. Her most favourite food of all time is Roasted Peanuts

2. Likes to play with a Fidget Spinner while she does her paperwork

3. Enjoys taking surveys especially if there are rewards

4. Is an expert in hand writing and fonts

5. Loves cats and is known to steal the neighbourhood cats until Sagion finds out and returns them back to their owners.

6. Favourite food is Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

7. Has a daughter called Ocean who is eight years old and lives with her part time

8. Favourite colour is Red.

Night Moon Fire/ Ambulance Station


1. Payton

2. Mickey

3. Alyssa

4. Luka

5. Sofia

6. Marco

Fire Fighters

1. Alexandria

2. Severide

3. Frankie

4. Derek

5. Bluebell

6. Nico

Rescue Squad

1. Chloe

2. Ethan

3. Natalie

4. William

EMTs Main Characters

1. Alyssie ‘Lyssie’ Lucy Zinn

-Ambulance 22

– Red Hair

– Ice White Eyes

2. Mickey Scott Dale

– Ambulance 22

– Black Hair

– Violet Eyes

3. Payton Rose Hotch

– Ambulance 666

– Purple Hair with Orange Tips

– Silver Eyes

4. Luka Elliot Halstead

– Ambulance 666

– Blonde-Brown hair

– Green Eyes

8 Facts about Characters EMT


1. Is part Feline and Human. Can transform into a black and white cat.

2. Can get violent without any reason but she be calmed down by Mickey.

3. She can speak using Auslan which and Mickey mostly speak in.

4. Prone to black outs and she can’t drive.

5. She lives in an abandoned mall that she renovated

6. She HATES needles

7. She is from Florida in USA

8. She moved to Australia when Jupiter Russians took over USA


1. She has PTSD that has landed her in hospital

2. She can overthink things too often and needs Luka to calm her down

3. Is from New Orleans, Louisana and misses living there but she knows she can’t go back

4. She likes Whiskey

5. Breeds and Raises Livestock on her ranch

6. Likes to watch Dr. Who

7. Loves going on Swings

8. Her favourite food is Ice Cream


1. Is party deaf and uses Auslan

2. Has a pet sugar glider called Angel

3. Was homeschooled

4. He has ADHD

5. Mickey has a Ragdoll cat called Phoenix who sometimes eats at other people’s houses

6. He has Selective Eating Disorder

7. He eats a lot of KFC especially Hot and Spicy

8. Pineapple makes him gag.


1. Ex Mossad which he never speaks about, not even with Payton

2. Favourite show is Hell’s Kitchen

3. Likes to collect Plush Cats especially Munchkins

4. He enjoys journalling especially bullet journelling

5. Is making a map where the demons are and their chapters

6. Is an expert in demons and magical toxiology

7. He enjoys cooking especially meals with potatoes

8. He uses Tarot Cards to find demons


1. Has a Cherry Tattoo on the side of her stomach

2. Has masters in arsons

3. Has a waterfall pool in her home

4. Knows ancient city dialects

5. Favourite colour is light blue

6. Is immune to conventional diseases

7. Is 1.88m (6ft 2in)

8. Got intense training in swordmanship


1. She has acute hearing but it can overwhelm her

2. She is known to get stuck in crumbling surfaces

3. Is from Romania and loves to travel

4. She was homeschooled

5. Favourite thing to drink is Dragon Fruit Smoothies

6. Has nine siblings

7. Favourite meal is Smashed Potatoes

8. Makes Grilled Fruit


1. Drives a Subaru Impreza WRX STI

2. Favourite drink is Coca Cola

3. He has eyes, the same colour of diamonds

4. Enjoys watching Digimon Adventure tri

5. Has two cats called Starry and Sunrise

6. Favourite food is Tacos

7. Has a blind dog called Taco

8. Used to be a tutor


1. Likes to collect shells

2. Has a bee hive collection

3. Is allergic to Lobsters

4. Favourite color is purple

5. Used to live in a tent

6. Favourite meal is Pasta Salad

7. Favourite fruit is Starfruit

8. Lives in an abandoned hospital

La Musique Ocean Restaurant

Thomas- Duty Manager

Gabrielle- Co manager/ Barista

Paul- Chef

Alyssie- Waitress

Cooper- Chef

Madielle- Waitress

Keith- Chef

Lucielle- Waitress

Jarrod- Waiter

Luka- Waiter

Eight Facts about Characters (Cafe)


1. Works part time at a book store

2. Favourite animals are otters

3. Enjoys interior decorating

4. Favourite meal is Empanadas

5. He likes to bake especially cookies

6. His favourite pokemon is Eevee

7. His favourite colour is Dark Blue

8. Likes cats hats.


1. She lives in a castle

2. Her favourite hobby is Photography

3. She loves Coffee out of all drinks

4. She enjoys making donuts

5. Her favourite thing to do is sitting beside campfires

6. She collects stickers especially glitter ones

7. She has a Buicek Regal GS

8. She has a B6 Deficiency


1. He worked at Ben and Jerry’s for three years

2. He likes having Tiramisu Milkshakes

3. His favourite collection that he has is his candles

4. He used to live in Virginia Beahc

5. He likes to watch Netflix

6. His favourite food is Pizza and Garlic Bread

7. He has an art instagram

8. He loves making Chocolate Pies


1. She enjoys pottery

2. She loves Butterflies and collecting them

3. Her favourite pokemon is Lumineon

4. Her favourite color is Light Green

5. She likes to collect Dragonware Tea Sets

6. Her favourite animals are Red Foxes

7. Her favourite movie is Zootopia

8. She used to live in Siena, Italy.


1. His favourite animal are Penguins

2. His favourite food are Brownies

3. He owns an island and goes on a holiday

4. He is allergic to Jalapenos

5. He owns a peacock called Aqua

6. He owns a solar powered house

7. His favourite show is Game of Thrones

8. He is an expert in Potions


1. He lived in India until the country got destroyed

2. She has pet, mirror spiders

3. She has laser powers

4. She has collection of Japanese Armour

5. Her favourite animals are Elephants

6. She used to work for Make- A- Wish

7. She plays Golf

8. She is allergic to Nuts

Dear La Musique Ocean Restaurant Characters,

I apologize, you are going to have a quite bad time especially you, Thomas. Let Gabby know how you feel. I also think you can talk to the Lindt Cafe about coping.

Do not trust Night Stars Police, they are behind the siege!

Your author, Calliope Phoenix

Dear Night Moon Fire/Ambulance Station Characters,

I apologize in advance of what will happen. You will be very busy with what will happen to the local restaurant.

Your Author, Calliope Phoenix

Night Moon Hospital

Levian ‘Lee’ Scott Knight- Podiatrist

Charlotte Josephine Noble- Ear, Nose and Throat

Silas Ronan Krii- Haematologist

Harper Carina Sallow- Traveller’s Health

Owen Miles Cabot- Magical Toxiology

Elliana Sophia Phoenix- Psychiatry

Quentin Elliot Milla- ICU

Piper Brooklyn Taylor- Emergency

Sienna Adriana King- Magical Emergencies

Xander Shannan Carter- Magical ICU

Thalia Harmony Colin- Magical Infectious Disease

Kane Ellis Rivera- Magical Traveller’s Heatlh

Alexandria Rachel Hunter- Infectious Diseases

Preston Lycus Griffin- Magical Genetics

Maisie Poppy Austin- Genetics

Kaiden Oaklyn Mason- Paediatrics

Choose 10 characters

1. Levian

2. Alexandria

3. Kaiden

4. Elliana

5. Silas

6. Piper

7. Quentin

8. Maisie

9. Preston

10. Thalia

1. Piper enters your bedroom at night, she had a nightmare. What do you do?

I would talk to her about it

2. You are hosting a party with Kaiden, Preston and Quentin. What is going on?

They would be sleeping because of their night shifts

3. Levian says Preston stole his last coffee. Reaction?

I would get him a new coffee

4. Elliana and Preston are picking on Kaiden. Why? What do you do?

I am not sure why they are picking on Kaiden but I would remind them that Kaiden handles screaming kids.

5. Quentin is spreading rumors about Alexandria and Thalia. What is it about?

The rumor for Alexandria is dating Levian (which is true). The rumor about Thalia is that she paid her way in. (not true).

6. Maisie and Kaiden ask a favor of you. What for? What was your reaction?

To do a food run which I would do.

7. Kaiden and Elliana have a big secret. You and Silas happen to stumble upon it. What is it?

They have a baby girl called Ocean

8. Alexandria says Levian, Quentin and Maisie are fighting over you. She suggests Quentin. Who do you pick?

Levian (mmm)

9. Silas’ birthday is today but he is all alone. What do you do?

Get him a cake.

Name- Levian Scott Knight

Age- 29 years old

Zodiac Sign- Leo

One good Trait- He cares for everyone

One bad trait- He doesn’t trust people easy

One bad habit- Letting his flashbacks control him

One good habit- Good foot care

One habit they can’t break- He stops eating if they are upset

One they have broken- Shutting down when upset (he now speaks to Alexandria)

Their parents names- His dad is called Nico and his mum is called Lyndsey

Their sibling names- His younger sister is Thalia who works at the hospital too

Favourite childhood memory- Being adopted by Nico and Lyndsey

Favourite childhood toy- A blue dog Plushie

Embarrassing story- Losing his footing in front of a group of medical students

Favourite Family member- His sister Thalia

A story about that family member- She is known to steal neighbourhood cars


Showering in the night

Taking showers



Fav song- Dive by Ed Sheeran

Fav Band- Little Mix

Fav outfit- His blue work scrubs

Fav Place- Anywhere where Alexandria is

Fav movie- Rings

Fav Show- Z Nation

8 facts about my characters

Levian (Podiatrist)

1. He has just finished an Army mission and is having problems with flashbacks

2. Alexandria calls him Lee. Only in a rare occasion, she will call him Levian

3. While going into flashbacks, he copes best with if Alexandria holds a conversation with him

4. Likes Raspberry Slumpees

5. Has a Samoyed called Cloud

6. Has a Golden Cocker Spaniel named Hershey as a service dog

7. His favourite food is Chia Seeds which he is enjoying

8. He hates trains and he won’t go near them at all.

Alexandria (Infectious Disease/Psych ward)

1. She has trouble with sleeping especially if she is sleeping alone

2. She struggles with pain but she keeps this to herself

3. She home schools her two sisters, Layla and Reese

4. She is addicted to Social Media especially Twitter

5. Alexandria is from New York and she witnessed Jupiter take it over

Kaiden (Paediatrics)

1. He loves his job but he threatens others with screaming kids if they upset him.

2. He used to work in Border Security for the USA

3. He is from Mexico and still goes back for every Christmas

4. He also works as an EMT

5. He has a Pit Bull called Gracie

6. He has to wear a medical alert bracelet due to his Unstable Magical Energy Levels

7. He likes to do boxing to calm himself

8. His favourite food are strawberries

Elliana (Psychiatry)

1. She is an ex chef

2. She has a Corgi called Kayla

3. She is allergic to Avocado’s

4. She is part bird

5. She has a rose tattoo on her ankle

6. She used to be known as Imogen but changed her name for safety purposes

7. Her favourite band is an unknown one called Hiss

8. She has a two colored cat called Split

Silas (Haematology)

1. He likes to collect rocks and gems

2. He likes to wear Red Scrubs because of his speciality

3. He has a stutter

4. He works part time as a school nurse

5. He loves Salted Caramel

6. He has a pet lizard named Annie

7. He likes to build dressers

8. His baby blanket is his security item which he keeps in his suitcase

Piper (Emergency Department)

1. She wears Moons and Stars Earrings

2. She lives on a house boat

3. She has a nose ring but she has to take it out for work

4. Piper likes to wear black nail polish and has a collection of different sorts

5. Her favourite food is Buffalo Chicken

6. Her favourite dessert is Mini Donuts

7. She wears her hair in a waterfall braid

8. She owns a dachshund called Lightning

Quentin (Critical Care Unit)

1. He is allergic to Broccoli and Chocolate

2. He has a chocolate lab called Nala

3. He has a tiger tattoo on his right arm

4. He fears churches due to his childhood

5. He used to live at Lake Huron and vows to get justice for what happened to it during the Jupiter vs Earth War

6. Quentin has a Texas accent

7. He has a Border Collie called Sour

8. Quentin’s favourite animals are Scorpions

Maisie (Genetics)

1. She was born in the Yosmite National Park in the USA

2. She owns a Beard Dragon called Mushu

3. Her favourite food is Tortillas

4. On Tuesdays, she does body building

5. Her favourite band is Fall Out Boy and she has seen them, five times in concert

6. She has a Ball Python called Cecile

7. She has a German Shepherd called Astro

8. She likes to play Farmville in her free time

Preston (Magical Genetics)

1. He lives in a Funished Cave which he has turned into a home

2. The food he loves to eat the most is Bagels

3. During his free time, he likes to do string art

4. He used to work in the Stalaxy Air force

5. Besides String Art, his favourite thing to do is to sing but he doesn’t tell people this

6. He is never cold unless he is sick and then he shivers like a Chihuahua

7. He fears the Air Force because he has been threatened by them and so has his family

8. He has a son called Luc

Thalia (Magical Infectious Diseases)

1. She wears a Glitter Silver Bracelet which she recieves magic from.

2. Thalia has a daughter called Hope whom she is a single mother off

3. She also has sole custody of her sisters, Madelyn and Arabelle

4. Her favourite game is Need For Speed: No Limits on her iPhone 7.

5. Her favourite jewellery is her Sapphire Ring, given to her by her mother

6. Her favourite insect is the butterfly

7. She has a leaf with silver lines tattoo on her arm

8. She is Bisexual

Eight facts about characters

Alexandria (Psych Ward)

1. Alexandria is part bird, part human and she has hot purple wings

2. She is evil in monopoly and likes to buy all the expensive property

3. Her favourite piece of clothing is Forever New Nellie Boots

4. She loves Ulta3 Glitter Eyeliner

5. Her element is water which influences her powers

6. She colour codes everything at work

7. She loves to go swimming with sharks

8. Her favourite thing to watch is The Originals

Elliana (Magical Psych Ward)

1. Elliana is part Jaguar and part human. She has Jaguar Ears and Tail

2. She has one leg

3. She has a collection of Himalayan Salt Lamp

4. Her favourite dessert are Fudge Brownies

5. She loves to draw pictures for her patients

6. She is involved with pet therapy

7. Elliana is a Saggitarius

8. Her eye colour is baby blue

Piper (Emergency Department)

1. Her favourite video game is Mario Kart which she plays as Yoshi

2. Piper plays basketball with her rubbish which entertains her patients

3. She likes using apps and her favourite one is Snapchat. Her favourite filter is the dog ears

4. She has a Pomeranian called Elle

5. She wears mostly Nike

6. Her favourite game is Dance Dance Revolution

7. Piper can be extremely bossy at times

8. She has a tabby called Lucy

Maisie (Magical Emergency Department)

1. She likes to meditate and do journalling

2. Her favourite emoji is the Unicorn Emoji

3. Maisie likes to play Netball

4. When going out to lunch, her favourite thing to eat are sundaes

5. Her favourite item is her Hashtag Ear Candy Headphones from Typo

6. Maisie has a white kitten called Hope

7. Her favourite thing to collect are tea cups

8. Her second favourite thing to collect are Panda themed items

Thalia (Pediatrician)

1. Her favourite food is Pizza which she eats for breakfast

2. Her second job is to hunt ghosts

3. Thalia wears an Amethyst Necklace that controls her magic

4. She has a service dog which is a Cavoodle called Chloe

5. Her favourite thing to wear are her light blue earrings

6. Thalia’s favourite nail polish is Australis Glitter Topcoat

7. She has a orange and white cat called Pepper

8. Her favourite thing to collect is Owl themed items

Anabelle (Magical Pediatrician)

1. Her starsign is Capricorn

2. Anabelle collects Plastic Roses of different colours

3. When watching TV, her favourite show is Adventures in Babysitting

4. To keep her anxiety down, she wears a different coloured bandana every day

5. Her previous job is a inspector with the RSPCA

6. At home, she loves eating Nutella from the job

7. Her star sign is a Virgo

8. Back in the old days, she used to live in the California

Temperance (Infectious Diseases)

1. She is interested in Palmistry

2. Her favourite sport is snowballing

3. Temperance is from Oklahoma in the old USA

4. When she is anxious, she chews on Goji Berries

5. Her home has five bathrooms

6. Everyday, she goes to the gym in the morning

7. She hates Spring cleaning!

8. Her house is on an island

Saskia (Magical Infectious Diseases)

1. She is scared of fireworks and only Shannan can calm her down

2. She owns a pet Axolotl named Dwight

3. Her most annoying trait is posting food pictures on Instragram

4. When watching TV, her favourite show to watch is The Walking Dead

5. Her and Shannan’s song is Burn It To The Ground by Linkin Park

6. She enjoys to doodle

7. She likes to buy fluffy bags

8. Her favourite thing to collect is Rocks and Gems

Ramona (Psychiatry)

1. Ramona loves to cook and makes all the hospital lunches

2. She grows cactus in the hospital garden

3. While at home, she likes to play the Sims 4

4. She owns a Giant Indian Giant Squirrel called Calliope

5. She is allergic to seafood

6. Her favourite hobby is collecting Lanterns

7. Her home is in an abandoned hotel

8. She is also allergic to water

Maxine (Magical Psychiatry)

1. Maxine is unable to feel pain

2. She was homeschool until she was in grade 6 and went to boarding school after her parents died

3. She lives in Suncorp Stadium which is now abandoned

4. Her favourite hobby is playing the guitar

5. Maxine is known to steal IV Poles for her patients

6. When not at work, she is out geocaching

7. Her favourite game is Sonic The Hedgehog and her favourite character is Tails

8. She really hates Graffiti and will force her patients to clean them up if they does it

Levian (Podiatrist)

1. Levian lives in an abandoned Westfield Shopping centre with Alexandria

2. He has a Calico Maine Coon called Reese

3. He likes candle lit dinners

4. His favourite show is Modern Family

5. Levian is afraid of the ghost towns because he is scared of seeing people who were killed in World War 3

6. He likes to collect pet bats and has forty so far

7. He can do various martial arts including Brazilian

8. He has extremely sensitive teeth

Quentin (Magical Podiatrist)

1. He is with the Space Bird Army

2. Quentin likes to declutter his office every second week

3. His favourite color is pale blue

4. He suffers from binge eating disorder

5. Quentin also suffers from celiac

6. He used to work in a Deli

7. He has white fluffy wings

8. He has fights with the health department

Preston (Imaging and Radiology)

1. He is immortal and was born in 1794

2. His favourite color is Lavender

3. He is a smoker

4. He used to work for Pizza Hut

5. He owns a bar now and enjoys when serving people bars while they watch the Space Football battles

6. He likes to eat Fried Eggs while watching the Space Football Battles

7. He has been the victim of gaslighting by other immortals

8. He hoard weapons for safety purposes

Kaiden (Magical Critical Care Unit)

1. His favourite thing to eat is Blueberry Coffee Cake

2. He has Metal wings

3. His favourite drink is Watermelon Mint Lime Juice

4. His favourite color is Light Green

5. He cooks a good Raspberr Peach Meringue Pie

6. He used to live in Colorado and doesn’t speak about his time there

7. He is a human GPS but hates it when people treats him as a object, not a human being

8. He lives in an abandoned train station (trains got bought out by floating cars and buses)


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