Khalia is 29 years old and is co-manager of Ocean Music Cafe. She has long dark brown hair and ice green eyes. She wears an Edinburgh Wolves Cap, a white lace shell top with a black zip up hoodie, black flare jeans with leather brown boots.

She is stubborn and quite sarcastic at times but will be there for her friends and family when needed. Khalia is dating her duty manager Mitch and turns to him if she needs help but that is rare. She was taught as a kid to depend on herself and no-one else.

Her parents would lock her down in the basement when there was storms leading to a huge phobic. Despite working for a cafe, she can’t always handle the stress and the people. She can have an overprotective nature that Mitch had to put a stop to when she discovered about his past as an army officer.

She has custody of her niece Arabelle but at first she refuses to let anyone know this. It isn’t until her sister comes into the cafe, mad and wanting to see Arabelle, does anyone know this. Same goes for Khalia’s ex husband Julian.

Khalia avoids all conversation surrounding Julian and will change the topic or will walk off. The mention of Julian has lead to Khalia losing control of her power over ice, she has frozen a couple of stuff because of Julian.

Khalia goes by her full name, and Mitch is the only one who she lets call her Lia. Her older brother who is in and out of her life, calls her Kha. He is also in the army and moves around lots, she is close to him and misses his heaps when he is away.

She has a palomino mare Emerald and a Springer Spaniel, Mystery. Arabelle has a persian cat called The Hunter.