Hey there, I’m Jess. I’m 25 years old and live in Queensland, Australia. I have multiple disabilities but my main two are: Autism and Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome.

Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome is an invisible disability that affects muscles and bones. I have low muscle tone and very weak bones. EDS has multiple types and doctors suspect that I have type 3 and type 6.

I enjoy writing original stories and occasional fanfic. I like to put my own original characters into fanfic.

The dog on my header is my beautiful Millie, she is a Maltese Cross Poodle and my best mate.

My Goals:

  • Go to Austria in 2017

  • Finish a story for once

  • Win Nanowrimo!

My favourite shows are:

Criminal Minds (Favourite characters are Reid and Morgan)

Home and Away (Favourite characters are Nate and Zac)

My Kitchen Rules Australia (Manu!)

The X Files

ER (Fav characters are Mark, Luka, Carter and Abby)

Sea Patrol (Fav characters are Swain, Buffer, ET and Charge)

NCIS (all series) (Favourite character is Dinozzo)

The Bill (I love Mickey mmm)

Law and Order SVU (Only Elliot episodes)

GoggleBox Australia

TBL Aust (SHANNAN PONTON IS A HUNK. Team Blue all the way)

Third Watch (Season 1 only)

Charmed (Cole seasons only)

Favourite Movies: Hunger Games, Divergent, The Longest Ride and many more.

Favourite Book Series:

Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus- I love this series so much and I own a Camp Half Blood Necklace. It is impossible to choose a favourite character from this series.

Favourite Music: I am a country music fan, I have many favourites and dream of seeing Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum in concert one day.

Favourite Animal: Besides my  Millie, Otters.


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