Percy Jackson Characters

I only own the original characters, the rest belongs to Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus Characters

Chiron- Centaur (Camp activities director)

Mr. D- Dionysus (Main Camp director)

Percy Jackson- Son of Poseidon

Annabeth Chase- Daughter of Athena

Luke Castellan- Son of Hermes/Villian

Grover Underwood- Satyr

Tyson- Cyclops, Son of Poseidon

Clarisse La Rue- Daughter of Ares

Bianca Di Angelo- Daughter of Hades/ Nico’s sister

Nico Di Angelo- Son of Hades/ Bianca’s brother

Conner Stoll/ Travis Stoll- Son of Hermes

Thalia Grace- Daughter of Zeus

Charles Beckendorf- Son of Hephaestus

Will Solace- Son of Apollo

Silena Beauregard- Daughter of Aphrodite

Piper McLean- Daughter of Aphrodite

Leo Valdez- Son of Hephaestus

Jason Grace- Son of Zeu/ Thalia’s brother

Frank Zhang- Son of Mars (Ares)

Hazel Levesque- Daughter of Pluto (Hades)

Gleeson Hedge- Satyr

Original Characters

Mirabelle- Daughter of Zeus. 14 years old. Has long silver hair (usually worn in a bun) and red eyes that glows when she is angry. Her magical items are a golden bracelet that turns into a spear that sparks lightning and a silver chain that turns into a shield made of pegasus feathers.

Olivia- Daughter of Poseidon. 7 years old. She has light blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She ended up in camp after following a hippocampi. Her magical items are a blue and pink star hair clip that turns into a sword tipped with poison and a ruby necklace that turns into a shield that is made out of water.

Harper- Daughter of Demeter. 10 years old. She has light brown hair and amber eyes. She can control plants and loves gardening. Her magical items are a spade that turns into a pick axe that only kills monsters and her green bracelet that turns into a shield that has vines growing around it.

Avery- Daughter of Ares. 15 years old and head of the Ares cabin after Clarisse went missing. She has dark purple hair and nearly black eyes. She loves wars and is not always on the good side. She is part of Luke’s army but pretends she is not. She doesn’t like the other campers but stays on the down low, giving important information to Luke through Iris messaging. Her magical items are a spiked collar that becomes her machine gun and a spiked bracelet that becomes a sword.

Pippa- Daughter of Athena. 13 years old. Sister of Annabeth. She has dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Pippa is dating Leo and is not afraid of his power of fire. She enjoys reading and doesn’t have dyslexia like most of the demigods but does have ADHD. She has been kicked out of four schools and hates the rich boarding schools that her father finds. Her father is in the Navy and Pippa feels like he prefers the Navy over her.

She has two magical items- a blue spotted bow which turns into a dagger and a silver bracelet that turns into a shield.

Melody- Daughter of Apollo. 12 years old. Oldest twin (has twin sister Stella). She has light blonde hair and deep green eyes. She gets a message telling her and her sister Stella to come to camp. That they have a quest to complete. Their mother died in a mysterious fire, suspected to be started by the sisters but was really was a monster. Melody is the quiet twin and she doesn’t know she wants to be living at camp. Her magical items are a Dallas Cowboy cap that turns into her sword and a hand bag that becomes a shield.

Stella- Daughter of Apollo. 12 years old. Is Melody’s twin, was born two minutes after Melody. She has darker blonde hair and darker green eyes than Melody. She loves to party and loves how noisy and loud that camp is. She gets on with Will and enjoys archery practice with him to Melody’s annoyance. She enjoys pegasus riding and thinks having a quest is awesome. Her magical items are a pair of keys that turns into a shield and her mini iPad that turns into a bow and arrow with arrows that burns monsters into ashes.

Madeline- Daughter of Hermes. 10 years old. She is sister of Luke but nothing like her brother. She attempted to change Luke’s mind but Luke was too far gone. She says now that he isn’t her brother and blood doesn’t matter. She has wavy dark blue hair and grey eyes. She has gotten into trouble for stealing but points out her father is the god of thieves. Her magical items are a seashell bracelet that becomes a bow and arrow and a black leather jacket that becomes a shield.